Mental Illnesses Are No Joke

Mental Illnesses Are No Joke

I myself have struggled with mental issues and depression. I also have a lot of family members who suffer from mental problems and so I wanted to make a take on how to deal with it and why we should start taking mental health seriously. Not just those with a mental illness, but all of us. We all need to give as much care as we give to our physical health, to our mental health as well.

1. Lots of mental illnesses defy logic

What i mean by that, is for example if someone has body dysmorphia yet they have the perfect body and 1 million people tell this person in detail, even logically speaking showing them actual scientific evidence that their thoughts are wrong and they are in fact perfect, this person still won't believe you.

Why? Because what a mental illness does is warps how you see reality a bit, especially in terms of how you see yourself.

So what can be done? hearing them out, offering support, trying your best to challenge their mentality in a way that they would actually believe. Not all mentally ill people are clueless though. A good portion know that they have a mental illness, they just struggle to live with it. However, self awareness is a great step towards coping with it and it is important that a person knows they have a problem instead of ignoring it, which brings me to my next point.

2. Never treat a mentally ill individual as if they have nothing

Please, do not say shit like 'you are fine just get over it' 'nah you are imagining things don't be an idiot' 'depression is all in your mind be happy' Yeah don't be a dumbass, just because you personally don't understand what that person is going through doesn't mean they are going through nothing. And never tell a mentally ill person they are fine. I'm not saying you have to make them feel abnormal, it's not a taboo to have a problem. But don't act as if they don't struggle with anything just because you don't want to get involved.

3. Don't run away from a mentally ill person just because of that

Unless they are causing you severe damage and you cannot be there for them, don't run away just because someone confided in you saying they have a mental issue. I see many people doing this and I must say that is a major dick move. That doesn't help anybody. I mean sure, go ahead and be friends with whomever you want that is your right. But I find it a bit wrong to not be friends with someone just because you consider a mental illness a bad thing. I know that friendships need to be mutually beneficial, but no one ever said a person with a mental illness is any less of a person unless harm is caused.

4. Stop making it seem like a taboo

I had a time in my life where I was severely depressed and suicidal. I refused help at first because I didn't want to feel like I was 'crazy' or that there was something wrong with me. That in itself should never occur in someone's head. A person should be able to feel comfortable in getting help for their problems. I know the world isn't going to change and I accept that , but you reading this can change your mentality if you are one who thinks this way. I won't lie, do I still hide the fact that i struggle with depression? Yes. But I am more accepting that I needed help and I got help and I will continue to do so. Actually bottling it up NEVER helps and only makes you seek out destructive habits and your way of thinking becomes very different from what is actually true.

However to get better from a mental issue, I think you have to accept that you have a problem first. It isn't a huge deal. We all have problems. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting you have issues and working on them.

What is wrong is people shaming others and creating a stigma around mental health until we end up with so many mentally ill individuals and at that point the person could end up at a point of no return.

I hope this take helps.

Mental Illnesses Are No Joke
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  • RayBandz
    Mental illness is a reality if you’re working in the emergency room and someone is brought in held down by five guys who is screaming at the top of his lungs and fighting to break free so he can tear some more skin from his chest and face.

    Visit a mental hospital and see patients wandering around mumbling to themselves, or standing catatonic in the patient day room. Go to the back ward and see patients who have wandered into the world of chronic, clinical depression and can’t find their way out.

    Mental illness isn’t a game conjured up by some freak show organizer or con man trying to push drugs on the unwary and the uninformed.

    True reality is when you have seen the experience of those whose reality isn’t the same as what you and I feel but is totally foreign from anything you will know.
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    • I have been to mental hospitals before. As i said i have experience with my family members.
      It is truly heartbreaking seeing people in that state.

  • InTimoreDei
    As someone with schizophrenia it really bothers me how the only mental illness that is getting attention these days is depression. That is all ever anyone talks about in regards to mental illnesses. However, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder are a million times worse than depression. It is far more severe and has far greater taboos attached to it than depression. Schizophrenics and those with schizoaffective disorder are constantly told they are "serial killers", "psychos", "belong in an an insane asylum" et cetera.
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    • Reach500

      The stigma against schizophrenics is intense. They really should be treated like people with other illnesses

    • @Reach500 Most people that interact with me on a daily basis don't even know I have it. The stigma attached to it makes me not want to tell most people that I have it. The only ones that know are close relatives or people that also have severe illnesses like bi-polar because I know they won't judge.

    • Reach500

      I don't blame you. Given the stigma, who would tell?
      Hopefully the stigma against it will fade

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  • CubsterShura
    Mental illness is heavily stigmatized where I live and people think it is mental retardation or being lunatic or something. Been severely depressed for over a year, can't say that I have depression or whatever cause I'm not diagnosed.

