Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

Oh shit, it’s time to make everybody mad again. Like period rage, I’m back to address something that may or may not really upset a few people, but I feel like it needs to be said because I am sure I am not the only one who is tired of it. Given that this is #TeamRJ ‘s last chance to make an impression for the #BATTLEROYALE, I figure it’s good to go out with a bang.

So grab your tampons, stress balls, tube sock and whatever else you need to keep calm during this take because I’m here to talk to you about extremists and their butthurtedness.

I love G@G as an online community because it’s filled with a bounty of different perspectives, impressive work, and a certain level of warmth and comradery. But like society, it is flawed in its politics, there is a high level of biased, and like most communities, it has a plethora of people who feel that the only way to express an opinion or to support a movement is to be a total asshat about it.

Am I the only one who feels that being offended by everything is making our society weak? The media seems to just support this pathetic nature that suggests that we can’t even make jokes without there being detrimentally negative connotation to it they may or may not actually even be there.

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

We’re demonstrating socially that we need to value the negative things that people say, that we need to be affected by what people say on a profound level, instead of being able to be receptive to different opinions and affiliations (to truly understand where you yourself stand and can better represent your own views) and being mentally strong and become adept at not being affected by the world’s bullshit. Like the good ol’ Rocky Balboa said:

Another user used this earlier today so thanks to him for the inspiration.

Of course, we all have reason and right to feel offended by certain things, but we have all met or seen a butthurt extremist who takes it to the next level and who just overshadow what could be an otherwise powerful and meaningful message by making it self-centered around being right, or around hate, and superiority, and just plain bullshit. So for this take today I am giving you guys examples of extremists and what I think they could do to actually make a difference outside of raining negativity on the internet and in the world around them, I hope you enjoy it.


We all know these types of people, the classic misandrists, chauvinists, whatever you know them as. These people are the absolutely most tragically butthurt individuals I swear I have ever seen; people who could be taking valuable messages that high light the struggles of each gender and represent them instead turn their movements into hate campaigns intended to assert superiority over the other gender. They’re quick to label anybody who has any sort of ideal outside of what benefits their gender directly as a misogynistic pig to the point of blind hypocrisy.

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

These people don’t tend to do anything beneficial outside of … bitching and moaning. Maybe instead of being hateful complainers who blame penises for all of your problems, you could try spreading equal awareness in a rational and reasonable way that makes your message more receivable, or hell maybe even try donating to a charity that looks to end gender inequality. They aren’t hard to find, there’s plenty of them.

Maybe consider getting off of the internet and making a positive difference. Just a suggestion, maybe take a good long look at the great Susan B. Anthony or Mary Ann Shadd if you need good examples to follow.


I am one of the first people to admit that men face social gender biases and the tables don’t always turn in their favor, but this movement literally demonizes women with no sense of rationality.

They believe essentially that women hypergamous and manipulative, and that society favors them in the fields of romance, social status, etc. So, they swear off of women as a means of “self ownership”, because god knows if you get with a woman she’s going to steal your balls from you and remove your ability to make your own decisions.

Am I the only one who thinks that this movement relates more directly to men who have no success in relationships due to a general lack of desirability? Somehow I don’t see healthy, attractive, and ambitious men being the atypical member of a MGTOW group. Oh, sorry, but since these guys preach so hard about what they can consider their version of "equality", I'm going to preach my version of "equality" that makes it okay for me to shit on you for shitting on me because FAIRNESS!

See how this isn't adding up and seems dickish? Good. Point proven then.

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

Someone, please, get this man a tube sock and a latex glove.

Maybe instead of just hating women, and assuming we’re all just out to get you, take your money, ruin your life and stick you with babies that aren’t yours, and trying to act as though not dating them is somehow going to improve gender biased in society (it isn’t) you could try speaking up for men’s rights and their issues in a productive and non-accusatory way? The same way I suggested for the psycho feminazis; it’s hard to take you seriously when you blame your problems on vaginas, stamp your feet and of all things make feminism your enemy. Yes, I agree third wave feminism is shit, but the core values of feminism certainly aren’t and they exist for a reason. Maybe speak out about the right subjects instead of just making women your enemy and bounding so far out of left field that no one can take you seriously.

