What does "seeing someone" means?

If a guy says "I'm seeing her", what does that mean? Relationship? or hooking up? And what are they? Bf/gf or friends? What exactly does "seeing someone" mean? And how do you refer to the person you are seeing?

Is "seeing someone" exclusive? Or are they heading towards that direction? Or heading towards friends with benefits direction?


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  • "Seeing someone" is hanging out with them, can be hooking up, basically spending their time and effort into that person. But it isn't officially dating or relationship status yet.

    • Are they heading towards exclusive? Or heading towards the friends with benefits direction?

    • That's between them, if those two are just seeing eachother for fun and they are keeping it under the radar, then it is most likely FWB. But if they are publicly showing eachother together in things, then it is leaning towards a relationship

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  • Could mean either... I'm hanging out with them... not getting too close.. like kissing & touching... but just with them... getting to know them...


    Having a physical relationship... as well as emotional... a. k. a "Full on Relationship"

  • Could mean different things.


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