How do you cope with a job you don't like?

I work in healthcare and my schedule is Thursday-Sunday evenings. I've been at this job for 6 months and I am so resentful. I like the job, but the pay is low and the scheduling is terrible. I feel stuck because I need this job for experience as I am applying to pharmacy school. I've been asking my boss for 3 months to have Sundays off, but she has not granted my request due to short staffing.
Besides work, I'm over run with class, a research internship, and grad school applications.
I need this job for experience and to fund all my applications... but I'm just so sick of always working.
I'm so tired of being left out of weekend plans. I'm jealous of my boyfriend, whom I live with, because he will often have friends over on the weekends. I usually come home to the aftermath of a dirty apartment and a tipsy boyfriend to tuck into bed. Meanwhile, when I am off work and have a day free, no one is available to do something fun.
How do you cope with a job you don't like?
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