Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications

Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications

For the past few weeks, we have been working on several new features here at GirlsAskGuys for both our upcoming mobile app and the website.

Then, two weeks ago, I asked everyone what should we focus on improving first or the most and the results were amazing! I got over 100 opinions, countless replies and 735 poll votes.

It's in response to that wonderful feedback that we introduced and updated some features today:

When less is more

The most voted option on that poll question was "Content". And this new feature is all about making content on GirlsAskGuys more useful for a lot more people.

Starting today, all questions will be closed when you select at least one Most Helpful Opinion (you'll be able to select the second one later) or when they are inactive for 48 hours (no new opinions, replies or poll votes).

This will allow us and the community to focus on the open questions that still need attention and those helpful answers you generously provide. Closed Questions can't receive new opinions or poll votes, but you'll still be able to like or reply to an opinion.

To guarantee that we'll have opinions on every question, we also decided to change how the limits of asking questions work. Now you will have a limit of open questions according to your XPER level. Once you reach that limit, you'll need to close a question selecting MHO or wait until we close it for you.

Talk (just) to me

Another popular demand was for us to make GirlsAskGuys safer and more pleasant to use and we took it very seriously. This is the first of several features aimed at doing that.

On top of being able to ask a question or share an opinion anonymously, you'll be able to do it privately. Only the Asker and the Opinion owner can see Private Opinions.

Askers can check a box to receive all opinions privately on their questions, but regardless of that, Opinion owners can choose to share an opinion privately on any question.

We strongly believe private conversations within a context can be a powerful tool for the GirlsAskGuys community.

Goodbye, ghosts... hello, people!

Last but not least, our notifications got an update that was long overdue.

First of all, we've added some new ones that you'll also see on our mobile app soon. The existing ones were updated with new images and text to make sure the messages are about people and the actions they take on GirlsAskGuys.

Since we have a reasonable amount of notifications now, we're also giving you tools to manage what you want to be notified about. Just hit the Settings page on your Profile to turn all notifications on or off individually.

Finally, the Notifications section on the Profile got a lot more useful with the simple addition of a "Mark all as read" button that should end once and for all the dreaded ghost notifications issue that drove some people crazy.

We know this is a big change, so feel free to get in touch with me or any other Admin if you have questions.

One more thing...

You've convinced us. It's coming back soon.

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What Girls Said 47

  • Never wanted the stupid downvote button back. These changes are ridiculous. In what world does closing questions on a question/answer site make sense? I've gotten some of my best answers on questions a week, sometimes 2 weeks later. All I see scrolling down my feed is a bunch of closed questions. And the private opinion thing doesn't make sense either. That's why the Anon feature is for. I never bitch and complain about updates on here but this time, you've gone too far GaG. I was straddling the fence on taking an extended break from this place. You've made me want to deactivate all together. Good job.

  • Closing questions is dumb. Truly all of these pointless notifications is going to make me leave the site. I don't want to see anything other than notifications about me. Until this goes back to what it was, I'm not using this site any more.

    • Also, just to update my comment. I log on daily to see if I have a normal 2-3 notifications rather than the 37 useless ones that I still have. No luck yet. I really won't be using this site until the undue notifications are removed, or I am able to customize to only see the notifications that I want to see. Until then, I just don't have the time to sift through them all.

    • You can customise the notifications you want to see. Just go to the Settings page under your Profile and check or uncheck the boxes to turn them on or off. ;)

  • All good, but don't freaking close the questions. What's the point of it? Don't close them!

  • Questions closing is dumb. You can boost newer questions without having to close down "older" questions (48 hours is not old). It's a bad solution because every question deserves to get as many answers as possible, even if those answers are a few days "late". If anything, this goes against what you're trying to do. There are other ways to change how much attention newer questions get. Change the livefeed, highlight the newest question, whatever. Silencing questions that you deem passé is honestly frustrating.
    And don't even get me started on the private opinion thing. People will just abuse it to harass askers. How are us mods supposed to be able to do our job when we can't even see the content on here? We said make the content BETTER, not HIDE ALL OF THE CONTENT!!!1! If you really want to implement this totally AWFUL feature, then you should at the very least make all private opinions visible to mods, so that we get to remove all the creeps and harassers as usual. But then again... that kind of defeats the entire point of the feature? Which just proves how dumb it is. I can't believe this, really. You noticed that site safety was something A LOT of people wanted to see improvements on yet you think THIS is a good feature to implement? Wow. Lol. Ok then.

