My boyfriend calls me names

My boyfriend calls me names like bitch, slut, whore, ugly, fat, skank, smelly, tramp, etc. But he says that he is just joking and he doesn't mean it. Well I don't take it as a joke,and I take very seriously. Do you think that I'm overreacting? Would you take it as joke?

Just you know broke up with him because he push me in a wall. I'm fine now.


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  • I don't think you're overreacting.

    I also think he's jerking you around. He's trying to learn what kind of misbehavior you'll tolerate. By saying "I'm only joking" after he calls you a smelly tramp, he tries to make you question your judgment -- and it's worked because you're asking us to confirm your gut feeling that he's out of line.

    Like VirginPirate said, if you tolerate him calling you a fat slut, he'll probably think he can get away with worse.

    I suggest you dump this guy. If you show some backbone and move on with your life, he won't know what hit him. The look on his face when you break up with him could be priceless. And if he begs you to take him back and promises to change, don't believe him. Dump him and keep your personal power for yourself so you can find a guy who won't call you names.


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  • He may well be joking, but if he is he has a poor sense of humor. This is inappropriate and rude. You need to tell him this and if he doesn't instantly get the message, send him packing.

  • i would not take it as a joke at all, I would tell him straight up that you hate it and that it needs to stop. You are not overreacting.

  • Either leave him or expect it to gradually get worse, its your choice. And it will get worse, that kind of A-Hole will eventually become a wife beater.

    I've known women who went through hell for marrying guys that started of by calling them derogatory names.

    Can you check out my question:


  • hell no! when I call girls names in a playful mood, I call her "sexy" or "miss hotness"

    maybe "miss easy" when she puts out.

    there is no call to ever call a woman your supposed to lovea bitch, slut, whore, ugly, fat, skank, smelly, tramp.EVER!

  • What an ass he is! I am glad you broke up with him! He has no right to push you into the wall! All of those things he said really isn't funny! Maybe he thought they were and it would one thing if he just said them once, but many times?

    Glad he is gone!

  • yer he's only jokin lol.


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  • Sorry I am 16 days late answering this. I hope by now you have gotten rid of him and absolutely not were you over reacting. Can't understand why you would stay and put up with that crap this long.

  • that's a bit too much for a 'joke'

    when a guy loves his girl he calls her cute names, sugarmuffin, shorty, pumpkin, wifey, etc.

    by using bitch slut, he is not only degrading you and making it seem like ur some object to him, but it is totally embarassing if your friends find out he does that ,or even worse his friends!

    communication is most impt in a relationship! talk to him lem him know you don't like it, stand up for yourself, he can't just walk over you like that, how would he feel if you went to meet his family and called him douchebag, f***er, faggot in front of his rents?

  • Girl, omg, what do you think? of course you are not overreacting. he's a jerk who feels like he can treat you any way he wants cause he knows he gets away with it. How? by you still staying with him, allowing it and not puttin him in his place. No man that respects you would ever say such cruel disrespectful words regrdless if its play or nothin. he's just makin an excuse cause he know you gonna believe it so then he can continue callin you names cause he can. LEAVE HIM What is makin you stay with him after the first time? love? sex? Not worth being emotional abusive which messes you up in the head. If you stay with him, you only have yourself to blame when things get worse. You deserve better than that.

  • well done hun. seriously, what could be next, you are a strong young woman. :)

  • No you are not overeacting hun, if it doesnt' feel good then I would be leaving hun, this is a great sign of verbal abuse which can lead to worse. get out while you can . sorry.

  • My friend Stacey and her boyfriend are exactly like that.

    It may actually be a joke!

    Tell him it hurts! If he loves you he's understand and stop!

  • You're not overreacting, that is mean and disrespectful. He obviously doesn't have any respect for you if he's saying these things to you in your face, and trying to justify it. You can do better!

  • I don't think you're overreacting at all! You should be straight up with him and let him know that you find those terms disrespectful. If he truly has any respect for you (which is doubtful otherwise he wouldn't be calling you any of those names), he will stop immediately. Otherwise, I would dumb him.

    P.S -- Just for the fun of it, next time you see him, call him by one of those names almost every other minute. See how he reacts.