Or, you know, just be celibate and leave everybody else the fuck alone?


I can’t stand social justice warriors because they are single handedly the most mislabeled people on the internet. These people are not fighting for any kind of social justice; they literally fight for their right to be offended. Period.

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

I swear that more than half of the SJW’s on the internet are freaking recluses who have nothing better to do than find everything that is wrong with the world and crap on other people for it, from behind the safe and protective shield of their computer screen.

They are the types of people that can’t hear a single joke about a stereotype, regardless of its nature, without being deeply and emotionally triggered to the point where their only mission is to make you feel like a total crap sack for not submitting to their ideals. They are the types of people who won’t actually give a single crap about a movement (because they don’t actually partake in it, support it, donate to it, spread awareness about it) but will bitch on behalf of that movement as though they are somehow earning themselves more morale.

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

Basically they are no fun to have at parties.

I’m sorry but just going on the internet and rampaging isn’t making a difference. Sure, a healthy rant is one thing, but if the positive message somewhere gets lost in your self-serving moral status seeking then there’s a real problem and it's not people disagreeing with how BML conducts themselves or suggesting that it's okay to laugh at a gay joke between friends within reason.

My recommendation to these people is that you really understand what you support, why you support it, and actually go about it in a way that isn’t all about a cut and dry concept that makes everybody who doesn’t agree with you an asshole. If you believe in something, there is a way to go about it without having to put down everybody else who doesn’t agree with you.

Internet Vegans

Notice how I am not putting veganism as a whole. Because in truth, I have no issues with vegans, even the vegans who are outspoken about their beliefs and feel other people should be vegan. I get the benefits, I acknowledge them, etc. That’s not my issue.

My issue are the extreme vegans that primarily dominate the internet. From YouTube, to Reddit , to anywhere where they can tell a large audience of people that they are huge animal torturing, raping pieces of shit.

I don’t want to include the YouTuber’s direct video in the link below because she’s already been proven to be a money hungry fraud (watch the video) because frankly, her channel doesn’t deserve any more views, so I’ll include famous YouTuber Pewdiepie’s reaction to one of her videos addressing him directly.

These people are the sole reason why an otherwise harmless movement is not taken seriously. Because instead of trying to be supportive of their own message in a way that invites people into the movement, their objective is … well, not so nicely put, to shit on everybody and guilt them into conforming to their ideals.

It doesn’t matter to them if you’re an omnivore, a vegetarian, or plant-based diet participant – you’re a terrible person if you are not 100% vegan, and they make names for themselves by being hateful and controversial, believing that this is the only way to get their movement the publicity it needs.

Whatever happened to being able to represent your movement without having to use hateful tactics?

My advice here is simple: support people in their dietary transitions, even if they’re just vegetarian – give them a pat on the back because every little bit helps, or even if they go meatless one day out of the week, it’s an IMPROVEMENT. Celebrate little victories and ENCOURAGE people to go further instead of acting like a trolltastic social media personality that literally makes veganism leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

Alright everyone I know this one was a bit ranty but I have been asked a few times to do a rant-like post and I wanted to do it in an at least semi-constructive way. I hope somehow, someway, somebody found this helpful or at least laugh worthy because that's a win to me.

To help lighten up the mood, here's a hilarious picture:

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference

Remember to check out my other team mates mytakes for this week and I will see you all on the next one. Thanks for reading.

Dear Butthurt Extremists: Please Shut the Hell Up and Make a Difference
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  • CHARismatic110

    Solid take as usual. But if being a SJW means speaking up when I feel like some shit is being misconstrued or misinterpreted, then I'll be that.

    • Nah I don't think that's being an SJW at all. In my personal opinion SJW's are the folks who seek out issues with what people have to say for the sake of advancing their own personal agenda by being confrontational.

      Addressing the fact that someone is approaching an issue wrong in your opinion and being able to debate against their views with tact and skill is very different.

