A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl


A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

It seems like most men on GaG have No idea how to treat or even act around woman. The few that do are looked at as odd or wasting their time and money by courting a woman. Realistically, those are the few guys that actually know how to treat a woman. They have regular sexual encounters and success with women in general.

Degrading Women Won't Help You Get One

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

I understand it's easier to blame it on ALL the female's alive today. It's all their fault that you're not having any luck with women. I know it's harder to look at yourself as the problem and not point fingers at the female's. Being bitter or mean to a woman gets you no where with them. Being cruel, name calling, and dick pics gets you no where even faster. A woman wants a kind man who treats her with respect.

Being a gentleman is something that every man can learn to be. -Dwayne Johnson-

The Real Gentlemen who put in effort are out there dating, courting, or sleeping with girls left and right. From a woman's point here is some advice reguarding treatment to help you guys understand and have more success with getting the girl.

Courting Isn't The Same As Dating

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

Some people think that courting and dating are just the same. But No, though they both have similarities, they still have a huge difference and success rate.

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

The first thing to understand is the difference between the two: dating=sex, courting=alot of sex, dating=short-term, courting=long-term. Trust me, courting works. Dating might get you laid once, but courting will get you laid regularly.

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

The Difference Between Them

The most important difference in dating and courting is, courting takes chilvalry, time, and effort. You have to treat a woman like a person and not just a sexual object. Be a kind chivalrous guy instead of a rude pathetic jerk. Compliment her and be a true gentlemen.

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

Chivalry isn't Dead

All women love chivalrous men, reguardless of what you might think. Ladies Love It! When guys are considerate of us and take that extra step to make us feel special. Manners also play a huge role too in having success with ladies.

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

Opening a door for her, or paying for dinner little things like that can go a long way. Chivalry is actually the key to success in getting a woman. Treat her like a woman not an equal or an object. Try not to swear too much or be too loud at first.

Being loud is over bearing and annoying and swearing might offend her. Stand on the outside of the sidewalk when you are walking with her, to show her that you are protective of her and care about her well-being.

Things You Can Do To Get The Girl

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl


The most charming, best looking, well mannered guy in the world does not have a chance with a girl if she does not even know that he exists.


When flirting with a girl, you do not want to come on too strong to the point of making her feel trapped and suffocated. It can be near frightening when a guy is pushing himself on you too hard. Ex: Dick Picks .

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl


In order to get a girl to like you, you have to make her feel comfortable with you. First and foremost, that consists of you being nice to her. Treat her kindly and be thoughtful and polite. You will never even get to be alone with her if she is not comfortable.


When taking care of yourself, you have to cover the physical, mental, and emotional bases. The first thing a girl will notice is how you look. So, be the best you that you can be.

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl


When you want a girl to like you, you will want to remember certain things about her. Knowing her birthday is a basic thing that you can remember.


Listen to her, ask her about her likes and dislikes. This shows her that you want to truly get to know her and not just sleep with her. Try not to brag on yourself too much because it's really a big turn-off.


A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

Things such as men who are polite, calm, and considerate at are the cornerstone for defining what it means to be a gentleman. The most common perception for a gentleman is a man who ensures that he is chivalrous towards women. The term attaches itself to men who are courteous and treat women with respect.

Hopefully, this helps someone.

Thanks for reading.

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl


A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    People call me so old-fashioned when I insist that "Courting Isn't The Same As Dating" when they are, in fact, not the same.
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    • Sounds like we agree❤️

    • MrOracle

      Many people don't know what courting even IS, much less understand why they'd want to do it, or why it would be important. One of the reasons that "relationships" today are so chaotic is that most people don't want to put in any of that up-front effort, and movies and other media lead them to believe that it isn't necessary. The divorce rate is a great indicator of the level of success of THAT idea!

    • @LexyIsSexy23: Thank you to the MHGirl pick. :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Ihatesociety2000
    I just realized something, most of this is just common sense. But then again, you know how the saying goes for common sense.
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  • PrimalInstinct
    This generally works on decent women with self-respect. Women that actually have standards. Who have expectations of being treated as more than just a sexual object.

