GaG Battle Royale! The Ultimate Girls vs. Guys Showdown

GaG Battle Royale! The Ultimate Girls vs. Guys Showdown

What is GirlsAskGuys really about?

Sharing contrasting opinions, viewpoints, perspectives, ideas, etc. Saying your piece and defending your stance (respectfully, please). This is really the backbone of GaG and so, to have some big-time fun, we've decided to usher in the age of the GaG Battle Royale!

After running this by the team and the Editors, everyone seems to love the idea. Translation: We'll very likely do this more than once, so new people can participate each time. :)

Here's how it'll work:

-- There will be 4 teams; 2 each for Girls and Guys. Each team will be comprised of 1 Editor and 4 regular members. The Editor will act as Captain and s/he has the option of choosing team members. Now, the 4 Editors have already been selected and some of them have chosen regular members to join their team. But we have open spots to fill so if you're interested in joining one of the teams, please make your interest known below in the comments!

GaG Battle Royale! The Ultimate Girls vs. Guys Showdown

-- This will run for 4 weeks and each week, the teams will focus on a particular topic. For instance, the first week, one team might have Dating/Relationships while another team starts with Arts and Entertainment. The 4 teams will eventually tackle each of the 4 Topics, though no team will have the same topic in any given week (variety and all that).

-- Okay, okay, but what do we do? Simple! Write myTakes that fall into these topics. Some team members might be more inclined to do health and fitness, for instance, while others might be dying to do the Love/Sex topic. There is no minimum or maximum number of Takes team members have to submit. Obviously, however, the more quality Takes that go up, the better your team's chances are of winning!

-- Make strong cases, rebut Takes made by other Teams! Yep, this is always an option as well.

The 4 Editor Captains for this first Battle Royale are right here:







They've got a few members already signed up but as I said, there are spots to fill, so if you want to join the fray, post below!

GaG Battle Royale! The Ultimate Girls vs. Guys Showdown


We're going to look at everything: Takes that get good community interaction, lots of views, and are generally of a good quality are what matter most, so everyone kinda has a say, here. You vote with your comments; the more people comment on a Take, the more people check it out, the more of a boost that Team gets. The total number of Promoted and Featured Takes for the 4 weeks will of course count as well, and as each team has one Editor, it's even (Editor Takes are automatically promoted, remember).

Yes, of course, Prizes

GaG Battle Royale! The Ultimate Girls vs. Guys Showdown

The entire winning team will be rewarded: Each member will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card, and we also think everyone who participates should get an Xper bonus as well. We'll figure out exactly how much Xper but hey, it's nice that everyone gets a little something, right? ;)

When we do this again, we'll have four new Editors as Captains (right now, it's looking like @OlderAndWiser and @smahala1991 for the guys and @kaylaS91 and @CHARismatic110 for the girls) and each team will get all new regular GaGers!

C'mon, don't tell me this doesn't sound like a blast. :P

UPDATE: Okay, the teams are set and here they are!

ManOnFire's Team:


RJGraveyTrain's Team:


QuestionMan's Team:




zombiebabe's Team:



Everything kicks off on Monday, so get ready for the fireworks! :)

GaG Battle Royale! The Ultimate Girls vs. Guys Showdown
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