    I talked to my sister who is understanding of mental illness and we plan to go to a psychologist soon. We are gonna hide it from my parents beceuas they still don't understand it and they might either not take it seriously or get overly tensed like I'm dying and not know how to react to it. I don't blame them, the older generation here really has no awareness about mental health.

    I am not sure how it is gonna go.
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    • Let me tell you i am so happy that you are mature enough to make such a desicion , you and your sister are both strong women for doing so.
      It will be scary , yes , but if you feel that it will help you and is better for your mental health don't let anyone stop you. I am so sorry you have to hide it and it is still stigamtized in most places sadly. I hope one day people can discuss mental issues openly without being shamed and that more people take care of their mental health.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words ❤️

    • 💕💕

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  • Massageman
    An ex-neighbor or ours recently had a manic episode and hung himself. These things are no laughing matter. We know of five people- two from one family- who killed themselves, and we don't get out that much.
    • I'm sorry man I personally never get manic but it's though. I've attempted suicide quite a few times in the past. That's very serious stuff

  • lena123564
    Mental ilness is invisible. It has no fever or wounds to alert people to the pain inside. It can affect anyone no one is immune. People often forget this. They throw words and jokes around, not thinking about the fact that war might be raging in the head of someone who hears those words. The fact is that words hurt, even if the intention wasn’t to hurt it would still hurt a person think before something comes out your mouth!
    • Words shouldn't hurt. They are only hurtful or offensive if you take them that way. If you take them that way you are more than likely sensitive, delusional, or insecure.

    • No someone with ilness reacts differently to them feelings

  • GreatnessBack
    I've dealt with mental ill family member with (really bad) bipolar disorder.
    Best way was to get them into the hospital, and then therapy.

    However, after all that, the only cure is a self-reevaluation and realization of one's mindset.
    In other words, once they figured the thoughts they had were not good for them, they dumped those thoughts and never had another episode ever again.
    This was 3 years ago.
    • Generally, there’s no cure for that type of thing. There is balance and keeping things under control as much as possible. There is also a tendency to hide things from loved ones. People with bipolar disorder in particular have a tendency to do this. They feel so good when they are manic that they will stop taking their meds and hide it. It can go in long cycles sometimes. Even without an episode for 3 years. You can’t count on it being gone forever.

    • @Nicebutnotlast that is true , even with most mental problems they won't just go away. It can't be 'cured'. However a coping mechanism or learning how to live with it within healthy terms of course and learning how to control these thoughts can help a whole lot than not trying at all.

    • @Nicebutnotlast You say that, but I've seen some evidence that mindset (which can be controlled) and avoiding triggers (like certain family members) can lead to a long lasting treatment of it. I understand it cannot be cured, but after the hospitalization, the meds, and cognitive therapy, a person can live a productive life.

      My thing is that everyone is crazy, but are you competent enough to have relationships, jobs, children.
      That's all that matters.

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  • Mitinal
    And yet, my friend who got diagnosed with depression sends me memes and jokes about the depresion and himself. Its really about how you choose to act. The fact that you are ill won't change by you getting offended.
    • I know that. Im also okay with the memes , i like them. However people acting as if mental illness is wrong , no one should talk about it and shaming individuals with a mental illness. That helps no one.

    • Mitinal

      Agreed. I hate when someone just makes a plain fun out of it or acting like it doesnet exist. I met a guy and he was like "If he doesent go to work because of depresion he can write the story for me then". Its just stupid. Also acting like you are depressed even if you are only sad as bad as well.

    • Hey that's my profile picture

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  • AngelDemon
    I have bad depression, anxiety, and autism high function, couple months ago my ex broke up with me the day after I came back from the hospital since I self harm... It was the worst day of my life but I’m doing much better now, even though I worry about running into him in the future.
  • DarganKorodanya
    I was diagnosed with Autism when I was younger. It eventually got better. I do have many symptoms of it still. I have bad anxiety, lack of communication skill, OCD, and I can only do good in few subjects, etcetera. I am also a medically diagnosed sociopath. But I still treat mental illness as a joke. Most kids lie about being bipolar, or having anxiety, and lie about depression.
    • Im glad you got better , but i hope you dont treat mental illness as a joke. Not everyone lies about their mental illness , those people are either actually unstable for doing so or just attention seekers.
      Mental illness actually isn't fun at all , i will never understand those who pretend to have it.

