Believe it or not, this is racist. This is as pure as racism gets.

The weirdness of the political conversation of GaG is always centered around who is most racist "supposed liberals" or "supposed conservatives". It is never about racism itself and how it is wrong. I guess because racism is still far too useful in our society. 91 year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez was beaten on July 4th Holiday by a "Black" woman who claimed he bumped into her child. For those of you who think I am just dumping on "Black" women. . .please grow up. This could have just as easily been a "Black" man.

Police are still looking for this maniac and should be able to find her pretty quickly, she was dumb enough to be caught on camera. Eyewitnesses said she was screaming at him to "Go back to his country". Just like she owns this one. She assaulted him with a brick. This old man can barely walk and she beat him with a brick?

It is just a matter time darling, you will be screaming from behind a jail cell.
It is just a matter time darling, you will be screaming from behind a jail cell.

We all know how GaG works. This will be an example of "so-called liberal" racism. Or that "Black" people can be racist. It such a weird argument. Because most intelligent people can see plainly. The argument isn't about racism and stopping these acts of violence. It is simply an argument that says everyone is a racist so racism is okay. It is apart of the normal human reaction. This woman, who is probably just hours away from being apprehended did it because "everyone wants to be with their own race". And that is nothing but a big steaming pile of s----.

Racism is not okay. It is not okay when she does it. It is not okay when Trump does it. It is not okay when Santa Claus does it. No one is insulated from racist backwards fruitcake thinking. Anyone can become susceptible to the warped logic, that they are part of a group better than some other fictional race. Because human beings are lazy. Getting to know themselves and getting know other people is just too much work. That whole individual responsibility thing is only great to talk about. Engaging in it is too hard for a lot of people. Racial stereotypes are comforting because of that. You just take the stereotype slap it on some folks and away you go.

I know many "Black" people who are of the mind that while they can't be better than the average "White" person or Asian (see that internalized inferiority complex?). . .that they are somehow above Mexicans. Because racist ideology does not care about your political views. Racist ideology is about classifying folks in a way that gives you a better ranking. It also gives people guidance on where they are supposed to fit in society.

I have had this discussion with several people around the GaG, who seem to lack this basic understanding.

Racism is wrong. No matter who practices it.

But enter politics. This lady is a "supposed liberal", right? Yet, we all know that "supposed liberals" are a bunch of groups tied together because of what they are not, not because they stand for any one singular thing. I have been chased by Mexicans for being in wrong neighborhood. I can't say that happened to me with Puerto Ricans. Many Asians have a lot issues with Affirmative Action programs. A lot of "Black" people totally buy that bullcrap that Mexican immigrants are stealing their jobs or are the cause of their low wages. "Supposed liberal Whites" while showing strong support for feminist issues, don't show the same for non-"White" issues. I could go on and on about these "supposed liberal groups". Most are only "liberal" in terms of their own individual issue. And this word "liberal" is kind of strange. The "Black" groups would care less about Roe vs. Wade being overturned are they "liberal"? The homosexual organizations who could care less about AA being struck down, are they "liberal"? What I can say is this. . .the "anti-PC" crowd is magnificent at branding. Some brands stick no matter what the reality is.

But one thing is for certain, there is right and wrong. And beating up an 91 year old man, because he is Mexican is as wrong as you can be. I hope they put this freak on the news when she is caught. It should only be a matter of time. Mr. Rodriguez didn't deserve this. He didn't do anything other than be an old Mexican man. He is not to blame for anybody losing a job or for not getting paid enough. He was here visiting his family.

Sorry Blue Anons, no anonymous opinions. Get some courage.

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  • Yes, racism is wrong no matter who practises it. It's a two way street and it's about time people realise that. I've never thought of it as a ranking of where people sit in society but that sounds spot on, considering I see blacks shitting all over white people and their "privilege" but I never seem shitting all over anyone else.
    White people, even outside of america, have it just as hard as anyone else. White people are homeless, white people get discriminated against with employment, white people become addicted to drugs and so on - yet black people ignore the fact that every white person is susceptible to the same shit black people are claim how good their life is based on something as shallow and pointless as skin colour.
    Glad I don't see this shit happening where I live, it is, at least, extremely less likely here.

    • Uhm, madam that dude was Mexican.

      I don't live in Australia. Do you have "Black" people there? I mean the lady in the photo, to be accurate, she is African-American. She does not have much in common with Aborigines, I think. . . that's who you are referring to when you are talking about black people in Australia, right?

      I'm "Black" but as you can see I am using quotes. Most people here are American so when I use the term "Black" in quotes, I mean African-American.

      I didn't know that Australians believed in race.


