I'm curious what's actually on her mind?

Hello guys, I think I need some advice;

My ex-crush, after she won't forgive me over a mistake (I ever showed jealousy through one of her Instagram stories which ended on arguments and she felt uncomfortable with me, guess I've been rude to her since I told her that she's a narc, due to all of her selfie posts, I actually was just joking but I know I was wrong and I felt insecure that day, she felt that I judged her and it made her hurt and she felt I controlled her, etc) has made it clear that she asked me to move on now (long story short, she ever rejected me once, and later she came back after few weeks and asked me not to move on and she asked me for the 2nd chance to know me better, did she just play with me?)

And it's been more than 2 weeks but she keeps watching all of my Instagram stories until now (sometimes it annoys me because I never watch her stories anymore since she dumped me and it makes me keep thinking of her lol) and she sometimes still keeps in touch with all of my friends through social media (my friends said so, she did a little react, emojis or some comments on my friend's posts, my friends teased me a lot lol but I don't think that's a good sign or I don't really know..)

Some said that I better block/unfollow her on Instagram but I don't think that I'm gonna do that for my own sanity since she's a coworker, that might seem unprofessional to me if I block her out of the blue.

Does she want me to beg for her? She wants me to chase her? Or is she waiting for me to post any desperate stories on Instagram, waiting me to show regrets that she can laugh at it later on? Lol. My friend said I better forget her and move on because if she truly loves me, then she will forgive me over that mistake, because I gave her that 2nd chance before. Oh God.

Alright that's it, thanks for the insights and suggestions!

I'm curious what's actually on her mind?
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