The Worst School District For Each State in The 2018-2019 Schoolyear for the United States of America-Did Your District Make the List?

The Worst School District For Each State in The 2018-2019 Schoolyear for the United States of America-Did Your District Make the List?

Alabama-Chickasaw City School District

City: Chickasaw

County: Mobile

Region: Southwest Alabama

Enrollment: 1,056

Alaska-Hydaburg City School District

City: Hydaburg

Metro Area: Princes of Wales-Hyder

Region: The Alaska Panhandle

Enrollment: 80

Arizona-Duncan Unified District

City: Duncan

County: Greenlee

Region: Southeastern Arizona

Enrollment: 10,770

Arkansas-Osceola School District

City: Osceola

County: Mississippi

Region: The Arkansas Delta

Enrollment: 1,367

California-Maricopa Unified School District

City: Maricopa

County: Kern

Region: Southwestern California(Southern Cal)

Enrollment: 2,438

Colorado-Huerfano School District RE-1

City: Walsenburg

County: Huerfano

Region: South Central Colorado

Enrollment: 537

Connecticut-Ansonia School District

City: Ansonia

County: New Haven

Region: Southwestern Connecticut

Enrollment: 2,399

Delaware-Laurel School District

City: Laurel

County: Sussex

Region: Southwestern Delaware

Enrollment: 2,168

Florida-Hardee County School District

City: Wauchula

County: Hardee

Region: Central Florida

Enrollment: 5,226

Georgia-Clay County School District

City: Fort Gaines

County: Clay

Region: Southwestern Georgia

Enrollment: 308

Hawaii-The Hawaii Department of Education

City: Every City in Hawaii

County/Island: Every island in Hawaii

Region: All over the islands of Hawaii

Enrollment: 182,384

Worst Ranked High School: Waipahu High School(Located in Waipahu, Hawaii).

Worst Ranked Middle School/Jr. High: West Hawaii Explorations Academy(Located in Kailua-kona, Hawaii).

Hawaii only has one school district, so I did a high school, and middle school ranking for this state only.

Idaho-Wilder School District

City: Wilder

County: Canyon

Region: West Central Idaho

Enrollment: 447

Illinois-Madison Community Unit School District 12

City: Madison


Region: Southwestern Illinois

Enrollment: 775

Indiana-School City of East Chicago School District(look at how this is worded. And they wonder why they're the worst school district).

City: East Chicago, Indiana

County: Lake

Region: Northwestern Indiana

Enrollment: 5,067

Iowa-Seymour Community School District

City: Seymour

County: Wayne

Region: South Central Iowa

Enrollment: 285

Kansas-Montezuma Unified School District 371

City: Montezuma

County: Gray

Region: Southwestern Kansas

Enrollment: 265

Kentucky-Breathitt County School District

City: Jason

County: Breathitt

Region: East Central Kentucky

Enrollment: 2,030

Louisiana-East Carroll Parish School District

City: Lake Providence

Parish(County): East Carroll

Region: Northeastern Louisiana

Enrollment: 1,094

Maine-School Administrative District 53(With such a unique name, how can it be ranked the worst in the state?)

City: Pittsfield(not Pittsburgh)

County: Somerset

Region: Central Maine

Enrollment: 1,055

Maryland-Baltimore City Public Schools

City: Baltimore

County: None(Baltimore is an independent city)

Region: North Central Maryland

Enrollment: 84,976

Massachusetts-Lawrence School District

City: Lawrence

County: Essex

Region: Northeastern Massachusetts

Enrollment: 13,889

Michigan-Van Dyke Public Schools(no Dick though).

City: Warren

County: Macomb

Region: The bottom of your hand's thumb! ;)

Enrollment: 2,719

Minnesota-Red Lake Public School District

City: Red Lake

County: Beltrami

Region: North Central Minnesota

Enrollment: 1,515

Mississippi-Chickasaw County School District(just stay away from the name Chickasaw)

City: New Houlka

County: Chickasaw

Region: Northeastern Mississippi

Enrollment: 505

Missouri-Bunker R-III School District(Why does this state have bizarre names for school district)

City: Bunker

Counties: Dent, and Reynolds

Region: Southeastern Missouri

Enrollment: 276

Montana-Hot Springs K-12 Schools

City: Hot Springs, Montana

County: Sanders

Region: Northwestern Montana

Enrollment: 195

Nebraska-Rock County Public Schools

City: Bassett

County: Rock

Region:North Central Nebraska

Enrollment: 207

Nevada-Nye County School District(I doubt Bill Nye had anything to do with it)

City: Tonopah

County: Nye

Region:South Central Nevada

Enrollment: 5,168

New Hampshire-Pittsfield School District(There's something about Pittsfield)

City: Pittsfield(Avoid cities by this name at all costs)

County: Merrimack

Region: Central New Hampshire

Enrollment: 594

New Jersey-Camden City School District

City: Camden

County: Camden

Region: Southwestern New Jersey

Enrollment: 11,320

New Mexico-Dulce Independent Schools

City: Dulce

County: Rio Arriba

Region: North Central New Mexico

Enrollment: 696

New York-Fort Edward Union Free School District

City: Fort Edward

County: Washington

Region: East Central New York(Upstate New York)

Enrollment: 571

North Carolina-Tyrrell County Schools

City: Columbia

County: Tyrrell

Region: East Central North Carolina

Enrollment: 594

North Dakota-Warwick Public School District 29(By the way, there is a Pittsfield High School in the district)

City: Warwick

County: Bensen

Region: Northeastern North Dakota

Enrollment: 248

Ohio-Trotwood-Madison City Schools(I've drove in this area, and they are dilapidated. It's terrible, trust me).