    • NatashaJ

      Then what's the whole point of being a social justice warrior then? clearly it was about speaking up for justice then now a days. These idiots like feminazis ruin the name.

    • Valkyrie1

      It used to be considered a good thing.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser

    Ms. Train,

    Thank you. You have hit a home run with this myTake!



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  • Elarra

    Nice Take, but before you lecture others on making a difference, are you doing it yourself?



  • MrOracle

    I didn't think I'd ever want to marry, but, RJ, you are just SOOOO incredibly wise, smart, and funny, that I'm starting to reconsider.

    Please tell me something horrible about yourself so that I can forget this madness and carry on with my life. Do you club kittens to death? Hate sex? Dip all your food in Ranch? Set children on fire? Listen to country music? Have a penis?

    There must be SOMETHING you do or think that I would object to - I just haven't found it yet...

    • Oh god I'm blushing. Hahaha.

      But I'm none of the bad things you listed. If anybody hates sex and abuses both ranch dressing and kittens I'm going to have to kick them in the chops.

      Uuuuhh bad thing, bad thing... I snort when I laugh really hard sometimes?

    • MrOracle

      That's it? Damn...

      Now I'm gonna have to recalculate my whole budget! Weddings are expensive! Where's my damn adding machine?

    • InDetail

      Well I did abuse some ranch dressing earlier today... when I got done with it it was empty... sorry :(

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau

    I can't disagree with anything you said 👌. I'll take it a step further; people need to learn to talk to people vs talking at people. By that, I mean learning what the person or people in question are saying, not what they are doing... In other words, the content. And I'll clarify that I'm not necessarily saying that people need to do anything, but take reality for what it is... But I can tell you and everyone right there, it's the root of the problem

    There's actually an interesting psychological study and postulates that say we have 3 different selves. 2 different prior to social media. How we are by ourselves, how we are in a public setting and how we are on the internet interacting with anonymity. But it plays into how we interact and which are seen as our "real selves". Extremely fascinating topics to me (at least in my opinion), but beyond my understanding. But it kinda goes back to your topic in how we talk and see each other as individuals and society, which exacerbates some of the problems and people you listed (and didn't list)

    I was going to give examples, but I'm lazy right now, but if you or anyone wants or needs me to go in depth, I will 😁

    • I'd love to see you go in depth about it.

    • Aight. This might take a bit. Just for the heads up, it might be like 3+ posts 👍

      Since it's the most recent thing and easy, I'll use it, which is the thing with Kaepernick. a little background, the dude decided to sit during the national anthem because he couldn't come to terms with representing a country that is supposed to stand for being equal, but he feels that there are injustices among blacks and doesn't feel that America isn't doing anything is being done. Whether slums of Chicago, police brutality, etc

      Anyways, much of the criticism shifted from not respecting America to not respecting soldiers... Which is weird considering he specifically said he's talking about the social injustices among minorities. But that lies the first problem, people sort of skirting around the issue by making their own interpretations and avoiding the issue in question altogether. The fact that the issue can't even be agreed upon shows the first problem

      To be continued

    • The second is pretty glaring and telling. It's this notion of people not even acknowledging there is a problem. This is multifaceted. Despite countless examples, there's still a denial of facts. I could explain it, but go down to what I ale's comment

      Now, this kinda goes into a 3rd problem. It's a paradox. I'm not sure if you noticed, but the idea that because he's rich, he can't be complaining... Think about that for a moment. He doesn't have a right to stand up for something because of his own celebrity. It's the idea of qualifications. 1 thing that pisses me off. This thing people do is to say, "prove there's an issue with xyz... But that's just 1 time." You bring up an instance like the dude in Baton Rouge and then it switches to, "that's just 1 example"... Nigga, do I have to bring up every instance? 😂 Or then there's stats and qualifications to disprove a statement


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  • Smmyskittles
  • Cosytoasty

    Oh wow, i'm secretly all of those, I think i should report this.
    Yes, please get out there and do something about it. LOVE that picture under social justice warriors lol.

    • Thank you my friend.

    • +1 for the classy Ethan gif
      I wonder if it is possible to be both a feminazi and MGTOWer though 😱

    • @dangerDoge I'm not an easily scared woman,

      But this would fucking terrify me if it were possible.

