Why do guys think it's okay to break up through text messages?

it's super annoying when guys send texts to say that it's over or whatever, and I just wanna know WHY they do it. I mean, especially if you've been dating for some time, why would you nott just face the person? if you really did want to break up, and you didn't really care anymore, wouldn't it nott matter to you what the reaction of the girl was?

okay, even if a girl broke up with a guy, how does it make you feel?

and would you do it to someone else? in all honestyy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Its just such an awful and cowardly way to end a relationship. I had an ex who dumped me over text, and your right it does make the rejection much worse. We all know how difficult breaking up can be, and that some have a harder time with that uncomfortable breakup moment or discussion. Yet that does not in any way justify how completely selfish and disrespectful it is. Someone who does not have the common courtesy to have that conversation with you in person, is just too immature for a long term relationship anyway. They do not deserve your care nor your concern. If this is how someone chooses to handle difficult situations, your much better off knowing this now. Because no relationship can last with out descent communication skills and maturity. I hope you can forgive and forget , so that you can move on to someone new who values you and your feelings. : )


What Guys Said 2

  • My ex-girlfriend broke up with me via text message, so guys aren't the only ones who do it.

    Some people just can't face the sheer awkwardness of having to break up with someone in person. It's much better for someone to do it by text or email because they don't have to deal with the other person and how they will react. They don't want to hang around while you try to reason with them and question why the relationship has broken apart. Telling them by text removes that moment of unwanted awkwardness and guilt.

    Breaking up with someone you've been with for a long time isn't easy, but some people insist on taking a cowardly way out by doing it via text. I obviously don't agree with dumping someone by text, but unfortunately it happens.

  • I know right. No one should ever be dumped via txt. that is just cruel. Its happened to me before. It just makes the rejection a lot worse. I wish people knew that.


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  • Some guys are just cowards. If he's that low to do that to you he's obviously not worth your time. My best friend had a boyfriend, that just stopped talking to her... Could have been worse. I say forgive and forget. Bitter-ness only makes you hateful and old inside. :)