    Thing is, is not every woman has self-respect or standards - just look at the behavior of modern "feminists" some dress & act more suitably like a prostitute would and wonder why no one (not even other women) respects them (guess they weren't taught respect is earned & never given) - and there's some who will screw any guy that gives them the time of day.

    And behaving like a gentleman towards the latter group (low standards/self-respect) may, in general, just be a waste of a guy's time because

    a) she grew up in a shitty childhood & thinks gentlemanly men are "gay" (due to a douchebag father/male relative demeaning such behavior)
    b) she has such low standards/self-respect that she has been treated poorly & again due to previous douchebags demeaning gentlemanly behavior thinks it's "off"
    c) she literally doesn't care who she fucks
    • @kim45456 Do try & learn how to read. Wherever did I say anything about clothes? I said behaviour. If someone acts like a prostitute they should not expect respect. Respect is earned, never given.

    • @kim45456 I think she meant sleeping with whoever not making them take you out of get you a soda even just bed hoping..
      I think

    • kim45456

      Hmm.. However, a prostitute get money in return but women who are promiscuous, dont. I also do not understand why prostitutes are hated so much. After all they dont do anything to people. Maybe the way they earn money can be not morally okay for some people but i still dont think that is a reason to hate or degrade them. I also have watched a docu about them and I learned how prostitutes also give hugs, cuddles to lonely men or talk with single lonely men without sex and get money in return. So it is ok, if it is not about sex? So the problem is having sex? There are many women who are registered as prostitutes who are actually dont have sex but give only or mainly "emotional pleasure" to men (in germany and austria.). Therefore I do not understand how they destroy the society, after all they pay taxes from which we profit and help lonely men. Then men who hire prostitutes and degrade them are also hypocritical because they financially support them. I only would degrade gold digers who play with a man's feelings to get money. Haha i am actually muslim virgin woman but I dont like the idea on hating people or degrading who dont hurt anyone. 😅😅😅

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  • devilish-cutie
    i hate chivalry, its feels fake and phoney. I prefer it more natural like general kindness and being polite as to any other human being. When you are into someone than its ok being extra nice to them. Equality is about equal respect not literally, genders obviously are not the same.
  • Great MyTake, LexyIsSexy23

    Take it from a woman, guys.

    "You have to treat a woman like a person and not just a sexual object." Yes.

    "Ladies love it when guys are considerate of us and take that extra step to make us feel special." Of course. And vice versa.

    "Treat her like a woman not an equal or an object."
    I love this one. "Not [as] an equal or an object. I would love LexyIsSexy to expand upon the point about "equal".
    I think it has to do with sexual dimorphism - the difference between ladies/gentlemen, feminine/masculine. Women feel special when they are treated protectively; when a guy opens doors, pulls out their chair for them, pays for things like dinner and entertainment, gently guides them by the arm or with a hand on their back, and so on, knowing full well that she would be perfectly capable of doing those things for herself. He treats her like something delicate and precious. Doing so makes her feel extra feminine. She makes the guy feel masculine when she plays along. Guys like feeling like a beautiful woman's knight in shining armor. Being looked up to makes them feel ten feet tall.

    "... show her that you are protective of her and care about her well-being."

    "In order to get a girl to like you, you have to make her feel comfortable with you. First and foremost, that consists of you being nice to her. Treat her kindly and be thoughtful and polite. You will never even get to be alone with her if she is not comfortable."
    No duh.

    Show interest in more than just her body. "Listen to her, ask her about her likes and dislikes. This shows her that you want to truly get to know her and not just sleep with her. Try not to brag on yourself too much because it's really a big turn-off."

    "When taking care of yourself, you have to cover the physical, mental, and emotional bases. The first thing a girl will notice is how you look. So, be the best you that you can be."

    "Things such as men who are polite, calm, and considerate are the cornerstone for defining what it means to be a gentleman." I might add that it helps to have a certain degree, or at least air, of suaveness, self-confidence, inner strength, and worldliness as well as a good sense of humor.