City: Trotwood(Don't visit this city)

County: Montgomery(A piece of crap county too).

Region: Southwestern Ohio(in the same general region as me).

Enrollment: 2,581

Oklahoma-Graham-Dustin Public Schools

City: Henryetta

County: Carter

Region: Central Oklahoma

Enrollment: 168

Oregon-Huntington School District 16J

City: Huntington

County: Baker

Region: East Central Oregon

Enrollment: 64

Pennsylvania-Reading School District(one of the worst in the country)

City: Reading

County: Berks

Region: Southeastern Pennsylvania

Enrollment: 17,303

Rhode Island-Central Falls School District

City: Central Falls

County: Providence(not the city though)

Region: Northeastern Rhode Island

Enrollment: 2,683

South Carolina-Hampton School District 2(If this is number 2, I don't want to see number 1)

City: Estill

County: Hampton

Region: Southwestern South Carolina

Enrollment: 815

South Dakota-Todd County School District 66-1(Such weird coding it seems)

City: Mission(which has apparently failed)

County: Todd

Region: South Central South Dakota

Enrollment: 2,044

Tennessee-Hollow Rock-Bruceton Special School District(There's apparently nothing special about it)

City: Bruceton

County: Carroll

Region: Northwestern Tennessee

Enrollment: 651

Texas-Gholson Independent School District

City: Gholson

County: McLennan

Region: Central Texas

Enrollment: 248

Utah-Duchesne School District

City: Duchesne

County: Duchesne

Region: Northeastern Utah

Enrollment: 5,284

Vermont-Blue Mountain Union School District 21(there aren't actually any blue mountains)

City: Wells River

County: Orange(obviously not the same Orange County in California)

Region: Northeastern Vermont

Enrollment: 399

Virginia-Petersburg City Public Schools

City: Petersburg

County: None(Petersburg is independent)

Region: East Central Virginia

Enrollment: 4,318

Washington-Valley School District

City: Valley

County: Stevens

Region: Northwestern Washington

Enrollment: 688

West Virginia-McDowell County School District

City: Welch

County: McDowell

Region: South Central West Virginia(I've been here, and it reminds me of the Wrong Turn movie series)

Enrollment: 3,417

Wisconsin-Granton Area School District

City: Granton

County: Clark(and it sure as hell isn't Vegas anywhere nearby)

Region: Central Wisconsin

Enrollment: 238

Wyoming-Leramie County School District 2(Again, don't show me number 1).

City: Pine Bluffs

County: Leramie

Region: Southeastern Wyoming

Enrollment: 987

Honorable Mention-Washington, District of Columbia

Worst High School in D.C.: Anacostia High School

Worst Middle School/Jr. high school in D.C.: Achievement Preparatory Academy PCS

The Worst School District For Each State in The 2018-2019 Schoolyear for the United States of America-Did Your District Make the List?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Jaye234
    Very interesting. I half expected the schools in my area to be on the list but there was one from Tennessee.
    It's always surprised me how the country wants to spend money here and there yet our schools are shit holes and the kids learn only what's on a fucking test.
    Ok I'm done before I start ranting lol
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    It is always interesting to see how quickly people will jump in to criticize public schools and how none of them will jump in to try to make the schools better. Complaining seems to be the great American pastime!
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  • Izumiblu
    No. I picked the location we live in because it’s schools have been middle ranked with an upward trend for the last 4 years. Bonds have been approved and they are putting in new schools district wide. The tax base is growing. The district people and administration seem very engaged and close to the community. Downside is the area is growing fast and there is some potential for mismanagement with all the change going on. But we’ll see.
  • dropkicknj13
    I was kinda excited to see who'd get it, and then I remembered Camden exists lol the winner was clear
  • Why does Hawaii schools suck so bad? Wouldn't everyone who has kids want to get out?
  • John_Doesnt
    All the bad schools in CA are the ones in the big city ghettos with multiculturalism.
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    The California one sounds about right
    I didn't even know they had such data
  • zagor
    Figures Anacostia HS would be on the list. That area is a shithole.
  • Logorithim
    Surprised about the one for NY
    • Why? Just curious.

    • I'd have expected someplace like Rochester, Buffalo or the poorest parts of New York City

    • Poor doesn't have to mean bad, it might actually be good so they use whatever they've got to make something, they actually put their heart and work into it, not just overload it with money like most other schools (like the NY one), that's how I see it at least.

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  • Wowgirl30q
    Because we do what we want
  • Good take
  • ShooterLooter
    Yeah trotwood is bad but Mad River is fucked
    • Mad River isn't as bad as Trotwood-Madison.

      Trotwood-Madison is so bad, Ohio is contemplating shutting the entire school district down, and sending their students elsewhere.

  • Saaab12
    I knew it was going to be Central Falls for RI
  • lsjr16
    No ! Why are these school districts so bad
    • Every state has their own specific methodology. Generally speaking, here are the criteria they use to evaluate school districts.

      1. Test scores-The higher the standardized test sores, the better the ranking.

      2. Funding-The more funding, the better.

      3. Suspensions/Expulsions-The less suspensions, and /or expulsions, the better.

      4. Growth-The more academic "growth" seen in the district, the better.

      The usually assign a number to each criteria, add it up, and then make a summative conclusion based on that number.