Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts


#1 Rock Hudson

Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

Rock Hudson was the epitome of the straight, masculine movie star of the '50s and '60s. Urban legend holds that in his prime, Rock was so handsome that one out of every 10 American men turned gay just by looking at his movie posters.

#2 Jason Collins
Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

The first NBA player to come out whilst playing.

#3 Matt Bomer

Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

Bomer probably sent 100`s of girls into cardiac arrest when he came out.

#4 Zachary Quinto

Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

Famous for playing Spook in Strar Trek.

#5 Ty Herndon
Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

American country music singer.

#6 Michael Sam
Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

Gridiron football defensive end for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

#7 Matt Dallas

Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

Best known for playing the title character on the ABC Family series Kyle XY

#8 Cary Grant
Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

Classic English Hollywood actor.

#9 Jussie Smollett

Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts

American actor famous for starring in the mighty ducks movie.

This is my first myTake hope you enjoyed :)

Beautiful Lesbian and bi-sexual women that broke guys hearts

Handsome gay men that broke girls hearts
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  • MrOracle
    Was there ever a person on the planet who couldn't immediately tell that Matt Bomer was gay? How could that have possibly been a secret. Next you're going to tell me that people didn't know about Ellen. Look at any of her comedy special appearances in the early 90s, and it's immediately and totally obvious.

    I don't know enough about most of the others to have any idea (and Rock and Cary Grant were way before my time, obviously), but it's rarely not obvious.

    Here's a clue: "in the closet" gay people are never seen with a person of the opposite sex date on a red carpet (they're usually suspiciously alone) and never talk about an opposite-sex relationship. Almost everyone else does both of those things constantly. Once you realize this, you can't ever NOT see it.
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  • missjayne
    Wentworth Miller was shocking to me. So was Bomer.

    • RonG96

      I was going to add him

  • PeachSunset
    • RonG96

      and Wenthworth miller

    • Yas! But I mean hey, we were never gonna get them anyways lmao

    • RonG96

      They gave us hope lol

  • vishna
    Zachary Quinto is so fucking perfect it hurts. And his acting <3

    He was so hot in American Horror Story.
  • walkthelinexx
    Instead of Cary Grant who was not definitely gay, you should have included Wentworth Miller
    • RonG96

      Cary and Randolph met on the set of the 1932 movie, “Hot Saturday.” The attraction was mutual and they quickly began spending all of their free time together. Their friends from that period said that the two handsome young actors lived together openly and began traveling in Hollywood’s gay social circles. A few years before, Cary Grant had lived openly with gay Hollywood designer, Orry-Kelly.

  • QooLipBite
    I don't know how and why girls seem to think they'd even have a chance to become partners with these guys.

    Logically, it's extremely irrational and unrealistic but to their minds, it would be a dream waiting to come true.

    It's not like you're gonna get with these guys anyways even if they weren't gay 😂

    I know a lady friend of mine who got all upset and bitter towards Zayn Malik's girlfriend (when they were dating)... What? Okay? So you and Zayn were gonna have a go? 😂
  • John_Doesnt
    The "breaking girls hearts" could easily be avoided in modern society by men admitting they're gay right away.
    If people could all be tolerant and comfortable of homosexuals there would be no sad surprise for the ladies.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Cary Grant was gay? haha wow didn't know that.
    well good for them!
    • RonG96

      gay relationships were a bit hushed up back then

    • Very true. Like how Tim cook the current some CEO was a "lifelong bachelor" until it was socially accepted to come out lol

  • cinderelli
    I almost cried when I got to know about Matt Bomer.. :(
    • RonG96

      same here :(

    • Calex

      He's a celebrity, though, so you wouldn't have any chances with him even if he was straight lol

    • cinderelli

      @Calex he being a celebrity is not a problem.. he being so far away is the main problem.. :P and well GaY too

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  • madhatters4
    there is no evidence aside from rumors that Cary Grant was gay. He lived with a man named Randolph Scott who was also an actor when the two were young. this led tabloids to say that the two were bisexuals

    however both Scott and Grants biographers say there was no evidence of a intimate relationship between these two and no evidence of any homosexual relationships with any other men.

    now obviously i don't konw personally but Cary Grants homosexuality seems dubious
  • BelleGirl21
    Cary Grant was gay? This still breaks my heart lol. I have such a crush on him!
    • RonG96

      they all broke our hearts

  • burlen
    I'd have loved to see the names of George Michael and Tim Cook in your list.