    • "People will just abuse it to harass askers. How are us mods supposed to be able to do our job when we can't even see the content on here?"

      This ^^
      Though I pretty much agree to everything you said.

  • Thank you so much for adding the closed question option after mho is selected. I hate getting annoying notifications after I select mho. I mean what is the point if I already selected mho? And it's not fair how new questions get glanced over just because someone ask a dumb sex question

    • 48 hour questions mean less drama less trolls

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    • @gray_sailor that is so annoying when people hijack other people's opinions

  • OHMMGEEEE Diogo!
    Closed questions- why just why just whyyyy? :'( I liked allowing Gag users to comment on my question, whenever they were able to come across it. I guess closing the question down does allow for more "other" questions to get answers, but the sites purpose is to get as much advice as you can on a question, and select MHO. Doesn't having a closing down feature, kind of goes against that?

    Privacy on a question between asker and opinion owner- That feature maybe interesting. I do not know how that will go, but only one way to find out

    Mobile app/controlling notifications from settings tab- A mobile app is something Gagers have talked about wanting (a lot of times). I do not know why that hasn't been done yet. Turning a notification on and off is alright, i suppose.

    Where is the downvote button? I'm glad that feature is... sloowwllllyyyyyyyy.. coming back "soon". How soon? unsure?

    I think sticking with what people have made questions and comments about (feature wise) is the right way to go on improving Gag. A lot of these changes is something i will have to adapt to.. but i'm definitely not liking my questions being closed down..

  • I hate with a great passion the notification change. It's confusing as hell and extremely annoying! This is the only thing I've ever hated so much that gag has done. Though the question thing were you can only ask a certain amount due to how many MHO's you haven't picked. That's the dumbest thing I have ever seen on here as well.

    • I can live with having a limited amount of questions to ask and me having to pick an mho so I can ask more questions. What I can't live with. Is the fact that even if I don't pick an MHO or ask a question. Gag will close the question anyways. That is what really pisses me off. It's like we have no say in how long our questions stay open. If gag has to force a question closed. At least wait till the question is 10 days old or something.

  • I think you guys are obviously trying to make GaG a better site and community and I have appreciated the open dialog and getting to vote on changes. I'm at peace with everything here... except, 48 hours to close down a question with inactivity. This I believe should be optional or at least the time extended. We as askers are asking for opinions because we want them. That shouldn't be closed off so swiftly. I think also the byproduct of this will be that MHO's will now be discouraged because people will know that that will shut down their ability to receive opinions from those who have not already left their own.

  • ... look i appreciate all the hard work u guys put in, but i feel like the things that we want MOST aren't being addressed, and the ones that we don't need, are being brought in or changed.

    lets say we roll with the closed questions thing. at least extend the time for EVERYONE. 48 hours of inactivity is simply not enough. many people here, especially on the lower levels, will not be getting much activity on gag, so closing off a question after 2 days doesn't seem right. give it a week and ill be on board. i don't know about the rest of u, but i don't mind getting an opinion on a question a month later at all. i actually like it.

    the private opinions idea is interesting. i kinda like it, and i look forward to testing it out.

    downvotes... eh, I've always been indifferent.

    i still want to place my suggestions of things id like to see:
    - a group chat feature, or live chat at least. that will remain at the top of my list.
    - allow a question asker to edit their question or mytake once, if they need to after submission.
    - allow a max of 3 drafts for a question or mytake rather than just one.
    - notify us who unfollows us.
    - a more fun profile page would be nice.
    - add a food and beverage topic
    - i'd like to block some anons permanently, not just on one post.

    yeah, I think it's great to try out new things, but it'd b nice to see these other ones around as well.

    • Yes I agree with you!!!

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    • @Betwyn well that's messed up. thank goodness they brought in the private option.

    • oh with inboxing, we always had the private option.

      it was just the live chat. Anyone on the site, was fair game.

  • I won't be selecting MHO anymore. 😊

    • And the private opinion thing is dumb too. I think people will abuse that and turn it into a dating website or something.

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    • @gray_sailor I would be okay with that. Admins can already see our PMs for the exact same reason. If letting moderators see the private opinions isn't doable (which is a possibility), then the feature should be scrapped entirely. The cons really outweigh the pros here.

