Announcing GAG Symposium 2!! This theme is going to be spooky!!

Announcing GAG Symposium 2!! This theme is going to be spooky!!

At the end of Last Year I started a personal contest for others to write their own personal poems and stories to showcase here on GAG. As seen here.

I am announcing I am going to open another Symposium! This theme will be Halloween related.

Plus I will distribute an award to the best Male and Female GAG story or poem.

The stories and poems can be based off real life Halloween experiences or made up!

If you went Trick or Treating at 10, visited a Haunted House, or just wanna write a poem about Vampires and Witches you are welcome to join!

Just mark your entry with the hashtag #GAGSpookySymposium.

I will be keeping this open till October 26th! So feel free to add your entries in!

Announcing GAG Symposium 2!! This theme is going to be spooky!!
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  • ItsAMeA
    I don't have a computer so I won't be able to post a myTake. I'll have to just post here.

    The Moon was full and bright, as the Wintery winds cut to the bone, it was a lonesome and loathsome night, up against the Great Unknown.

    As I crept through a dark forest, my only companion- the crunching of leaves beneath my soles, I suddenly heard a scream, from a voice I would swear I've heard before...

    She cried out "Run! While you can! You must make it back home! Before the Devil and his legions, claim your soul as their own!"

    I stood as frozen as the ice that coated Mother Nature in it's chilling embrace, it felt as if Death himself were present, and we were standing face to face.

    In a stammer and a stutter, but more like a weep within a scream, using all the strength of my Soul I managed to mutter, "W-What is it that you want from me?"

    But before any reply-as if Time itself did not exist- I felt the roots of the Trees move beneath me, as their branches clasped my wrists.

    In the blinking of an eye, like a Shooting Star in all it's haste, I was dragged into the ground below me, all my Hope suddenly erased.

    The familiar voice from before, She wailed, "I warned you that you should have ran! But due to your cowardice and hesitation, you must now join me in His plan!"

    So now every October, on the 31st to be exact, in Unison with that voice from the Forest, We warn the Others that they must turn back.

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    • ItsAMeA

      I forgot to hasttag it but this is my entry.

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  • SirRexington
    Im still a little confused how this works so I'll just leave the hashtag and story here...

    It was a dark and cloudy night, I was around 13, reaching the end of my Trick or Treating career. Seeing as it was the south, the weather was hot and muggy, my all black Grim Reaper suit making it worse.
    I was scheduled to help my uncle and his Haunted House he did every year. I was to scare people. My job being to stand motionless like a prop. Every so often a parent and their kids would walk by. I made sure to scare these people as i had gotten in trouble before scaring only the younger kids. This was annoying but it is what it is.

    I would stand next to a tree, still and with shallow breaths to avoid detection. One woman came by with her too sons. I could see her husband standing in front of the house lawn while his family headed for the doorway of my uncle's house. They past me, unaware I was more than another prop. Though the oldest kid seemed suspicious.

    As families and kids went by I would wait periods of time without ever doing anything. The gag was perfect. I was a stone. Dedicated to my role, I rarely broke character, not even to scratch. Out of the close to a hundred people that came by, I only surprised about 15, not wanting to let too many know about my presence. Choosing the perfect moment was key. At one point, a kid who I had scared before brought his sister over to show her the "scary man that looks fake". The girl prodded at me and I did not budge. I did not react. The bit beame angry as his sister called him a liar. I never broke. The girl was never scared.

    The family from before exits the house and the suspicious boy from earlier walks over to me to see if I was real. The mom claims to believe I am fake, though I am unsure if this is a genuine claim or one to help carry the gag along. But the boy isn't buying it. He pokes me. He gets no response. The mom takes this as a sign of evidence that I am in fact fake. The boy says he can see me breathing, though I know this is a lie as I had stopped some 20 seconds prior.
    The mother gets even closer to me, putting the side if her face up to me to see if she can hear breathing. She doesn't and as she leans back I lunge forward spontaneously! This freaks her out and causes her to stumble. The woman nearly falls but catches herself. I see the women's husband come over quick to check up on her as the olest son jumps up in down in a mix of excitement and fear. "It's real, mom, it's real! I wasn't sure if it was but haha he scared you!" the boy says to his mother confidently. I then hear the brother and sister from earlier watching the situation, the brother rubbing it in his sister's face that he was right. So, improvising the situation I chase after the boy down the street. The sister stays put and raises her hand for me to high five her as I come back around. "I knew you were real the whole time" she says. I ask the girl, about 10 or 11, how she could have known. It turns out she was a friend of my cousin and son of my uncle. She saw me changing into the suit accidentally a few hours earlier, having to use the bathroom. Never the wiser, I had been nearly completely naked in front of this kid trying to change. She winks at me... And walls away.

    Years later, i run into her at Walmart. It's Summer and pool gear lines the shelves. I am looking for a new bathing suit and so is she. When I arrive to the changing area she walks out, clothed but bikini in her hands. It takes her a second but she recognizes me. She smiles. The two of us talk briefly, with the girl, now 16 or so, joking that it was my turn to watch her change. Though I never did, I wish I could. She had become a beautiful girl. We exchanged numbers but we never really hung out afterwards.

    And that, is my Halloween story.
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  • SydneySentinel
    Sounds great. Let me see if I can come up with something!
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    • I'm working on two stories... and I couldn't sleep last night because I gave myself the heebie jeebies... haha

  • R_ūshī
    Ouu that's cool. I'll try to write a story but I can't promise anything. Bish is busy😭
  • CaptainSmartass
    Sounds fun. Reckon I might give it a go.

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  • MzAsh
    Nice! Where do we submit them?
  • Agape93
    Any kind of poetry is alright?