    Is there any woman out there who won't have loved to date or spouse Tim Cook, CEO of the coolest company in the world?
  • KDA20
    Good take - I don't think it is so much an issue today apart from the girly crushes but if Cary Grant and Rock Hudson came out at the time it would have been seismic. I must admit the biggest sexuality shock in the last few years I got was when I found out that Amber Heard was with Johnny Depp
  • bedroomeyes
    Cary Grant was bisexual, not gay... at least that's what I've been led to believe for a few years.

    My gaydar is also pretty strong, so just looking at them set mine off... especially Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto, Matt Dallas, and Jussie Smollett.
  • the_rake
    Yeah women always go for the disinterested sort for some reason (probably biological) rather than investing time in guys that might actually be interested.
  • theFIN13
    When you read a list like this it sure does make me glad that I am gay ahaha :) but NPH needs to be on here for sure ;) :)
  • carinerose
    Matt Bomer and Matt Dallas both definitely broke my heart.
    • Calex

      You would never be able to get together with them so I don't think it should matter haha :]

  • homper87
  • Braziiliangirll9
    Matt Bomer, Matt Dallas and Cary Grant are so perfect, it's a waste of men.
    • Calex

      How is it a waste?

  • Meesterlijk
    I wonder how many hearts were broken when girls found out Spock was gay!
  • Araya
    Eh. The only one that is unfortunate for me is number 8. The rest of the guys aren't attractive to me or they're too skinny (Matt Bomer) or feminine.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    I think the hot men secretly become gay to give the average straight guys a chance haha jk. But NPH isn't here, and he looks like a heartbreaker.
    • Lol at nph being hot, pretty much proves that any average guy with fame will be considered hot

    • @Healthnutwannabe3 I didn't say he was hot, I said he looks like a heartbreaker.

      And I like average looking men regardless. Men like Channing Tatum aren't really my type.

    • Whats the diff between being hot and being a heartbreaker. I honestly wanna know

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  • peachblossomluck
    My best friends irl are gay guys! I'm glad that more people are able to live as openly gay nowadays and just be themselves.
  • TheBraveLion
    I'm glad they're gay xD
    • RonG96

      less competition right we girls think the same for lesbian girls lol

    • Haha yes exactly xD

  • Ashely_Princess
    I can't believe Jussie Smollett broke a girl's heart 💔😥
  • Jemini_Crocket
    Matt Bomer got me a pussy boner xD
    But I've never expected Wentworth Miller to be gay. : Broke my heart back then.
  • Polocrew
    Broke chickls hearts but made mine <3 lol...

    Wait wot? #nohomo
  • BangBadBxtches
    I fucking knew Quinto was gay. Didn't know he was handsome though...
  • CHARismatic110
    Sylar is gay!!! I never knew that! And you forgot Wentworth Miller!
  • sweettckae
    didn't really break my heart, its just a waste that these people are gay.
  • blessed_curse
    Matt Bomer is gay?
    • RonG96

      Heart crushing right

    • greater than that

    • RonG96

      Don't tell me he was your celebrity crush?
      *take this tissue*

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  • bubbletrouble
    Matt Dallas is a sodomite? Cary Grant is way too masculine to be one too.
  • BrownBoyBrownies
    Rest in Peace to girls broken hearts and their exploded ovaries.
  • blondfrog
    LOL haha yeah that sucks for the women.
    • RonG96

      you guys have Portia de Rossi as lesbian and out of reach

    • blondfrog

      eh yeah but Eline is pretty much like a guy lol

  • apexalpha
    Less competition
  • anshin
    Where is Wentworth Miller?
  • LionelMerelGlisem
    Matt Dalas is gay? I didn't know it.
  • Phoenix98
    *shrugs* their loss (women) is my gain.
  • Jamia_69
    JUSSIE SMOLLETT WHY? I'm still crying
  • KawaiiPie67
    That rock guy looks like Elvis a little.
  • HoneyButterCup525
    Zachary quinto i didn't know he was gay...
  • James19
    They are all good looking
  • Afrochick
  • WineAndWhiskey
    All of those guys are so handsome!
  • NotTheFBI
    (Reads post) Hahahahahahahaha *Dead*
  • girlinthemirror
    gay guys always good looking
  • takumii
    George michael, Jim parsons, Neil patrick Harris?
    • RonG96

      the list isn`t complete

  • Healthnutwannabe3
    Only Matt bomer is hot among them
    • Rock Hudson too, he kinda looks like Siddharth malhotra and even me

  • johnnywoods
    I like 3, 7 and 8.
  • algz23
    I don't think they are all done wrh girls.
  • MythArrow
    Not always.