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  • Barrabus_the_Free

    Wow, I feel the need to suddenly join some kind of movement, throw my free time, money, indeed my very LIFE away to somehow make things 'better' for other people and future generations, none of which will carry my DNA so I have no dog in the fight, BUT someone on Teh Interwebz said I should do something. I don't know what, because it never really said WHAT I should do, just.. ya know... some nebulous 'something'.

    I have a better idea. I will continue to do whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want, as long as I show up for work on time and don't end up in jail. I won't join any stupid movements, because a movement is just a good shit, when you get right down to it. I won't do anything to improve things for future generations, because, quite frankly, I give no fucks. I will continue to do what I want and to hell with the consequences that my actions have for other people. It sounds an awful lot like THEIR fucking problem.

    Other than that, TL; DR-B.

    And as a hat tip to this disgusting society:

    Good try! You get a medal. Or something. For, ya know, participating.

  • EmpatheticLady

    There it is! I've been waiting to read it since you mentioned your idea, haha. Excellent points as usual!

    "So grab your tampons, stress balls, tube sock and whatever else you need to keep calm during this take because I’m here to talk to you about extremists and their butthurtedness." I love you. XD

  • NJ_Casanova

    GAG has to shorten the available length of mytakes/ posts, god damn that is too much at once, LMFAO ;-P

    " But like society, it is flawed in its politics, there is a high level of biased, and like most communities, it has a plethora of people who feel that the only way to express an opinion or to support a movement is to be a total asshat about it. "

    "Am I the only one who feels that being offended by everything is making our society weak? "... NO you are correct again... everyone is a soft skinned pussy that gets offended by every comment.. even if it's a FACT.

    The only thing is, I do think Sarcastic comments used on sensitive topics is just plan stupid/ insensitive... Girl GAG member do it constantly on penis question form guys that are clearly insecure about their bodies/virgins.

    Attacking a comment you don't agree with... only proves/strengthens that person belief. Giving them your point of view/ and proving it to be a better view is the "ONLY WAY" to change their minds.

    That's funny BUT also Said since that is the truth in the USA today.

    MGtow... never heard of that but from reading your stuff... women don't steal you r balls... they steal your money$$$.

    Internet vegans... I think you can include/sounds like, the crazy animal right activists. Just the other day I saw on the new how NY governor caught a 155lbs shark (that is legal to catch) and people were out raged say it was immoral or that the species was Endangered. The government puts regulation/size requirements to prevent over fishing, I bet them don't cry about the animals that their skin lotions/medicines are tested on. I bet the wear wool/leather clothes... what about those tortured animals? They are Hypocrites.

  • Fathoms77

    Extremely well said. :)

    For me, one word has become my gospel, and I've used it around here before- Balance.

  • feminismisnarcissism

    it's a brilliant take, RJ. I do consider myself a MGTOW but I don't really fit what you described-but I do think it possible you understand the movement better than I. All i know is, men are getting screwed over everywhere (by feminist culture and institutionalized sexism-like in the courts in general-men get punished for their crimes, women get a slap for the same crimes, and there is NOTHING in marriage today for men, it's all only beneficial to women). That said, I think the MGTOWs that swear off women sound like quitters, and like little babies "waahhh ima take my cock and sex toys and go home!" And whatever... that's their choice I guess but I notice they end up SOUNDING JUST LIKE FEMINISTS-ie gender superiority. So I wash my hands of that shit... but I do agree, that a NONentitled woman, a FAIR woman, etc. is hard to find. but shit, I found one-so those poor bastards only fuck themselves (literally and figuratively).

    That said, the article is worthy of a standing ovation, quite hilarious. (and true)

  • clarawilds

    I agree with you. But actually vegans are not that annoying. Yes, some of them are, but most of the omnivores make fun of them and when vegans defend themselves, they act butthurt. I'm not a vegan, but I think that animals should not suffer for our pleasures. I think becoming vegan is better for your health and the planet. And please, no ,, bacon", ,, protein" and ,, plants have feelings" comments.