    This is the stuff on romance novels. Do this, guys, and she will eventually want to rip your shirt off and be ravished.
    • Thank you it's odd men won't believe women about women

  • GraveDoll
    It really is the little things.
    not sure why many men forget that.

    Mine is time. I feel when a guy literally cut some of his TIME to me. I'm telling you I literally feel like a mermaid.

    small rant:

    You should also add NOT ALL women need a man for money but as a self sufficient women I DO expect a man to be the same. it keep the play field leveled. Why would i want to date someone with money problems. when I'm not? it doesn't make any sense to me. How can i enjoy getting to know you? when you too busy worrying about basic survival? Does it make me money hungry. No. reference back to the point That i pay my own bills. So any guy who complain about paying for a 10-20 dollar meal. It just and unattractive trait. Chivalry not died. i just think people views are screwed by too much social media and really have no clue how to deal with people in REAL life.

    So with that in mind, a man has to actully put in REAL effort to get my attention becasue you can't buy class, personality and manners. you either have it or you dont. No i dont like whiny men. I dont like guys who complain about the unfairness of life. That bullshit. Hello. as a black/hispanic American and as a woman i can find six million things to complain about too but I dont. I accept what is. I dont allow it to change who i am as a person and my values just becasue of xyz. and I do the best to put my best face always despite whoever... and many guys do appreciate that. But I always keep in mind too that Im not everyone cup of tea either and that ok too. nothing to take personally. That called life. You can't win them all.
    • I assume at this point they know that men aren't banks I guess.
      I don't need money but I'd like the dang door opened for me.. didn't even think about all that but thank you so much for taking your time to read it. I know it was long🌺

    • GraveDoll

      no worries i think it would take us a life to cover it all and you did a great job as it is

    • Appreciate that girl

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  • MrOracle
    Let me start by saying I largely agree with everything you wrote. It's how I behave and those are the values that I have.

    BUT, other people will come along and say that chivalry is dead, and that feminism killed it - and they're also correct.

    The truth is that there is a big divide in how people think today. There are plenty of chivalrous guys, and women who appreciate it. There are also plenty of selfish or just indifferent guys, and plenty of women who have no interest in chivalry or even those who are offended by it. It's important that you understand this duality, and that it's confusing for most people in the dating world.

    I personally know who I am and am comfortable with who I am, and IDGAF what other people think, and if people judge me negatively, I'm not bothered by it - but TONS of people are very much bothered by people judging them negatively. While militant feminism really peaked from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s, it certainly hasn't gone away, and there are pockets (particularly in colleges, and especially with Women's Studies, and in "liberal arts"-related careers) where it's still very strong, and it's still very possible for guys to be verbally attacked and humiliated in public by women for being chivalrous.

    The good news is that kind of crap is on the decline since those peak years, and I believe that more and more women are realizing that those ideas were crap all along, and that they WANT chivalrous men - and that's good overall. But the other problem is that chivalry doesn't just come with a price for men, but also for women - and a LOT of women who want chivalry aren't willing to pay their share of the price. Essentially, a lot of women are used to the perks and benefits of feminism, but still want all the perks and benefits of chivalry, and not have any of the liabilities of either system (which means, in effect, making the man have the liabilities of both systems). Many men were cowed into accepting that during peak RadFem, but men largely aren't buying into that anymore - in fact, many men are so frustrated and jaded that they aren't willing to be in romantic relationships AT ALL anymore. And that's not good for anyone.

    The real issue is that something's got to give. Women can't have it both ways, because men aren't going to sit and take it anymore, so women are going to have to make a choice: if you want the full perks and rights of men, you also have to accept the responsibilities: being the person to approach and ask out guys, paying for dates, making decisions, being the person who drives to visit the other, etc. If you want chivalry, then you need to accept the responsibilities that come with chivalry: supporting the man and putting his needs and comfort first, because he's working and sacrificing to pay for things, to come and see you, to make the decisions, etc.

