Is this disrespectful in a relationship? Adds other women on fb and likes pics?

My partner and I live together. I’m 8months pregnant due soon I’m 21 he’s 26. He always says how lucky he is to have me and he is lucky, I agree as I have loads to being to the table I can say that confidently and I’m an attractive young woman. I bought the guy a car, a house, his expensive clothes I help him and I’m overall a nice person to him and do everything and love him a lot. He’s always had problems in his relationships and he’s been with many woman for like 6 months but I’ve never really Known the reason it didn’t work.

Anyway, I’ve noticed on Facebook he always goes and heart reacts to other women’s photos? Even if it’s women who live the other side of the country he always does it and adds them as a friend? I find it really disrespectful but am I overrracting here. I’m gonna be a mom in 4 weeks and I feel immature bringing it up as I feel like it makes me seem insecure? Buy my friends say its similar to cheating. Girls/guys would u be mad ur partner doing this? He always says how. He’s so happy. With me but why do this? I don’t think he meets up with them as he’s alwayssss with me but I find it really rude? I’m pregnant so already it takes a toll on me. Is this classed as cheating? Is there any point me bringing it up especially since I’m having becoming a mom soon is it immature of me to even speak about? It’s not even like he just likes the picture, he reacts with the heart and then the women do it back. I do everything for him, no one told me to do everything I know but I’m a giver. He knows how much I do for him and he still goes out his way to do that on social media? Am I being dramatic?

9 mo
I love him and I’m carrying his son but stuff like this honestly makes me despise him and feel less love. It’s not even just that it’s just he does NOTHINg for me either so it all takes a toll
Is this disrespectful in a relationship? Adds other women on fb and likes pics?
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