  • omg this is so awful, I can't believe somone could do that in front of their own child, I hope they get that little kid away from her, but I don't really know that much about the racist thing, but I mean obviously any race can be racist, I don't think people should need to see this to know that

    • What is your opinion on the "racist" thing?

      But yes, she definitely needs to be removed from that child. Can you imagine that baby growing up seeing that type of violence as legitimate. He/she won't even have a chance.

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    • Hmmm. . . interesting.

      I am not saying that supremacist thinking results in violence in every instance. I am saying that it is a logical conclusion. If you think you are in a group that is superior to some other group, you could conclude several things.

      1. You could commit violence again that group with impunity.

      2. You need to help that group become better.

      3. You need to eliminate that group from existence.

      There are several logical conclusions. Nazis elected to commit genocide against the Jews. The U. S. government thought it should "help" the American Indians become "civilized". This woman beat up an old Mexican man. If you accept the premise, these become "logical" acts.

      I am just saying this because of authors like Margaret Atwood "Handmaid's Tale", Elie Weisel "The Night", etc, explain how humans go through an objectification process when they commit these acts of great evil.


      Those are all logical conclusion that stem from one

    • So they point out that we can't just be concerned about the act itself, we should be looking at the thinking that leads to the act.

      When I point out the Handmaid's Tale, a fictional story about a society where women are seen as unequal to men, it is to show that point. Ms. Atwood does a really good job of showing how not every person with this belief system is so classically evil and just committing violence against women. Some are. But others think they are being helpful. Some are actually "kind" in their own warped way. But never do they question the structure of their society.

      The woman who plays Aunt Lydia is one of the most compelling characters in this series. She commits acts of violence, but she is also very kind. She just sees the "handmaids" as needing to "know their place". She actually loves them.

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  • I don't really get why racism has to be involved in this case - it's just a deranged woman attacking an old man.

    • "Go back to Mexico".

      How is that not racist?

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  • Yes, everyone can be racist. I agree. My only stipulation is that for some reason I see that many "far-left" persons need to be reminded of this.
    Not only is this inaccurate (at least how she describes it) but it also is in no way conducive to a positive change in society.

    • Lasdin, that video is 14 minutes long. She is just droning on and on. Can you just tell me about the racist part?

      And I want to understand this theory of the "far left". What exactly is that in your opinion. Do you mean when I meet a homosexual person who is racist? Do you mean when when I meet a "Black" person who blames Mexicans for his low wages? Do you mean when I meet an American Indian who hates "Whites" because of past transgressions?

      Or do you mean all of the above?

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    • Understood.

      Sherman Alexie is a lot of things. He might have some liberal views. . . depending on what you define as liberal. But then he has a lot of anti-liberal views. For example, the man is far from being a feminist.

      And he has been accused of sexual misconduct and seems to be in denial.

    • Mmm. I don't know much about the fellow so I can't comment.

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What Girls Said 3

  • True, even the bible says that in the future, what is evil will be considered good, and good things will be coconsidered evil Isaiah 5:20

  • That's so sad.. At 91 years old she could have killed him. I'm sure this could have been settled with words smh

    • I don't think she is the type that uses words. But luckily she will have plenty of time to work on her diction in jail.

      I don't know if they will catch the other guys who were apparently with her. That part of the story is vague. There doesn't seem to be a real confirmation that she had help.

  • What she did was just plain awful. Nobody deserves that type of treatment. Any updates on how he’s feeling?

    • He is at home, but in a lot of pain.

      By the way, she was caught;

      That woman in the picture, identified by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as 30-year-old Laquisha Jones of Los Angeles, was arrested Tuesday night.

      Jones was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. She is being held on $200,000 bail.

    • Thank God she was caught.

What Guys Said 16

  • As a white man I am deeply offended that you have portrayed feminism as a white issue.

    Feminism is cancer, as a "Whitey" I denounce its evils and reject it entirely.

    • I don't really care what you are offended by. I was given an example of the supposed "liberal" ideology. If it is an ideology, then it doesn't even agree with itself.

  • That poor man. I hope I've never come across as racist, especially on here. I've begun to really like this community

  • That's crazy... Beatin the man because she don't like "Mexicans".. Hope he has a good recovery, and it's good she got caught.. Although, I feel little love from Mexicans.. LOL.. But I love them just like any other group.. They probably gon throw the key away on her.. But good take.. I like how you tied it all together.. You are right that aside from a few vocals voices many liberal groups only care about they own agenda..

  • i like to see some opinions here of people who are constantly shouting that BLACK LIVES MATTERS.
    That Fat cunt should be beaten to death !

  • What sure is that I have seen more openly shown racism coming from those who constantly blame white people from racism. Antifa, arabs, blacks people, antiracists associations... All of them openly attack white people.
    Some by being openly racists and claiming white people are evil, a dirty race, and should be jailed or exterminated.
    Other by using SJW concepts to justify that white people should be discriminated.
    And all of that without consequences because the existence of anti-white racism is still debated here.

