Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place


This is a mytake where I am saying bye. It could be for 40 days maybe longer. Lent is around the corner and while it can be a little extreme to give up
girls ask guys for it, I have noticed that for better or worse it takes up most of my time even when I am with other people. I felt like it is a good time to
take a break at least to figure out where my life is and what my next steps are. I feel like there is a lot of good here. It is people sharing and people
trying to understand each other. I feel like with me leaving I wanted less of the focus to be on me and more of the focus to be on others that make this place a great
and fun place to be.

I am listed those that gave me permission with two others that have tagged me enough times I that have decided to tag them back :)
There are so many here it breaks my heart to leave people out, I have picked a handful of those that I felt were supportive yet sensitive.
It pains me to leave people out but I have kept this list short and sweet. Out of 321 that I follow I have only chosen close to 20 of which I can easily pick
20 others and 20 more than that.














DizzyDesii (Of which she has told me, if you follow her she will drop you unless you answer all her questions :) )








This is just a sampling of some of the great people on here if you just look for them.

I have selected mho past 24 hours and will let gag finish the rest.
Please use this post to connect with people and share those that you follow.

Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place

In fact, please use this If I start a "Get To Know Me" Tag, would any of you guys participate?
pass this around to as many people as you can. I had promised That I will do this and as a parting gift I will post it here.

name : Johnathan Payne
nickname : JJ or JP
gender : Male
How long have you been on Girlsaskguys:Not sure... but I have feeling my proflie does...
What are your favourite categories: I would say the fashion catagory and how do I look
birthday : feb 2, 1984
star sign : aquarius
current time : 10:31pm
last thing i googled :when my library is open in grayslake
average sleep : try for 7, sometimes get 5 sometimes get 10. It is bitter sweet not having a schedule yet :)
lucky number : I think I have one
currently wearing : Empire Stikes back graphic tee and blue workout gym shorts.
dream job : Working at Disney World :) Or on a cruise ship
dream trip : England, Ireland or Califorina USA
favorite food : Toss between Pork Fried Rice and Orange Chicken :)

Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place

favourite drinks : Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, chocolate milk, orange juice and Arizona Iced Tea with Honey and Ginseng.

Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place

instruments : Don't play any but if I did it would probably be guitar
favorite song : It is too tough to answer this.. there are so many and so many genres but beatles music is closest to an answer
last song you listened to: because of my mytake, word of God speak- Mercy Me
last film you watched m:Doctor Sleep and Midway and the hart of dixie tv show

Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place

Last book you read: Mainly because I don't read books as often, the bible
what food are you craving right now? pizza

Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place

Thank you @ultimega

To those on gag, Thank you for all your guidance, support and help. I really appreciated it.

Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place
Leaving girls ask guys but want to encourage those that make gag a better place
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Moonchild714
    Sorry to see you go. But sure it will be good for you. It's great that you were able to see how this was becoming too much a focal point in your life. I think everyone should take a break from this and reaquaint themselves with other means of entertainment and/or communication. Take care you will be missed, you're one of the Bright Sparkles on this site. Much Love xoxo
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  • SydneySentinel
    I hope this break is good to you Jjpayne. Your presence here has always been positive and uplifting. No doubt you have that same ability outside of Gag. You will be missed. Stay in touch. You know how. ❤
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you :)

    • Hey, Sydney. A person here asked if I could mention about your ex. Would it be okay?

    • I'm not sure I understand what you're asking? What do you want to do?

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Most Helpful Guys

  • OlderAndWiser
    You will be missed! I hope your leave of absence has the intended salutary effect and that you will return to G@G envigorated and stronger!
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  • Plitty-Tank
    I wish you the best, sir Jjpayne. Maybe your Bears will win a Super Bowl for you.

    Also, WOW at Rachel Bilson! <3
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  • Flower7
    So sorry to hear that you'll be leaving! Hopefully it will only be temporary and you'll be back after Lent. I'll miss you a lot. I always enjoy answering all your questions, as you've probably noticed. :)
  • R_ūshī
    Sorry to see you go man. You posts were the best for me. But yeah re evaluating your position in life etc is always a good thing.