  • spunkygiraffe
    Mental Illnesses are not a joke, I agree. More people than you may think have some sort of condition. It's a bit embarrassing until you realize it's not rare at all. People should always have support, whether it be encouragement to live, to fight it, or just have someone to talk to, it's all super important. Coping is hard when people around you constantly mock conditions and don't see them for what they truly are.
  • LMNOP123
    I very much agree with all of this. Experienced all of it before when I was severely depressed. Thankfully I'm a lot better.
    Here's something that I could relate to. If physical health was treated like mental health.
  • KejKej
    I am mentally ill as fuck. I am also after hair transplant (but finally I become sexy as fuck :) )

    I have no problem with attracting girls, but they run away when I told them about those 2 issues. I wonder that I can be authentic and honest with girls. Now I am dating great girl and everything is going great, but I have to hide myself and it makes me tired.
  • allie97
    Great MyTake. Unfortunately people with mental illnesses are stigmatized and marginalized by society unlike other illnesses. They are also treated as children who can't make decisions for themselves And I'm not talking about people with serious diseases like schizophrenia. Most people don't even know how to talk to someone who's having a panic attack or help him/her
  • Toldol2
    Mentall illness is not an illness.
    Its suffering from the wrong patterns of thinking wich you usually get from your parents and family education.
    There is good books that can help you relate to your life and help you understand how and why your thoughts defy logic sometimes, and why you get stuck into bad thoughts and toxic ways.

    But saying its a illness is already a fatalistic way of seeing things. You need and all need restructuring because thid society is hard on us. Good luck!
    • jamus

      It is an illness... people don’t go on killing themselves for no reason. If depressed people could just “control” their thinking then they wouldn’t be fucking killing themselves. I don’t know what books you read but they sound like quacky bs.

    • Toldol2

      @jamus you control what you understand. And it is the hardest part :understanding yourself. But unless you have a tumor in the brain, this is all spiritual and has a lot to do with your inner language.
      Killing yourself is a choice when you are not patient enough to practice some actions to calm down then take the time to detach yourself from expectations and desires.
      Its curable once you finally know why you're going to have to work hard for your mind.

    • jamus

      LOL... you just keep going eh?

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  • worldscolide
    I completely agree.. My wife is an Aspi girl (person with Aspergers) as well as clinically depressed, adhd, and she has anxiety.. I love her with all of my heart, i would never treat her issues as a joke.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    I agree. I just really hate those people who abuse mental illness to manipulate people making people with actual mental illness feel worse by ruining their reputation that's why they pretend they're fine to avoid being called satire. I feel that way every time. It's time for people to differentiate them.
  • wingattebaby16
    I agree with all points

    I have dealt with depression and anxiety since I was 13 yo.

    Seen a therapist from 16 to 24 yo.

    Moved away and am considering see a new one soon
  • ATuairiscean
    Great take - Any take that raises awareness on mental health gets my support - Hope people read it and take it in
  • Waffles731
    Depression is an absolute bitch, I read a post yesterday on reddit that describes it as being in an abusive relationship with yourself and I have to say that really is what it feels like
  • Riichy
    Lived with a mom with it very tough to see her in institutions that don’t really care she died very early
    • I am truly sorry about that. I hope she at least had good moments with you and others.

  • Logorithim
    Appreciate this- most of us have no idea how to deal with someone with a mental illness, even when we have experience with it.
  • Mrchocolate1818
    Mental illness is no joke at all. I have friends that committed suicide because if body dismorphia I suffer it as a man which gets a lot less help and doesn't get treated seriously.
  • Browneye57
    Trying to legitimize bat shit crazy is just dumb. No mature well adjusted adult wants to babysit another. Fix yourself before trying to drag another person into your life.
  • neverlandishome
    Read the book “The Power Of Now” it helped me allot! 👍👍
  • jamus
    Depression, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s runs in my family. I’m running the gambit lol either I’m gonna lose my mind or die of cancer. Probably rather die of cancer though, losing my mind would be absolutely fucking terrifying. Getting cancer, at least I know I’m dying...
  • sp33d
    'Don't run away from a mentally ill person just because of that'

    .. and if you don't want that extra burden in your life? Am I supposed to sacrifice a part of myself over a handful of words?

    These people need professional help not a pat on the back. I'm out of my element and I have the option to avoid it, entirely. Therefore, I choose just that.
    • I said 'unless it is causing you harm' you seem to have focused only on that part.
      If a mentally ill individual needs help or support and are in no way harming me i am not going to walk away from them and give up on them , especially if it someone i care about.

    • sp33d

      @Helloitzapartaih you speak as if that is not taxing you in any way. You also allude to 'us' being responsible for someone's crossing of the point of no return or somesuch.

      While this idealism is admirable, it is far from being pragmatic.