    • @ikissedtheskyonce how about some constantly replying to comments they did not like or agreed on with the same reply within a single question.

  • :) Wow this is great! I <3 This!

    • Are you being sarcastic or do you really think this is a good update?

    • I think I spoke too soon, the constant notifications is aggravating. I think that if it does not pertain to my questions , takes or opinions it's un-necessary. All these constant messages about my followers questions is too much. I have 450 followers imagine how filled my notifications is when even has little as five decides to ask several questions.

    • I've only logged off for a few hours , only to return with 22 notifications about my followers questions.

  • It's coming back soon really? Why not now?

  • Ehh, this could potentially be really good but right now is just kinda irritating. The number of different notifications you can get seems to have increased and the notifications tab looks a lot more cluttered now than before.

    The private option could be good in that people may now be more willing to give kinda... Unpopular opinions because they won't get the backlash of it but it takes away the social aspect of the site, I think.

    The way questions are being closed also seems pretty pointless. I mean, I just don't see any benefit of it but I can see a lot of issues with it and from what I can see, most people aren't too happy about that or the way they're limited by their XPER level.

    • Ah, I thought of something that might help make the site run a little more effectively. The new reported page for mods is really awesome at helping to find things that should be removed and it's good to get the feedback from users, but I thought maybe updating that a little bit to show the reason why the posts were reported in the first place would be helpful?

      I mean, right now we can see how many people reported it and it'd be useful to see what they reported it for. I think it'd help mods a bit, especially in terms of removing 'offensive' posts because everyone finds different things offensive. Like a girl may not necessarily see a comment as offensive but guys will and a female mod wouldn't remove it. If it got reported say three times by different users all for being offensive, it'd help the mod put aside their own ideas of what is and isn't offensive and follow what the community is indicating.

      This probably doesn't make sense, I just thought it might be a useful idea.

  • What I don't like about closing questions is that sometimes I only receive around 1-3 answers and then the question is closed, not letting more answers to come.

  • Ok the Notifications you Mark all as read" button that should end once and for all the dreaded ghost notifications issue that drove some people crazy is basically what you said but What if you want to be Notified when a question asker up votes your opinion on their question they asked but you don't want to be Notified when a user that your following post a new question?

    • You can turn all notifications ON or OFF on the Settings page. ;)

    • What if you only want to turn off notifications from certain people but NOT all?

  • No one likes the updates! Make GaG the same as it was before!

  • For all these comments, and the fact that GAG says it listens, I don't think ANYTHING will be put right. This site is now AWFUL!

  • I don't like the question closing. I can accept it closing after MHO is selected as that implies the Asker has received a helpful response, but 48hours of inactivity? How does that even work? If I post a question in the evening, people in America won't see it until the following day (middle of the night). By the time my 48hours is up Americans will have had one chance to view. I get that it's 48hours inactivity but bearing in mind people on here have to go to school and work and don't check the feed every day. I know I've sat down to view some questions (which I don't do every day because of other commitments) and every question I'm interested in or have a response for is already closed, even if I only saw it the day before and saved it to respond to later. Won't this just encourage a lot of people to keep replying "bump" to their own posts, or getting their friends (for those with lots of followers) to keep bumping their post leaving the lower ranked members without a hope of getting seen? If questions must close through inactivity at least give it a full 7 days. A month would be better, and then remove it so only people who've posted in it can access it (for MHO etc.)

    The privacy feature sounds scary too. It really does seem to be opening the door for abuse. If an Asker/commenter want to discuss privately they have messaging for that. If this isn't possible because the Asker is anonymous it probably means the Asker doesn't want private messages anyway.

    Please fix these. I'm finding there's no point in posting as I'm closed before I get a helpful answer, and there's no point reading other people's posts as they're closed before I get there. If the questions don't at least get a week of inactivity before they are closed I won't be using the site any more as it doesn't work. I certainly won't be allowing private comments on my posts.

  • I am not getting any notifications at all :(

  • I really love that the downvote is coming back

    What I don't love is the new notification system...

    I am super confused now that it says "username also replied to the opinion 'I just find it funny that...'" like I leave so many opinions I have no idea which one that is? Why did you get rid of showing the title of the question? It should go back to "Username replied to 'insert question or mytake title here'"

    It's actually really annoying and leaves me completely in the dark of what the notification is so then I am forced to click on it when perhaps I wouldn't want to lol

    • Go into your account settings and select what notifications you don't want to see.

