Guys, Did my ex mean what he said?

My ex and I decided to meet up after a few years of no contact. Our split was mutual so no ill feelings. An hour before lunch he cancelled. He said he felt bad meeting me behind his girlfriends back. He was sorry for the inconvenience and began to explain himself. I told him no explanation needed and that I understood. A few mintutes later We met at a park, where we had to exchange cash (we had assetts together- thats what this whole meeting was about). I gave him the cash then left. No words were exchanged as I was honoring his wishes about not wanting to upset his girlfriend. He watched me drive away as if he wanted to talk and had something to say. He then texts me and says it was good seeing me. He was proud of the person I became and that I seem to have it all together. I told him we should cut ties while we are ahead. He said if thats what I wante then that was fine. I guess my question is why did he do this whole push/pull thing. I feel there is so much we both want/need to say to each other as we never talked about the break-up, we just went our separate ways. Does a guy ever forget their ex? We were together for years. Was I right in cutting ties or would both of us get closure if we would actually talk? Any advice is welcome.


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