Everyone, do you remember your first kiss? How did it happen and your feelings about it?

Between family if lips accidently met everyone won't care and brush it off, so that isn't what I mean.

I'm Muslim and never had a boyfriend but I did have a first kiss when my head was dizzy.

There's this guy in cram school, when I was still a middle-schooler, who let me feel relaxed, he was handsome and funny but I wasn't familiar with him.

I don't know should I laugh or cry for giving my important first kiss to a boy whose name is erased from my brain.

We were playing games with 'truth or dare' as punishment for losing just the two of us since the teacher was coming late and we were the only ones not informed, but both reluctant to walk back home, we stayed.

I always choose the safe option of truth but that day there was so much laugh and perhaps the stress of incoming exam made me not reject the atmosphere he deliberately spread. I passively catered his flirting then responded, normally I should be uncomfortable, I feel like I wasn't myself that period.

Embarrassed he always choose dare and me the opposite, out of impulse I broke my rule for him. He didn't seem suprised and just smiled a little brighter.

He said "Can you swear you wouldn't leave here or slap me with that thick book?" Wisest words ever!

Me : "I wants to say it depends but for the sake of the snacks I promise to not." _He offered me pary of his snacks and I gave him smoothies, and chocolate.

Him : "Kiss me."

Lost whether to break my promise and take my leave to restroom or just getting over it, I hesitated.

He tapped his fingers at the table. "No? It's just a kiss but if you don't want to I won't..."

Me : "I'll." I muttered a prayer for forgiveness in my heart.

Provoked, I told him to lean forward a bit and kissed him at the corner of his lips, he turned aroubd bit, confused how but one kiss turned to 4-5 and I let him.

He let go of my scalp, I was the only one blushing and smiling awkwardly while he grinned.

Then someone knocked the door and a girl came in and I excused myself.
Everyone, do you remember your first kiss? How did it happen and your feelings about it?
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