    Finally, it would be great if women, having made a decision, would wear a sign or a button to let guys know what decision they had made. That way, the guys who are chivalrous would know which women to approach, and the guys who wanted nothing to do with chivalry would know which women to approach - or would know they were compatible when those women approached him.
    • I understand your points and thank you for reading.

  • 0112358
    Generosity and benevolence coming from a position of power is attractive to women.

    Coming from a position of apparent weakness it comes off as desperation or supplication which women find Un attractive.

    . I think men here (Especially young ones) who are saying being a gentlemen doesn’t work with women are being honest about their experience. The more the guy in question doesn’t seem powerful, and the more progressive the cultural group he’s in (traditional ones putting men in a position of power over women by virtue of being men) the more attempting to come off as chivalrous makes him appear to the women in his group to be weak.

    most men with dating problems, their issue is generating attraction. It is true that a powerful attractive jerk may be able to sleep with quality women but will have trouble settling down with quality women. But this is a rare problem for men in dating. Most men’s problem is not seeming masculine enough. I suspect many young men find they do indeed have better success being the opposite of a gentleman (which makes them seem like they have a bit of an edge) then trying to pull off both powerful and benevolent.

    I think you’re right when you suggest not to treat her like an equal. Most women find a man who can and would protect them attractive. But that’s challenging for insecure men who are interacting with modern women who are predisposed to see them as equals initially and as inferiors trying to impress them if they immediately try to shift into gentleman mode.
    • jaybee281

      Completely agree with what you said.. More than that with all the modern stuff is man actually listening and thinking that women know what they want when they say nice and kind it ain't just about that.. With feminism it's becoming worse shit like don't sexualize the female body and actually some guys believing that kills me

    • Yeah this is comes at a disadvantage for me because of my progressive beliefs. I dislike power and generally feel disgusted by power plays and power-seeking behavior without the unwavering principle to back it up. I have much more respect for compassionate, nurturing women than those who attempt to ride the coattails of a man's power.

    It sucks though because not every woman wants that. They would rather go with the guy that treats them like shit. I tend to look at me being a gentleman for me now. It is how i respect myself and how i want to be perceived. I hope that one day when I do have a daughter she can look up at me and know what a real man is like.
    • Looks dont matter much. Less I'd rather feel special and laugh

    • Then you are a better person than my ex.

    • No just different I don't know her. But I do know at 80 we all start to look the same.

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  • TCredo
    Really well done - and I do believe in everything you say. I am far far far from perfect but try hard in the things you noted are attributed to being a gentleman :)
  • alleng12345
    This is a very interesting read. I agree with it. The one thing I don't think it pointed out however is the need for confidence with the gentleman.
    What I mean is, even if the guy is chivalrous, he needs to be confident in his masculinity as well.
    This day and age, I tend to notice a lot of people are out 'dating', some even attempting to court, that should NOT be out dating. This goes for both men and women.
    Seeing as your 'myTake' is about men, we will stick to men.

    There are 0's - 10's of both men and women. This article, in my interpretation, is speaking to men who don't need to be 10's in the looks department, but in the self-confidence department.

    A gentleman behaves the way he behaves because he was taught to respect women.

    He is taught that a successful relationship is not one of dominance, but of mutual respect. Men who lack confidence and security will tend to try to raise themselves up on a pedestal if they see an opportunity. This includes bullying and belittling.

    A man is courting a woman he respects and he knows she is worth his attention and he sees a possible future with her. He will be himself, he will not put on a facade, and he will be looking for her to be an extension of him, and at the same time how he will compliment her.

