Why are girls so confused about signals that guys like them?

The single most common question on this site has to be "Does he like me?"

Men are not nearly as subtle with their signals as women are. If he touches you, he likes you. If he flirts with you, he likes you. If he teases you, he likes you. If he makes eye contact and smiles, he likes you. If he stares at you, he likes you. If he goes out of his way to talk to you multiple times, he almost certainly likes you.

I don't know why girls here are so confused about this stuff. Men are very obvious about liking girls.

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  • Well men confuse us, because you guys go "hot and cold" on us all the time. Us girls get to the point of " ok I am pretty confident he likes me" but then you guys will go and do something that indicates to a woman " Oh maybe I was wrong"..so in which case then the woman will be more cold to protect herself...Why can't you men just say it...then none of this wondering would go on with us women, we would know because your actions and words would speak...I think the problem is men do either one or the other, and/or more of one thing than the other..meaning a man will do and say things that indicate like...then he will not make contact for a few days which case a woman is then thinking " well if he really liked me, he would want to talk to me"..( just an example) there sometimes is not continuity with you guys..like I said you are hot and cold all at the same time...Hard to read

    • I agree 100% because I'm going through something like that right now. I've only said "I think I'm starting to like you from the more I learn about you." Right now for me it's the "Ok, he does," later on it's "Ok, maybe he doesn't."

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    • I think part of the confusion is someone that girls protest loudly, but secretly enjoy in a semi-twisted sort of way. If you didn't have to agonize over a guy you wouldn't feel like you "earned" him or vice versa. I've seen (and sent) women running for the hills if I fall for them "too easily". Girls may say they don't like the chase, but until proven otherwise, guys will continue to send mixed signals.

    • But at what point is enough enough? when does the hot and cold phase stop? say they guy is too shy to ever come out with the fact that he likes you, what do you do? in my situation, I don't refuse to be the one to just go for it, but I'm worried that I'm going to bombard him/send him running for the hills even though he has strongly indicated that he likes me...