    • Thanks for the downvotes, it feels nice to hurt you little weak SJW hearts :)

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    • "Some by being openly racists and claiming white people are evil, a dirty race, and should be jailed or exterminated."

      It's not a conspiracy. It's just plain racism from people who claim that white people are guilty of everything. You're the only one talking about a conspiracy.
      Against, you're putting words in my mouth that I never said. I didn't tell you that you don't care about white people, I said that everytime I mention that anti-white racism exists, you go against it. Which you did, here, again. That doesn't mean you don't care about white, just that you don't think they can be victim of racism as anyone else.
      As for compassion... well, sorry, but history as well as the world today showed that compassion isn't exactly the most used quality. You might be disappointed.

    • No, I didn't go against anti-"White" racism. I created a take about racism towards Mexicans and how it manifests in the "Black" community. Having heard "Black" people speak very negatively of immigrants. By the way, I have heard many more "Black" people speak negatively of immigrants than speak negatively of "White" people. So I post my experience.

      Look around GaG, the vast majority of "Black" people here are not only tolerate of "Whites", they love "White" people and "White" culture.

      Just ask one, if you doubt me. In fact, create a thread using a poll. You will be surprised.

      As for the rest of your post, it is just drivel.

      Actually, it is all drivel. I just tried to respond with some solutions for you. Hopefully, you will find some peace. A "Black" woman can set you straight dude. A lot of sistas here are looking for a "White" guy.

  • Oh for goodness's sake, will someone shot that bitch in the head and give the kid to someone else?

    Being racist is fine but acting out violently like that because of it? No.. you don't deserve to live anymore. Fuck that lady.

    • Uhm, is there a reason why people keep talking about killing this lady?

      She was caught. Justice will be served.

    • You're right but it's hard to be rational when I see trash that needs to be disposed of. Surely you can see why people would have such a visceral reaction to a garbage human being like that, especially bearing witness to how badly that old man was beaten and how unrepentant that bitch is.

      I had a similar reaction to George Zimmerman. That guy really boils my blood..

    • Even, I didn't have that kind of reaction to George. I just wanted him punished. But maybe life will punish him worse. We will see.

  • All racists are pathetic trash. Just because MOST of them look like the loser who do mass shootings means nothing. I've had Japanese friends tell me how just about everyone else is truly inferior lol

  • I just LOVE the damage control in this MyTake.

    You essentially say:
    "Well, this was a case of black on white violent racism, but DON'T POLITICISE IT! Because racism is bad, mkay? No matter who does it. See, Trump did it too! So really, it's all the same, conservative or liberal! We are all racist!"

    Conservative is racist - tear 'em a new one!
    Liberal is racist - well, we are ALL racist, we just have to show compassion and be better about ourselves!

    Fuck off. I didn't even want to politicise this incident, but you did it for me.
    And as a matter of fact, can you actually provide an instance where Donald Trump was racist? Because you implied it here.

    • What is wrong with you? You didn't read the take and you obviously have issues with self-expression. That isn't my problem.

      Let me point out some obvious facts.

      1. No. Everyone is not a racist obviously. Not everyone believes in race.

      2. If you like racism, stop whining when people criticize or want nothing to do with you. If you think it is good and right, grow some testicles and stand up for yourself.

      3. You call this an instance of liberal racism. The assumption is that liberal are not racist or they think they are not racist. It doesn't matter, both assumptions are wrong. Liberals are racist and they need to be honest with themselves and each other and try to get rid of it.

      "So-called conservatives" call that liberals eating their own. That's why you have to be ignored.

      You are not here to find understanding. You are here to win.

  • Some black people are the most oppressed so they think other minorities steal their opportunities.

    • I don't think this lady is taking it to that kind of depth in terms of philosophy. I think in her head, it registered that she can get away with beating up an old Mexican because of the current climate.

      It is like she isn't even self-aware. She just thinks;

      "From what I hear I can beat up a Mexican for next to nothing and get away with it."

      Well, she will have several years to give those words some deep thought.

    • Whoops missing a few words lol

      *Some black people Feel they are the most oppressed so they think*

    • Oh, I understood you.

      But again, I don't think she is all that philosophical about it hence, "Go back to Mexico".

  • where was this
    if it was america in an shall issue state that bitch would be full of lead right now

    • Son, you need to reword your post. It is unintelligible. And I am not sure why people are claiming she needs to be killed. She has been caught and she will had her day in court.

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    • @MarketData
      a state that issues permits to carry firearms in america unless the person has something explicitly disqualifying them

    • Permits? So unconstitutional.

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