    Two independent men and women have no problem being in a relationship.
    If the woman is fiercely independent and the gentleman politely tells her he wants to pay for the evening because he feels it is appropriate, he won't then in turn pout if she lets him know that she will cover her own half.
    He will NOT, however, say something to the effect of, well it's 2020, you want equality, pay for your half woman!
    It is so crazy to see the comments on this myTake of how people react. Everyone is always so quick to point out faults in EVERYONE ELSE and never at themself. Look, if being a gentleman is not working for you, it is not because you need to be a jerk. Instead, take a step back and look at the whole picture, you are missing something. If you go vegan restaurant looking for an Angus beef burger... well, I shouldn't need to explain anymore...
  • whitehide
    A gentleman doesn't necessarily always win the girl, when the girl is a kind of girl who choose assholes over gentlemen for some reason. But other than that, I agree with your points.
    Also: a lady must always walk on the right side, so that she doesn't come in the way of the gentleman's sword (which is on his left side) when someone decides to attack them.
  • xJeremyx
    Why do so many guys here get so triggered... Haiz. I kinda agree with that whole mytake. Just to add on, its important that the woman also brings something of value to the table. Like if i did all that stuff you mentioned (which i normally try to), but realised that the girl wasn't putting in effort, it would be a huge NOPE for me no matter how dazzlingly pretty she was. It could be expecting me to pay (although i will always offer to pay), not initiating conversation (i. e. making the whole thing one-sided), expecting me to do everything for her (this type is rare, fortunately) or dressing sloppily. The list isn't exhaustive. But you get what i mean. Of course as a guy i will do my best to bring good substance to the table when it comes to courting, but i will not entertain anyone who doesn't show interest, doesn't put in effort or at least try to show appreciation for the effort i would have put in. That said, i do still mostly agree with the ideas you pointed out. But what tilts me is that the guys here dont realise that this is just a guideline for guys to follow, and doesn't mean that you think guys have to put in all the effort and girls just sit and enjoy the benefits. It sure as hell doesn't work that way, and we both know it. The only part i somewhat dont agree with is opening doors. Like, how hard is it to open a door? 😂 But yes i get what you are trying to say. Men need to put in effort to show they are interested but not desperate, and i think, so do women. In fact, i see women putting in a lot more effort nowadays than they used to, compared to back when they had to depend on men to survive. But a lot of guys are still under the perception that most women expect the guy to do everything, from showing chivalry to footing the bill, just because a few girls here expect that. Which largely isn't the case. Men need to put in effort. So do women. Simple. You can't expect someone to do it all for you and not give back.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    "Always" is a misleading term. The girl has to be smart enough to understand why these things matter. Over time, I realized that I was attracted to really stupid, immature women. And that it wasn't my failure to follow these rules; it was the fact that they were too ruled by hormones and bad life influences in their childhood to appreciate the gesture.

    So I had to discover how to be attracted to smarter women, who are more mature, who don't abuse drugs, and who can treat me with respect back. Because all the treating her with respect in the world is meaningless, if she can't be bothered to learn how to treat the man as being more than just some sex object, whose sexual value is the only thing that matters.

    I was so determined to be the guy who didn't degrade and demean her, that I didn't initially realize the extent to which she would routinely degrade and demean me.

    And even when I find a girl who isn't like that, I seem to be really bad at protecting her from the bad guys. They're always a few steps ahead. And unlike me, they don't sleep. Of course, then I went and fell in love with a gal from China. I had to know that was going to end badly, even before bat flu and trade wars shut the entire world down.
  • TheFlak38
    Never accept advice from women. What they say and what they respond to are always two different things. I said it again in a question yesterday.
    "men don't know how to treat a woman" oh please tear us you b*tch. Whatever advice you give men here it's all about them catering to your vagina. You will never gove advice that would be in the interests of a man. It's always about you, your attention drugs and your orgasms. All it takes for the man of your unrealistic standards to show up and treat you like shit and you will bang him without even knowing his name.
    Everyone check this video out. Here we have a dumb bitch saying that she is attracted to shy, nice guys. All of a sudden she gets verbally abused by the fuckboy in the other room who heard her. If she gets treated like that during a random livestream imagine how she gets treated every day. This is the kind of guys she is really attracted to. Fuckboys who abuse her ass. Women give the worst advice. Never listen to them. Wether you're a man or a woman.https://www.youtube.com/embed/zN_KI9-2sDE
    • Thank you for showing me this. It's like girls forget what words mean when they try to explain themselves lmfao

    • kim45456


    • kim45456

      Why do I reject such guys then? You seem also bad. So you can date many men?

