June Editor of the Month: And The Honor Goes To...

It's always fun to sort through our great Editor list and see who really exceeded expectations in any given month. :)

Last month, the award went to @sparkly-crystal and this month, it came down to three Editors who did a fantastic job in the month of June. It can be difficult to choose just one when we've got a growing stock of quality writers, most of whom are generally good people who love to create good content. But after much hemming and hawing, we've decided that June's Editor of the Month is... 'drum roll'


Yep, she wins a $25 Amazon Gift Card because she produced a steady stream of solid myTakes, which were both diverse and of good quality. But additionally - and this was the kicker - she also has shown dedication to improving; i.e., seeing what we tend to Promote and Feature and adapting (as several of you are doing, which is fantastic), and asking questions about how to get even better. This type of interaction with the staff and consistency is what we really love to see, so kudos!

Here are three Takes of hers we especially liked:

10 Traditional Female Gender Roles/Traits I Find Ridiculous and Refuse to Follow

11 Reasons Why Some Guys Will Never Have Sex With a Woman

Why I Think My Father is Better Than Most Men My Age

And as always, we like to give shout-outs to those who continue to perform well (in no particular order):




















If you see your name on this list, it means you got our attention in June and an Editor of the Month award could be in your future if you really deliver the goods in July... ;) And don't forget to try our new User Video Contest, where you could win up to $100!

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  • Literally never saw any of those takes you mentioned before just now.


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  • I wanted to say that her MyTake "10 Traditional Female Roles..." was inspired by mine called "10 Traditional Male Roles..."

    I wish I was given some credit at least.

    • that's totally nuts

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    • @Stacyzee I admit I've done it, but I always mention their MyTakes when I post it.

    • It's okay to have an inspiration for writing a topic but not stealing the idea (no credit given). So yeah , that's where the wrong comes in.

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  • One day I will win one of these. πŸ˜›

    I will never stop trying. 😈

    • Well, you were of course in the running - as always - but you were sorta the presumptive winner of our last contest (and I agreed with that user's gesture, by the way). Maybe we should have a YEARLY award, too... consistency throughout the year, and that might be a pretty small pool of users, depending.

      @SweetHomicidalQueen and @Supersonic_Sex_Ninja and a few others might give you a run for your money, though. :P

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    • you'll get there eventually <3 good luck

  • Yea! I win Editor of the Month! I'm still waiting for that $25 Amazon gift card. :)

    Is it possible to be picked Editor of the Month more than once?

    • It is, but we try to space them out and honor everyone's hard work. If there's an obvious winner that outpaces everyone else, however, they can probably win more than once down the road.

    • So... when do I receive the $25 gift card?

    • One of our admins has to send it to you. Usually takes a day or two.

  • @sparkly-crystal and @W31rd0 congrats to the both of you!

  • Congrats to you @W31rd0!



  • thanks for the mention :p

  • Congratulations!

    And wow... never been mentioned in these things... Cool. =)

  • I made the list. That counts for something? Right? Lol ☺️

  • Congrats and good job everyone!
    @Fathoms77 thanks for the mention :)

  • Thanks for the mention, even if my username is spelled wrong lol


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