    • @dudeinohio No. That's not the problem that I'm having.
      I know about that.

      I want to know the title of the question that has got the reply to not the first little bit of my comment that has the reply to it.

      Ex: The question is: What's your favorite color?
      I answer: My favorite color is blue.
      Someone replies to my comments. The notification would say: SoandSo replied to your opinion "my favorite color..." rather than it saying in the past "Soandso replied to your opinion on the question "What's your favorite color?" or whatever wording that was.

      That is what I'm complaining about.

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What Guys Said 52

  • Have been off the site for several weeks and the changes here I don't really like especially the closing of questions

  • I don't think downvoting is missed by anyone except the troll community and the cowardly always-anonymous clique, who contribute nothing positive to GaG! Just because a few of those whine about no more downvoting doesn't make them the majority... most of us who don't miss it don't write questions about it, that's all

    I hope the private opinion option will reduce the nearly virtual anonymity of questions on Gag, since people won't have to worry about being harassed for their opinions..

    • "I hope the private opinion option will reduce the nearly virtual anonymity of questions on Gag, since people won't have to worry about being harassed for their opinions.. "
      Maybe less people will go Anonymous. if they won't have to worry about being harassed for their opinions

  • First of all nice job with the interface, its become zippier as someone who use G@G on the phone, I appreciate it. But come on...
    1) Closed Questions,
    Ok so we select MHO, what's to say that someone else might have had an entirely better opinion? Closing questions within 48 hours or selecting One MHO seems so pointless.
    2) Private Opinions,
    Why? I mean seriously Why? Have you seen the rise and rise on trollers here? Or even worse some people who can do actual harm? Isn't PM already there? What I agree with is that sometimes this can be genuine from what I've noticed, nope, Open Opinions are the way to go.
    3) Downvotes... I don't really care now. But you should've never removed it in the first place.
    4) Answers displayed according to Xper levels, much appreciated.
    Now can we address the real issues?
    1) I didn't see a Featured Friday this week. Not even a notification about that.
    2) Please find us a way to blacklist those users who spam here, delete their accounts, make new ones, repeat cycle. They're becoming a menace.
    3) CONTENT, It didn't just have to an improvement on the interface. We meant quality content too, perhaps a separate section among the Masters/ Gurus/ Xper 9s/ Editors who've contribute here the most anyway.
    That and the inclusion of a few more categories, like I mentioned such Psychology or Gaming and so many more.
    4) We need more Experts. I've seen only one.

  • Private comments c'mon what a load of bs.
    This prevents other people that may have the same question from receiving help by reading the answers.

  • Down vote the idea about bringing back the down vote

  • i don't care about any of this, make me team leader of development and I'll increase traffic by 200% and raise unique clicks per visit count

  • My only complaints with the recent updates:

    1) The closed questions thing has to change. 48 hours is too little and an already selected MHO doesn't mean more advice should not come in. Push it back to 1 month of inactivity and THEN make it closed.

    2) Private opinions will be easily abused by trolls whom moderators won't be able to moderate.

    3) If you really insist on making closed questions, then at least take them OFF the feed. Why the bloody hell would I want them to be there if I can't do anything with them? To read them? Let's be honest, the only instance when people read really old questions without the intent of posting an opinion on them is when they explicitly search for that type of question. No one want's to read anything if they don't have a chance to post their own opinion there.

  • I have two major gripes with this

    1.) You intend to make the place a safer environment, but now Private opinions that ONLY the QA can see are the perfect way to troll and antagonize someone with the mods having no ability to see them.

    It's like repeat offenders with Private profiles, just worse.

    2.) Just because people don't answer my question for 2 days doesn't mean I gave up on it. What if I would like to feature it? Oh, by the time it gets featured it's closed and nobody can answer. Sounds fun, lol.

    • Really, updates are limited to 2 per WEEK

      Who cares about the update if you can't even post on it anymore

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    • A featured question gets reopen for only 24 hours

    • @funny_strange_man... lol, that is a sad question lifespan I would feel ripped off of 750 xper

  • That's it this is the straw that broke the camel's back I am officially done with this site. Where? How did you even get the idea that people didn't want to answer a question after mh was selected? I've had plenty of people answer my questions after selecting mh for both gender's. That's a terrible feature.

  • @justbanANNAz pretty much nailed it.