    • Yeah I referred primarily to internet vegan personalities here.

    • clarawilds

      I know 😃

    • Most vegans are fascists who want everybody to become one. Also it's been proven that it's not healthier to be vegan it's just that it's an ideology (not a diet) that they have to say it is. Also there are many ways to eat all kinds of animal products without serving the industrial factory farming I mean you can promote local organic farming instead but no these people want to be fascists who comtrol the way people eat. No thanks.

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  • brain5000

    Nice rant. Do you feel better now? :)

    It's about power, right? People get insecure and they need to assert their power over others. They get super sensitive and angry as a means of control. They say insulting things and try to belittle you with the intent of silencing you. So don't let them control you, right? They only have as much power over you as you give them.

    I also get a lot of crap on here. I never felt like the most popular kid on the block anyway, and this no longer bothers me. Maybe I have deluded myself into thinking it is less meaningful than it is. Just because we are surrounded by a cacophony a lot of loud-mouthed douchebags doesn't mean we can't choose our own friends.

    Anyway... nicely done, as always. :)

    The stuff you wrote about MIGTOW... aren't they the same thing, from the perspective of the MIGTOWer and the MIGTOWee?

    Maybe these guys resent women because they look down on those guys for not being adequately healthy, attractive, and ambitious - or at least that's how the guys see it. One person's "healthy, attractive and ambitious" could be perceived as another's "impossibly tight-bodied, fake and rich."

  • lacorine197

    I must say, It was a great read indeed, I must plant my seed and.. okay okay I'll get in on with my sentence I was just trying to rhyme lol, I agree 100 % of what you said about feminazi's and like 50 50 about what you said about the MGTOW, what I can agree on with this is that I've seen some who may have joined and are terrible and maintaining relationships, however not all are the case, so I think I can admit that some of what they say are true, is that some women, are out for your resources. Otherwise, why would you need to get married, huh? What does a marriage represent? People still cheat in a marriage, just like they cheat dating. A ring? = a resource obtained which was his money, the marriage= an event that occurred from his resource his money. I am not, however, denying women, cause I like to keep my options open and I believe not all women are the same, however, I think marriage is stupid, in my opinion. you can say I'm stupid in yours or say whatever you want, it's your feed. Long story short story, I think if feminazi's disappeared, and people can come together and understand that the country needs a revamp on some of its laws. Then we can get something accomplished here. *Raises Keg*

  • mostwomenshouldstfu

    Someone sounds passionate, me like. Period, cramp rage mode ftw. MGTOWS have a point about some women and feminazis have a point about some men. The people they're talking about are those who treat others as dispoable commodities. Although, SJWs are about as throwaway as they come. But none of these people are trustworthy and they all b**** that women have vaginas and men have dicks. THERE ARE GENDERS, AND THEY''RE NOT CREATED EQUAL, GET OVER IT. Each sex has advantages the others do not, GET OVER IT. A man may be physically stronger on average, but he will never be able to actually incubate a life into this world. And thanks to the work of, sorry ladies, good MEN, with essentially good WOMEN behind them, through amplication, automation, and efficiency, strength is becoming less of a deciding factor in the gender dynamic. And women still get to bear the kids. Men are actively seeking to disempower themselves to make women happy. So what the f*** is the problem? Don't tell me it's another you don't know what you want bull s*** excuse, is it?

    • Oh yeah, and vegans are idiots. They seem to love taking s***s. It's essentially a foragers diet and these modified, concentrated, "humane" diets require more energy to manufacture than conventional vegetarian or omnivorous diets. Actually deso more harm to the envoronment to save a few animals who would just as soon eat you if human was on their menu, and they'd do it without remorse. We're OMNIVORES.

  • KellySpree

    You're mostly right. People SEEK being offended these days. Some people are thrill seekers, some love sex, and others aren't happy unless they find something to be offended by and to be righteous about.

  • KittieCat
  • legs_n_sheets

    You have given me ideas on to what write about next. Solid take. 😊

  • SarahsSummer

    You basically said everything I think about when I come across members of your highlighted groups. Loved it! 🍾😜💟

  • DoctorNuggets

    I understand your triggered take, but the SJW thing is somewhat skewed.

