Guy friend visited me in the hospital and I have mixed feelings now?

Lately, my guy friend visited me in the hospital and I feel mixed feelings but mostly happy that he is emotionally supporting me. On the day I got admitted, I messaged him and he was very caring and supportive. He also sent me a message the next day to check up complete with long messages reassuring me why i had to do the operation.

I was honestly scared as I had a minor operation. At first, i didn't consider inviting him over but on the day of the operation, he asked me who was there as my companion. So i asked him whether he'd like to visit to which he agreed.

I thought my family is not coming over because there was a conflict in sched but they did came so when i woke up, they were all there including him.

He was really attentive, asked me whether there was anything i craved and bought snacks for me, opened them for me. Towards the end i got emotional and thanked him, he said he was touch by what i said.

I noticed we are sweet when we send messages but in person, we're not that sweet.

I honestly liked someone else already but the support he gave me emotionally is really like that of an SO. I tried messaging the guy i like, he was supportive as well but I felt he lack much emotional support than i needed.

Is it wrong if i'm comparing them? I feel the guy friend i have is already getting used to emotionally supporting me and taking care of me when i am sick and i am getting used to it as well. He frequently contacts me every 3 days just to check how i am.

I also feel this guy friend loves me but i dont know until what extent because all i notice is that he is attentive on me, and frequently emotionally supportive but yes we are more emotionally sweet on messages versus in person. In person, we act normal. Do you think he likes me that way or is there a chance he thought of it at some point?

He also contacts me right away by the way if he is having anxious thoughts or feeling blue. We have a shared trauma so we do call each other when we have bouts of anxiety.

Guy friend visited me in the hospital and I have mixed feelings now?
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