Why are guys so afraid of marriage?

See my boyfriend n i had this plan at the beginning to wait until marriage but later on he got anxious and didn't want to wait but i still did. We got in a big fight and now he said he never wants to get married because apparently the divorce rate has gotten increased over the last year n since his parents got a bad divorce he doesn't want to go through that. He told me he want to be with me and not single and also wants kids. Yes i do love him but i wanted to save until marriage, for him to be my future husband and me to be his future wife, build a house and have three kids after. I don't want to breakup with him so how do i reason with him instead 😢?
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So what do u think i should do, breakup with him and stand my grounds or give in because i love him?
Why are guys so afraid of marriage?
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