    All I have to say is stop giving us updates we don't ask for you always end up taking away things we like or "fixing" things that don't need fixing and after us having complain that we want the feature or thing you took away to come back and otherwise completely ignoring the things we do ask for.

    For all the listening you claim you do you quite frankly do very little of it and the little you do is only after we have to beg for you to bring stuff back that never should have been taken away or messed with to begin with and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this.

    The hard work you put into these updates regardless of how much we dislike them is great now just actually listen to what we ask for and put that hard work towards those things.

  • I like the new update... but not the private option. It takes away from the interaction between people. I think if people want to share an opinion they should have to share it to all of us, not just the asker, cause that's what this site is about. If most people start responding privately, this is gonna be dead.
    Plus, it's a way for racists, sexists, and overall antagonistic people, to get away with their stuff, cause no one will be able to call them off on that.

    I think that will create more division between the people of GAG...

  • So basically the questions that don't get recognized get shut down even faster? Because you know a moderator having the ability to make a question they choose to trend wasn't already enough of a stone in the ass to the questions that get missed. Then if you ask again even if you only got one opinion you're the bad guy for a duplicate right?

    Don't act like your doing so much for your community until you do.

  • Closing questions is pointless

  • Why did you close the questions? That was a big mistake you idiots made. You're ruining Gag! I want all the questions back open!

  • The first feature sucks.

  • I'm sure others have echoed these thoughts, but I'll chime in anyway.

    1. Closing out questions this way is just wrong. If they are to be closed, it should be at the option of the asker, not some arbitrary 48 hour period of no opinions or comments or when a MHO is selected. I've found a number of questions for the first time which have been inactive for weeks. Then after giving my opinion, it restarted discussion of the question. Now, I wouldn't even get the chance.

    Friday I was in the process of typing a thorough reply to a question. Apparently during that time, the asker selected MHOs (only 5 hours after asking the question) and when I clicked Submit, I was informed the question was closed. So my opinion fell off the face of the earth. Talk about discouraging. If you must close out questions, at least let them be open for 90 days.

    2. I'm not sure the Private option was well thought out. As a test, I posted this.


    I selected to allow only private opinions. In doing so, I'm told that anyone not a party to the discussion sees only my question, the update, then a count of the number of each gender which replied the question. So who does it benefit? No one but the asker. And I just did it as a test, because as soon as I reached the minimum number of required replied, I selected MHOs to force closure of the question. So now the question is absolutely worthless to anyone. There are no opinions to like or reply to. How is that beneficial to anyone? I hope this test will illustrate to GAG just how bad the combination of forced private opinions and closed questions are.

    If you feel the need for private opinions, then make it an option for each person at the time of reply. People can already post questions and opinions anonymously, so forcing all the opinions to be private seems very unnecessary. Yes, we want GAG to be safer and more pleasant, but this seemed like a giant step in the other direction. This is supposed to be a community. Now it feels less like one.

    • (Note: I had to add the following as a reply to this comment, because the system said my post with the text below was too long, even though the counter showed I was only at 2443/2500. So there's an issue which needs to be looked at.)

      3. As for the notifications, I'm still deciding on that one. I see the biggest complaint is the number of notifications people are getting, but since I log in frequently and deal with my notifications every time I log on, that hasn't been an issue for me so far. But I'm getting more than I feel I should but can't really put my finger on which ones they are yet. If I see one I think I shouldn't get and can't turn off, I'll reply to this opinion.

  • It's broke! (No real surprise here!)

    On my settings the only things that are not checked now are:
    Someone also replied to an opinion you've replied to
    Someone else's opinion is chosen as the Most Helpful Opinion
    Someone also replied to an opinion you've replied to
    Your poll has partial results
    A poll you voted on has final results

    The following IS checked:
    Your opinion has a new reply

    But when someone replies to my opinions, they are not causing a notice to me. That is NOT satisfactory and I have no idea what voodoo dance I need to do with the settings to make it work since the settings are not acting as they should.

  • ... You copied the layout of notifications that facebook uses, on top of that made it 10X shittier. Well done. Who's idea was this? And why not genuinely begin testing out platforms by allowing the user to choose between original and a Beta release. Seriously guys & gals it's not Rocket surgery or brain science, ask specific questions rather than something as vague as "Content"

  • Só vejo brasileiros

  • So if someone asks a few questions that don't get any replies they can't ask anymore questions? Or they just close after 2 days even without opinions?

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