He keeps calling/texting..I'm NOT interested!!!

There's this guy my co-worker at my job tried to hook me up with. We talked on the phone once and I don't think we even clicked. we NEVER met. He literally kept calling and texting after that since our convo and its a complete turn off... I'm not interested. Yesterday he actually asked why I don't call him back and text him so I politely answered saying now is not the best time in my life to be talking to someone new. He said he understood. HE IS STILL TEXTING AND CALLING ME! What the heck do I do this is really pissing me off now that he doesn't get the point.

Not to mention I IGNORE every text and call!


Most Helpful Guy

  • give him the point, you have to be as clear as possible...as hard as that might be...What you told him already makes him think there WILL be a time and he COULD be the guy...make it clear that is not the case and do not feel bad for he does not feel bad as he continues to bother you..