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He keeps calling/texting..I'm NOT interested!!!

There's this guy my co-worker at my job tried to hook me up with. We talked on the phone once and I don't think we even clicked. we NEVER met. He... Show More

Not to mention I IGNORE every text and call!

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  • give him the point, you have to be as clear as possible...as hard as that might be...What you told him already makes him think there WILL be a time and he COULD be the guy...make it clear that is not the case and do not feel bad for he does not feel bad as he continues to bother you..

What Guys Said 8

  • Keep ignoring


  • Either tell him you are not interested or tell the co-worker who set you up the first place to relay the information.

  • block his number. though that might be impractical seeing as he's a co-worker.

  • "now is not the best time in my life to be talking to someone new" should have been "I'm not interested in you. Sorry."

    You are were polite given the situation I think.

    If he keeps it up... you should send a text telling him to seriously knock it off!

  • Tell him you're seeing somebody now and he's getting upset at his messaging you.

  • u were polite, its not working. now you have to get mean. just tell him to stop contacting you and if he doesn't you will get legal action involved (stalking)

What Girls Said 5

  • At this point you'll have to be real and tell him to stop texting you and calling you. It's the only way he'll get it at this point. You tried to be nice about it. You don't have to be mean but you need to let him know you know don't appreciate it and you would like it to stop.

  • Talk to him face-to-face. It's the best you can do. JUst do it!

  • Ignoring. Most guys do eventually get the hint and realize a girl isn't interested. He seems the needy type and because you haven't exactly said you don't like him, he's holding out for anything and seems to think he has a chance. It will be annoying but do not reply to anything he says and he will get the hint.

  • People are not always great at taking 'the hint'. Be blunt and tell him to you are not interested and to please stop calling/texting. If you are not straightforward with some people then it won't stop.

  • ignroe him. tell your coworker to tell his friend to stop

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