    • I am not saying it is wrong to walk away if a person doesn't want to accept help , i am just saying if a person is trying and getting all the help they need and 'seem normal' to everyone else and that person says to someone 'i have a mental illness' people tend to run away without even giving a person a chance.
      If a mentally ill individual is trying their best to integrate themselves into society and cause no harm , what is the point of making them feel abnormal? How will they get better if we dont give them a chance?
      I am only talking about specific cases , not when someone has gone out of control and you can't help them in any way.

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  • Nik1hil
    My younger brother
    Is schizophrenic if you have some experience guide me on how to interact with him..
  • LeoElias
    My dad is actually a clinical psychologist and I grew up ok. He did try a lot of psych tests on me and my sibling growing up and I could never win a fight with him because he knew basically everything mentally that was going on in my brain. Seeing him help people always made me happy but i could see the things people told him would take its toll sometimes. I went through the rebellious phase in my teens by sneaking out and going out with friends. I especially liked to cause some trouble because I hated trying to look perfect for my dad. I wanted to make a mistake for once in my life instead of having my father correct it mentally and redirect my immature mentality. This is random from your post but I wanted to share it.
  • bigbang101
    Great Job. If only I could share this with the world...
  • call_me_scar
    Yea its no joke I've been helping people with those issues for years now
    • Reach500

      In what way do you help?
      Are you a mental health professional?

  • Skateranon
    They are not I have bipolar type 2, generalized anxiety, paranoia and other stuff and it's not easy at all
  • meicrosoft
    Honestly it's serious and it needs to be more talked about overall. It's better now because more help is becoming available, at least where I live
  • No joke, I wish people would stop sweeping it under the rug
  • TheUglyMan
    People won't come out not because they have depression but because of why they are depressed. They scared of being judged. That's the real truth.
  • TheFlak38
    You don't have any mental illness. You're just virtue signalling for attention. Thats it is. "heeey look at me!"
  • ThisDudeHere
    Some people just don't want to bother with it. Seems like quite a lot of effort, I assume.
  • stormbreaker06
    its a joke because there are too many of them and how nearly everyone has one all of a sudden.
  • BonnieBunny
    I've been told that my depression and anxiety is just part of my hormones or that I'm just being angsty
  • Grayout
    Mines are a joke. Like who gives a shit if I have type 1 bipolar and PTSD. I'm just seen as some lazy punk that needs to shape the fuck up
    • It is okay to have the mentality to want to seek help and accept that some hard shit will happen but you have to work through it or else there is no way to get better if you have no hope.
      I do not think your mental problems are a joke. I respect that you struggle and go through them and i apologize that people dont take them seriously , sadly that is how a lot of people are towards mental health but that doesn't mean to stop working on getting better.

    • Grayout

      I can't accept help from anyone anymore it's all on me.

    • Omg that's really bad! I hope you get the help you need and your not a lazy punk I get its hard

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  • swipka88
    Thanks for this post! I completely agree with you, we must support people with mental illnesses, they should not be repelled. I also think that it is very good if a person is aware of the problem and is struggling with it. In the case of serious illnesses, it seems to me that a person needs to seek help from specialists. We also need to maintain our mental health. I am prone to bouts of depression to prevent the situation from worsening I accept Venlor. I believe that depression that you ignore can become a serious problem. Of course, the choice of drug is individual, I can recommend an information resource where you can find detailed descriptions of medicines
    . I also think that it is worth taking vitamins to help our brain stay healthy.
  • Selina_Kyle_
    Great take, I hope everyone will read it.
  • Iron_Man
    Yes mental illness is not a joke
  • UghPleaseKillMe
    Great take.
  • GuiltyGuinness
    great take
  • Eryxx
    I agree.
  • TomD1996
    Nice take. And so true.
  • Good take
  • Montana07
  • Wifflesnoofer63
    If it's not a joke, then why is it so funny?
  • greetingsoul
    It doesn't exist
  • Anonymous
    I agree with most of it, since I have ADHD. Except the ‘taboo’ part.

    If mental illness was not taboo, no one would seek help because they’d view it as normal. It’s not normal to have depression. It’s not normal to have suicidal thoughts.

    I’m happy my ADHD is taboo or I wouldn’t have discovered I had it, and been able to sort it out and get help an treatment.

    Mental illnesses DO mean there is something wrong with you. Stop acting like it’s normal when it is not.
    • No i meant people make it seem so bad that they dont seek help because they are ashamed of someone finding out and dont want to confront their problems.
      I dont think the stigma around mental illnesses is helping anybody , maybe that worked out for you but for lots of people it shames them and keeps them from getting help.

  • Anonymous
    now that im older and have much more study

    they see nephilim spirits
    and they bother them and lie to them

    like retards lol
    so I don't really have much patients anymore for people who won't believe in religion

    plus the bodies of the nephilim are all over the earth
    so there is no excuse