Ladies, would you date a guy with this personality set?

Ladies, would you date a guy with this personality set?
Heterosexual Ladies of GAG: Here's a hypothetical man. I was told by one female user he'd be a good man. But is that true? If you were/are currently single... WOULD YOU DATE THIS GUY?


- Very Respectful, to both you and everyone else. But will always treat you with respect.

- Has good Communication skills, both in public speaking and especially in communicating with you.

- Very Affectionate; romantic, very touchy, and compassionate towards you.

- Really Loyal; to both you and his friends and family. He's the most dependable, reliable guy around.

- Intelligent and highly resourceful. Can easily solve many life problems, as long as they're not social issues.

- Good Sense of Humor. Is witty to hysterical, depending on the time and situation.

- Ethical. An all-around 'good' person. Not a saint or angel, but does his best to be a decent human being.


- Short. Probably your height (5'8" or under) in shoes or shorter than you. Use your imagination.

- Average looking face. Probably a 4 or 5 in looks. Easily someone you would NOT find attractive or good looking at all!

- Broke. Only makes around $25,000 a year working full time. May or may not be in university.

- Out of shape. Use your imagination here, but I won't give specifics. Could have a Dad Bod (average-fat), could be stocky/chubby (overweight), or could be obese (290-360 pounds). Take a guess.

- Gamer. Enjoys video games. Plays games about 6 to 9 hours a week. For many, many women, a gamer is a dealbreaker.

- Lonely. Has been alone for a long time (life). Is the same age as you and born in the same year, but has never dated anyone and is currently a virgin.

- Small penis. Is less than 7 inches, but more than 3.9. Use your imagination for the maximum you'd consider "small."

SO, WOULD YOU DATE THIS MAN? (No, he's not me! Nice try.)

@Ms_Facesitter (The main inspiration for the question.)
Yes, I would happily date him.
No, hard pass!
I'm a guy. Just here for the results.
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This hypothetical man does has Ambition and wants to do better things in life. (A scientist or professor, maybe.)
However, this man also has Really Bad Luck and success is not, nor has ever been, easy for him to obtain.
He is unlikely to become a gym rat and gain an 8-pack. Let's just say due to medical conditions. He's always going to be overweight. He isn't lazy, however.
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The poll seems to consistently show that one of three women would not date him.
Two out of three women are saying yes.
Ladies, would you date a guy with this personality set?
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