Do you think Becky Lynch's Pregnancy was an Accident or Planned?

She just got Pregnant in the height of her career and now she has to go on maternity leave and has forfeit her championships to Asuka.

I wish they would have let Becky Lynch and Asuka fight for real one time, instead of all the cheating and gimmicks they do, but whatever.

Do you think this was planned, or an accident?

By the way, Becky Lynch's "Disarmer" Finishing move is one of the few real Martial Arts or Wrestling finishers they use on WWE. John Cena's "Accolade" is also real, but it's just hard to get on someone you'd need to have them beat half to death before you can actually get that on them anyway. Anyway, I know two ways to get out of the Disarmer.

I wish they'd be more realistic on professional wrestling. I'm an expert martial artist, and I know when the moves are fake and when the moves are real, and so I get annoyed with the amount of fakery on WWE and NXT. I'd rather watch MMA, except I like watching the Hot women wrestlers on WWE and NXT. I love the Asians.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about Becky Lynch.

So "Career women" normally put off pregnancy until their late 30's and early 40's. So this leads me to believe Becky's pregnancy is an accident. But she doesn't believe in Abortion obviously, so she is going through with the Pregnancy.
Do you think Becky Lynchs Pregnancy was an Accident or Planned?
Do you think Becky Lynch's Pregnancy was an Accident or Planned?
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