I want to wait until marriage, is that so wrong?

Yesterday I was out with my friends who all already had sex with their boyfriends/ex-boyfriends/randoms. So me and this other girl (let's call her Jenny for simplicity's sake) are the only people who have not. Every time this topic comes up we're treated as outcasts because we "don't know the pleasures".
The reason I'm waiting until marriage is not because I'm religious or anything, I'm an Atheist. Or because I've got stereotypical Asian parents who expect me to only study in university and get married when I'm old and frail. They support my siblings and my own decisions. Even when my older brother had sex with his girlfriend they were just there to remind him to use protection and to make sure he escorts his girlfriend back home. Like I can tell my mum I plan to have sex with my boyfriend tomorrow and she'll probably send me money to go buy something appropriate to wear. I'm actually waiting because I want it to be romantic. I want it to be with the person I love, the person I will be with the rest of my life. Not a boyfriend I have that I can break up with anytime.
So even though I love my friends, they treat me differently every time and say stuff like "Jo and Jen wouldn't know. They're the prude sisters remember?" It hurts and it's also pressurising Jenny to have sex with her boyfriend which I know she doesn't want to because like me she's waiting for the right guy and the right moment.
So is waiting until marriage so wrong? Like of course it's hard for me and my boyfriend to hold back sometimes but we both agree that we want it to be with the right one at the right time.
Thanks for reading my long rant and answering!
I want to wait until marriage, is that so wrong?
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