I'm so tired of being overweight?

I don't really diet, my mom buys junk food and i can count on one hand how many times we cooked in 2015 besides fast food.

we've cooked once in 2016.

Im 5"10 .25
291. lbs i used to be 305 but i basically starved myself until i lost some.
and i was asked to join the football team because of my size. i wanted to but im self concious and told them "Next year".. oi hate my weight.. i hate it

do you know how hard it is being a straight male with breast bigger than some of the girls in your class?
i used to go to YMCA but its cold out and my mom can't take me because of her new job
she has no time to cook, anything. thats why we eat out everyday she's too tired

and we would go grocery shopping but she's too tired to do that too...
what do i do?

my weight is holding me back from a lot of things.. like
i dont hug anyone but my mom..
i Alwwayyss wear a jacket to try and make my breast look smaller.
i get tired really easily.
when i was younger people always thought i was attractive.
some people still say i am but not many people i know its because of my weight
at this age id want a girlfriend but what girl would want me i wouldn't want me either.

and i hardly eat trying to lose weight but it feels like its going nowhere...
my sister is about 220-230 lbs
she eats wayyyyyyy more than me, she eats litterally all day but yet im bigger than her?
im the one who used to walk a bridge when i came home from school,
used to lift weights, and eat healthy sort of (wasnt seeing any progress so i gave up)

she eats all day, doesn't lift anything but chips, and is on the couch all day but somehow... she's smaller than me i dont get it?

I wasn't always big.

i was really really skinny in elementary, i mean bony.
thats when i got all my compliments, i started getting big in middle school..
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I'm so tired of being overweight?
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