    What I see is people trying to call out internet bullying, and no one wants to do anything about it because it's the perfect way to blow off steam and destroy others without any collateral damage (because of the anonymity). I'll give you an example:
    Reddit user A: "Hey guys!"
    Reddit user B: "Shut the fuck up you fat pig cunt."
    Reddit user A logs into GaG to ask "Someone just called me a fat pig. What gives?"
    Other GaGers: "Oh my god, get over it, it happens. It's the internet. Nothing to take serious."

    This person isn't looking for people to coddle them and say "oh poor baby," they just wanna know why people come out of no where with that shit. This take is proof that people truly condone others being disrespected for no reason.

    Nowadays it's not about the abuse and disrespect, it's about how tough your skin is? Internet bullying is serious, no matter how funny, innocent or amusing it is to the other party. Just because you weren't the one to experience it, just because it's on the "inter-webs," doesn't mean it's nothing to take serious or make a lame meme about, getting others to agree with you.

    If someone's on the verge of suicide from that kind of nonsense, are you seriously going to sigh, roll your eyes, and joke about how people are being scrutinized for no reason? Then turn around and say with despair, "poor thing" the minute they hang themselves because, you know, get over it?

  • InDetail

    We're all human... I think if we quash the little subjects we can move onto more extreme topics like the way religion impacts abuse of women in other countries but those problems are always popping back up and people aren't satisfied unless they're right so it's less realistic We should instead of being butthurt and ignorant about what we heard on the shit stirrer that is the news about something that's only now being reported on that happens everyday and the media only does to get a rise and views along with future views if they cover a similar topic like wage gaps, African americans being shot by police, or how often you shave your armpits we can focus on child labor, child soldiers and The extremity of religon in other countries, Hunger and poverty, I obsess over easy solutions and how we can make it happen if we demand it from the government but not enough people are willing to make that sacrifice (We may not have a haggling system but the us can easily offer more in the department of building houses for other countries in exchange for a decrease of debt we owe, not to mention it creates more jobs for americans (more language teaching before we go over seas to try and build, more people to go and build more people to help organize all of that along with a few smaller jobs that escape me at the moment. People don't realize people are the government if we refuse to let them govern us we can and have them give in to better ideas (this is very chaotic of me and very unrealistic but I'm having a hard time coming to terms with either people don't realize we're the majority or if they just don't care enough to sacrifice a day to better our countries position

    • InDetail

      Also i agree with many below me, there is nothing sexier than a woman to have intellectual conversation with, could do without some of the satire but I mean hey frustration does make people more passionate ;3

    • Haha hey I can't help it man, satire sometimes is just too tempting to for my sassy-ass but I get your point and appreciate your comment.

  • Toad-1

    *hands you one of these*

    you're gonna need it!

  • Jamesol1

    I'm supprised (on other posts aswell)... to see so many women against these feminsazi/SJW's... its great to know because from what i see on twitter and those amazing SJW owned complications.. it get the impression most women are exactly those 2 things...

    • 19magic

      Personally don't have twitter, tumbler or any other social media. Only keep Facebook because of family.

  • Unit1

    Extremism is in a negative way silly and dumb.
    I was a MGTOW once until I tossed that label away because of this exact reason: I do not want to interpret, that I am a woman-hating misogynist - as the loudest of the group would do. I'm glad I got out of there in time. Blaming penises or vaginas is not rational and doesn't make any sense today.

    Extremism has never done anything good and never will.

    But yeah, everything is correct =)

  • Triss

    This is an awesome take
    As for the veganism , it sucks. I am vegetarian but I was one since I was born and I hate it. I never really tried to make anyone go vegan or vegetarian. Its the contrary for me. I helped vegans quit their stupid ideas cause that is idiotic.

  • Zorax

    I agree 100%, great Take :D

  • CHRIS11796

    I don't do this though i ask what i can improve on but i never blame anyone for my problems it's just unesscary and won't do anything to fix their so called problems. I don't bash women i improve ya it takes a while but i do what i have to do, and there are generalizations being made on both genders, "people grow the fuck up" please.

