If he really liked me wouldn't he cancel his plans?

I really like this guy and I thought that he liked me back, but I don't know now. Since school is out for the summer we're not gonna see each other because of the distance. But I'm planning on going into his area on Monday for job interviews and stuff and I asked him if he wanted to hang out since I'd be there that one day. He said maybe, because he has to help his cousin with something that day, but he'd let me know. All my girlfriends have told me stories about their relationships and whenever a guy was really interested in them, he would cancel his plans to be with her. So can he possibly be interested in me if he won't cancel his plans? And would a guy be willing to wait for a girl that he likes-- like waiting until September? Is he just trying to break things off from now so he can be free to have a summer fling? Please give me some advice. Thanks!

P. S. One little thing more: wouldn't a guy always pay on the first "date"? Even if the girl invites him, wouldn't he pay? He didn't :(


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  • Not canceling his plans doesn't say much about his interest in you. I've only canceled my plans for a girlfriend for big occasions. It could very well be bad timing. You can sometimes tell if he is interested by the tone of his voice. Normally if she asked me to do something and I had other plans, I would be disappointed. There are a bunch of guys that go out of their way to see a girl. I think its kinda cheesy.

    Also, he isn't trying to break things off since there is nothing to break off. You two aren't an item in his mind. Another reason he wouldn't cancel plans.

    The rules of the first date is that whoever asks is suppose to pay. Normally the guy asks the he pays but in this case, she asked so she should have pay.

    I normally pay anyway though. And I would wait for a girl I love but not for a girl I like. Why wait and take a chance at a crush when I could be looking for another girl.


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  • If a guy really likes you then yes he will cancel his plans, because he will not want to be with anyone but you.

    And,yes the guy should always pay for the first date!

    • So should I just give up on him and stop wasting my time? Or give him another chance?

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    • Yes, I think you should give up on him. May be you should look for some one that has a goal in life and wants the things that you want in life. Put your self out there and you will find what you are looking for, but don't just sleep with a lot of guys because you could make a bad name for your self!

    • P. S. Don't give up!

  • I only cancel my plans for my boyfriend if its something big, or if I haven't seen him in a long time.

    Our first date, well he bought me a hot chocolate, but if he didn't, and I paid, that's cool too. Who cares about gender roles?

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