What's the best way to fix the Democrat's invasion of illegal border crossers invading America?

What should we do to prevent yet millions more of the Democrat's illegal border crossers -- whose first act upon entering America is to break our laws -- from destroying our country?

If I were to enter someone else's country by breaking through their border illegally I would expect to be shot on sight by their military or law enforcement people. And I think they would be completely justified in doing that. Who would have the nerve to break into another country illegally! Every country has a right to protect its border by whatever means necessary. Why is America the only country in the world that is somehow not entitled to this right?

And that might actually be the most humane way to handle border crossings because after the first one or two people are shot a lot less people are going to even attempt it. Thousands of people including many children have died horrible deaths over the last two and a half years since the Democrats opened the borders and encouraged illegal immigration because of the Democrat's open border policy. They died in the deserts and the rivers and at the hands of foreign human traffickers who treat them like animals herding them through the deserts to sell them into slavery making a fortune doing it from the Democrat's open borders.

How can the Democrats claim they are humane? They are encouraging people to risk their lives and die a brutal death.

So what's the best way to fix the Democrat's invasion of illegal border crossers flooding America?

Whats the best way to fix the Democrats invasion of illegal border crossers invading America?
Close the Democrat's open border so that the stream of tens of thousands of known terrorists, enemy spies, drug trafficking cartel members, violent gang members, rapists, murderers and child sex traffickers who have already infiltrated America since Biden took office will be stopped cold!
Keep the Democrat's open border and continue to force me the taxpayer to pay for more and more free housing, free food, free cell phones, free healthcare, and free education for these law breaking invaders encouraging even more of them to come for the freebies.
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What's the best way to fix the Democrat's invasion of illegal border crossers invading America?
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