  • Vintheginnie

    I couldn't agree more to many biased people out there and when they get offended for something you say and offend people themselves just as much as you do it is offensive how contradictory these losers are. This is the result of liberal ideas running our country and making people think that they don't have the right to freedom of speech it's appalling.

  • TheTruthHurtsImSorry

    So, you think that by crapping on everyone you're automatically correct?

    That is exactly what it boils down to after reading it all. Some of what you said is right, but other points were childish. For example, when you were talking about MGTOW all you did was make fun of its members and say bs about it because 'hurr I'm not included in the exclusive club'. Literally none of what you said was valid. The whole point of it is that it's for men who want to check out of social norms and don't want anything to do with women. Basically men that want to stay single, period. Yet you turned it into something about demonizing women. WTF?

    I'm not even part of the group, I don't really care for social movements and clubs. However, I hate it when people spread lies and misinformation.

    • I don't think you got the irony where I "made fun" of the MGTOW movement lol. I put the caption under it to point out that this insulting way of referring to their group is just as bad as attavking women and feminists as a whole. It was supposed to be ironic, not literal. My take seeks to challenge a negative perspective for the betterment of everyone, but my word isn't the word of God, so take why you can from it.

    • No I got it, you tried to put it in the same category as what Feminists look like when they are 'insulted'. Except your statement had no validity whatsoever.

      The thing about irony is that it has to be something true otherwise you're just pulling stuff out your a.

      What you're really doing is false equivalence.

    • If you say so sir. Lol.

  • GoldMeddle

    For people who spend their lives criticizing the faults of humanity, they are incredibly narcissistic. They literally never do a damn thing. I was reading a letter written by a buzzfeed editor. She talks about how happy she is that they are changing the way people IN THE WORLD speak and think. WTF? You think you're changing the world. Unfortunately, she might not be wrong. She is changing it, just not for the better.

    What baffles my mind is where these people come from. Because everybody I talk to seems to hate them. Even my parents who are staunch liberals don't agree with them. So where are all these SJWs coming from.

    No girl I've talked to is an SJW. And no guy I've talked to. Are these people just an alien species from another planet or something? Men are from Mars, women are from venus, and SJWs are from... pluto maybe?

  • ReneDS

    You really need to focuss on yourself instead of raging on a bunch of extremist people who wasted your time while you were writing all this. This is exactly what they want. Attention. an open podium were there thoughts and ideas are being discussed by someone who's clearly mad. I live my life by the' not a single fuck was given that day' quote. Works fine for me. U dont like the way i dress, ooh well fine. U dont like my beard well i didn't grow it for u. U dont like the way i work, i dont care. Just keep doing whatever the F you want. Anyway the feminazis. That was a great part !

    • I don't feel like I raged at all in this take. I Made an effort to put it together in as positive as a way as I could. Sure, the title was harsh and I made some crass remarks, but that's just my nature.

    • I also would like to say I wasn't mad at all writing this take, I enjoyed myself a lot actually.

    • @RJGraveyTrain

      I am glad that you enjoyed writing this post but I am not surprised. I am not surprised because it was a joy to read so I assume it was a joy to write as well.

      You are very wise and I suspect you will do well in life, love and friendships.

      Thanks for sharing this take. I will leave you with something that it is truth and will make society better overnight if everyone agreed...

      Offense is never given; offense is taken.

  • Chadette

    Yes, thank you. Now if only those that do this actually try to have an open mind and do something...

    That last gif with the guy and Chloe girl morphed tripped me up for a sec haha. Side eyeing Chloe is me

  • caffeinated_93

    I cannot even begin to convey how much I 100% agree with this take. Everything that is wrong with the world we live in and nobody could have said it better.

  • foghornleghorn78

    Actually MGTOW or at least most MGTOW who have gotten past the red pill rage stage do not demonize anyone. They simply live their lives unencumbered by the need to cohabitate with a woman. The difference being is that MGTOW eventually move on with their lives. Feminiazi's don't.

