How do you get out of the friend zone with an ex?

Hey Guys and Gals.

How do you get out of the friend-zone with an ex?

I have been friends for a little while with my ex after the no contact period. we have been hanging out a little but I recently found out she had a new boyfriend since we broke up. she was seeing another guy for about a few weeks before this but I think that may have been a fling or a rebound.

Now she is 28 and he is 20 so I am finding it really hard to deal with, the fact that she is dating a "kid" ya see I'm 32 and don't understand why a girl at that age sees in such a young boy?

Is this her rebound relationship?

Any way I am caught in the friend zone and want to get out of this so maybe in the future we can reconcile and start fresh try to win her heart again and see where we stand.

Also have been dating other woman.she knows this as well

Please help.
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Ok do you guys think I should go out of my way to dazzel her and show her a really good night out?

We still catch up and only when her "kid" boyfriend is not around. so what do you think.? worth a shot? this will be a surprise.

Here is my idea,

Rent and Go on a 1 hr ride on Harley-Davidson motorbikes and then get dropped off to a concert!

Bloody awesome I think!

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Hey guys.

OK someone please knock some sense into me. this had been dragging on for to long.. 8months.

here is the deal. A or B

A)Continue as friends as we are .Show her I am very happy with my life. but give her the vibe that if she wants to be part of it she can and eventually tell her how I feel.

B)Cut all contact,send her an email telling her its over as friends. move on find someone else, cut all ties with her family on Facebook and just end it knowing that there were very good time
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Ok she is still asking me to go around and visit! I went round the other day as its been about a month with out catching up. and shoot she was flirty! some one please tell me what is going on here? I can see it in her eyes that she can't and won't let me go. we have arranged another day to meet. is that bad?
How do you get out of the friend zone with an ex?
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