    I wish you the best in life and a shit ton of happiness. 😋❤
  • silvermoon84
    Well best of luck to you. We’ll surely miss your posts here but I’m sure the break will do some good. I’ve considered it with Facebook. Good bye for now and god bless
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    @Jjpayne: Must you go? You will be missed. Whatever it is you're gonna be doing from here on, I will pray for you that you will discover more joys & blessings in life. Always keep your head up and remember all our positive vibes. Meanwhile, I will raise my glass and dedicate my next toast to you, my dear Jj. ;)
  • Apple1996
    Awhhh we are gonna miss you so much! But sometimes it's a good thing time get away from here so I hope you enjoy your break 😊
    And also I have to say thank you because you are the reason why I started asking questions as myself. Not sure if you remember back that far but I use to only post anonymous questions and you told me I should try to post some as myself. I definitely appreciate you for doing that.
  • See ya, I hope your future endeavors go as planned.
    Awww man. You are going to be missed. Don't go!!! 😭😭😭

    Good luck to you bro. 😂
    • Jjpayne

      Check the date :) this post was from a while back :)


      Woohoo!!! 😎

  • Sorry to see you go.😔 You were one of the people I first communicated with regularly. And you always have good questions and takes. I do wish you well this lent season, and always 😘🤗
  • SirRexington
    Bro, you're one of my favorite people on here. I consider you a friendly acquaintance. I'll miss ya. You ever want to message me contact me so we can exchange info
  • Lmao you put that in parentheses 😂 well au voir... and since you reminded me that its just a break then i’ll keep u in the follow list til u return
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I miss you and hope life is going good through this Coronavirus pandemic
    many Blessings your way my Friend


  • NineBreaker
    I enjoyed your contributions and bid you farewell, but must you post your personal information?
  • Darkening
    Im happy that your able to make this type of strong decision for yourself. throughout my life, I've been able to identify when ever I become to addicted to something, and I've always been able to pull myself away from it/make myself quit. I have a tendency to completely invest myself in what ever new thing I discover: whether its a video game, a socailizing website, or anything else which quite often leads to me getting addicted to what ever it is. Due to this I've also learned to cut myself off, or stop myself when I feel like I spend to much time on something. Trust me, you feel so much more free, and one of the things I've noticed is, you become more open to trying new things and more creative in how you decide to pass your spare time. Goodluck to you.
  • btbc92
    Do what you got to do for YOU. Pray things work out for you. Will miss you.
  • 1stranger
    JJ, I'm sure your return will be gorgeous.
    Take care of yourself..
  • arabgoddess
    Awwwww I'll miss your question! You were an awesome user
  • CallMeGarth
    Good luck and best wishes. I hope to see you here again whenever you’re ready.
  • opnbuk59
    Don't need to make a press conference out of it you want to go, go
  • I may just be a ladybug in your garden but damn i will you in here!
  • mk200195
    Ah i didn't know you much but you had really interesting takes on few topics. Enjoyed reading your stuff. Wish you the best 🥂
  • Good bye and safe tidings. Hopefully we see you back :)
  • bannacookies
    Bye, Johnathan. Hope to see you back sometime.
    You have always given great responses to my questions I ask on here.
  • Jamie05rhs
    Dude, you have to come back after Lent. If you don't I'm gonna kick your ass. :)
  • just_legit1998
    Nice knowing you man! Too bad we didn't get to know each other so well, I often see you on GaG.
  • StarGayle
    Bye. I completely understand. Hopefully I'lp be on when you get back.
  • omgjassy
    Awww im gonna miss you😘
    Good luck with the things coming your way!
  • AshZ36
    You're giving up GaG for lent? Oh wow you're so brave...
  • cth96190
    There is zero in the Bible that supports the observance of Lent.
    Just saying...
  • DanaeAdam5

    1) Noooooo stayyyyyyyyy 😭
    2) Why didn't I see my name in the list?(😂😂😂♥️)
  • kim45456
    Man i started to like you and even follow you and now you are leaving? I will miss your questions and takes
  • Avicenna
    Sorry to see you go.
  • Deuces my man! Enjoy!
  • Lliam
    Take care, Jj. I look forward to seeing you back.
  • Texaskid1
    Come back to the madhouse!!!
  • sejla
    Cool goodbye.
  • Ninjazzed
    Best of luck
  • Dav1ss
    Bye I hope you aren't too lonely without us 😂😂😂
  • CT_CD
    bon voyage
  • crmoore
    Does anyb5know what Lent is?
  • Nice take
  • Anonymous
    Good thing you're leaving.
  • Anonymous
    I'll miss you babe
  • Anonymous
    Holy attention seeking...
  • Anonymous
    Sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed your posts.