    • While you say it's true there's is a lot of anti woman sentiment on the Internet with the MGTOWs

  • Skadouchebag

    racism: noun. the belief in the superiority or inferiority of one ethnicity as regards another or others. if the thing in question does not fit this definition fits this definition (or if it would work just fine if ther "victim" were of any other ethnicity), then it's not racist at all. the same goes for sexism, or any other form of bigotry.

    also, if not voting for Hillary makes one a sexist, then not voting for Sanders makes one anti-semetic.

    • also, next time oyu see someone make a claim that arises solely from their own delusion that opinion and fact are the same, like "there is nothing unhealthy about obesity whatsoever." The thing to say to them is "What makes you say that?" (same goes for conspiracy theories)

  • I liked it I've been watching to do a rant on the pussification of the United States for a wile now but people don't seem to understand the feminist want to enslave me and Mgtow I don't know about until I read this they have a point but they are still bitching about nothing the transgender want women to be raped it's all stupid

  • AlwaysBelieving

    The only MGTOW I understand / pay attention to is Maximum Gross Take Off Weight. Man I'm such and airplane nut.🛫✈️

  • Browneye57

    Actually liked it. Tough girl -you go!!

    Half of society isn't gonna follow - they're indoctrinating our youth in schools and colleges. It's the liberal entitlement concept. If you disagree with me you should be silenced at a minimum, killed even better.

    I fear things will get worse before they get better. This is a breakdown of western civilization. Nothing lasts forever.

  • zanderp

    I think sometimes people also get extreme like that because of the heavy resistance towards some of the movements. Like veganism has a lot of push back because scientifically there is more evidence that shows it's not actually healthier. But because they are enamored with the ideology, they get extra defensive. They're trying to fight an unwinnable battle instead of just saying "I like doing it this way and no one can tell me not to".

  • authornenja

    I think when it comes to people feeling like minorities or have something to stand for there always end up few who are extreme and pathetic who stick out in the media, sometimes I feel like they're joking. I blame the internet. I love witty humour, but somehow certain comedy can have such a negative reaction because of the internet (like the Ellen thing). I wonder if whoever starts the rage or butthurt-ness is kidding or trolling, but it ends up spiralling out of control. The internet brings many good things in society, but ffs it's like an overly sensitive cult sometimes.

  • yellowgirl00d

    I'm thinking of becoming an internet vegan sounds like a fun job.

  • Embercelica

    Yeah I agree sometimes I can't believe that people are serious on the internet. oh well they're the only ones that know for sure what their doing.

  • PrincessofNohr

    I'm with you 1000% on this! I personally think that most of the people who take these sides up as a "cause" don't actually believe in it, but simply use it to cover up their own failings or make themselves feel superior. For example, I can totally see where MGTOW is coming from, even the concept of staying single as a whole. Both genders get lots of pressure to get into relationships and start families even if it's not what they want. I'm all for the concept of bucking the trend and staying single to pursue one's own desires. Hell, I'm 26 and single and very happy. But like anything, the loudest and most self-serving proponents gather together and start squawking so loud that it drowns out the rational voices. It reminds me of that pile of seagull toys that sounded like the demons of hell when they were squeezed...

  • Bobbyhill1

    no this is how the world should be

  • Djaaaaaay

    Love it to much..,😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👉😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰👈😀

  • Library

    Not just the butthurt, I wish everyone would try to make a difference. You know, be more chill like me.

  • front2back

    Thank you. Literally both sides of many movements have pissed me off because they take everything way too seriously.

  • galblue183

    I have noticed that some issues come up in the racism category -

    I told a friend that I really liked the photo of the black woman on her phone (mind you she is aboriginal). I spoke about how artistically with the skin it was a nice contrast. She didn't like that response and so I apologised and felt extremely guilty after it. I told her so and she responded saying there was something wrong about that also - I cannot remember what she said. Is what I have said truly offensive? because from my perspective I was looking at it in an artistic way but maybe I am wrong? Is it really got to do with my 'white privilege'? There are so many terms that I don't understand - I thought we all should just respect each other not bring others down?