Guys, I need your opinions on platonic sleepovers with the opposite sex?

Alright, so this question is regarding "platonic sleepovers" and your opinion.

I was recently in a situation where I went out for a couple of drinks with my mate at a bar he wanted to take me to because I'm new to the city. I had recently experienced a breakup, so going out a lot more is definitely on the cards for me. We chilled and chatted, it was fun. He offered for me to crash at his share house because it was late and my house was a long distance away, and I said, "sure thank you". We got back and everyone else was already sleeping, so we sat down and continued chatting some more. It's always good to be able to openly to a friend about anything. He said he was going to hit the hay as he had work in the morning so I said, "sure, I'll just take the couch, right?" he said, "well yeah if you want to, or you can take my bed, its fine whatever". I thought about it for a second and said, "Are you sure?" he said, "Nah come on, I can't have you on the couch its fine" so I ended up sleeping in his bed, and everything was cool. I got up the next morning and said my thanks and left.

The only thing is, I'm in two minds about these types of scenarios. One side of me thinks its fine, we're mates, and the other is quite curious about it all. He didn't try anything, obviously. He faced my way, a lot, and I felt his hand touching my back a few times, but I suppose that is nothing. He did cough incredibly loud a few times during the night, that actually was loud enough to have me sh*t my pants during the night, but that was fine. Is there a possibility this dude is attracted to me or just being a gentlemen?

Have you ever had a friend of different gender sleep in the same bed with you? Was it a mutual experience? Did you feel awkward or were you fine? What are your thoughts and opinions?
Guys, I need your opinions on platonic sleepovers with the opposite sex?
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