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  • absolutely true.. and if you're with someone that doesn't like chivalry than find someone else. Your best bet is to completely avoid leftist feminist women.
  • cth96190
    The experience of both myself and millions of other men is that women crave the scumbag bad boys, who are the polar opposite of gentlemen.
    Women get the tingles for arseholes and being treated poorly.
    When a man extends traditional European courtesies, he is either Friend Zoned or blown out an airlock, because the woman becomes dryer than a desert.
    I have seen this in action, frequently from being on the wrong end of that female response to good men.
    Millions of other men have seen this in action.
    Women pick the scumbags, because they are 'exciting'. Therefore, they deserve every bit of misery and harm that comes from that choice.
    • Maybe idiotic ones. Best of luck to those girls

  • ItsTheNephilim
    Decent take. Worthy points.
    It's sad to know how many people generalize the people of opposite gender and go bitter. This goes for men and women both.

    These days it kinda puts me off how 'chivalry' is taken as 'flirting'. Reasonable and observant people can point out differences, others don't matter anyway.

    I also feel sad how you needed to put 'how degrading women won't help you get one.' I mean isn't it common sense?

    About usage of swear words, I mean, if you excessively use them, you know you gotta work upon it. One should not fake using so many swear words for the purpose of just impressing someone. Little amount of it is okay. Be real.

    Agreed on 'courting isn't dating.' I mean, duh.

    Point #1, getting a girl's attention, I think a guy being oneself and giving the vibe of confidence does the trick. Easier said than done though.

    Points #2 & #3, again, if one stays reasonable and understanding, the conversation goes smooth. Let other person speak (preferably, first on the ongoing topic).

    Point #4 it's a kinda sad to see how many guys don't know what suits them. I mean one can actually gain confidence if they go and look themselves in the mirror and groom themselves the best way possible according to what suits them. I don't think if it's that hard to learn what suits you.

    Point #5 & #6 (just like #2 & #3) obvious mannerisms and socializing to do while getting to know someone. There's a fine line of difference in 'asking questions and getting to know each other' and 'being too nosy and personal'. Go with the flow, vibe, and learn. If anything comes out of your mouth, apologize. It won't degrade you.

    Point #7, people really can't always be a gentlemen. Can't blame them but it's your choice at the end of the day. Takes an amount of effort for many guys and they can still fail at it. Won't advice faking it. May help guys get laid but it'll take a toll on heir identity.
    • Thier* identity.

      Never mind many users on this site. Internet gives people a way to pour their bitterness without having to deal with consequences they'd have to deal with IRL if they said the same thing. Internet is full of such people.

    • Thier* *facepalm*
      I just type too fast.

  • Ripper_E
    False. You make some good points, especially the advice at the bottom. I agree with all of it, mostly. However, the gentleman DOES NOT always win the girl. That is such a false statement. Not every woman is deserving of a gentleman. They think they are, but only a lady deserves a gentleman. You cannot have expectations of a man and not hold yourself to the same standard. Respect goes both ways.
  • nella965
    I don't force men to be whatever. I just tell them let your true selves shine. Do not wear a mask because it will come off eventually and she will eventually see who you really are as time goes on. you can hide today but you cannot hide forever
    • 👏 A Good applause for your rational expectations

  • mrdimples78
    Yet young women repeatedly choose jerks, especially at your age, (it says that you're 23).. so many women your age say they want a nice good guy but those the other ones they put in the friend zone so they can go after the bad boys... A gentleman does not always win the girl..
  • JSmuve
    Eh, I can see how some of the stuff you wrote would work with some girls, some of the time. But there are obvious caveats. For instance, "All women love chivalrous men". Maybe true, but that doesn't mean that all chivalrous men are loved. He could be the most chivalrous man in the world and not get the women he's interested in because he's not attractive enough.

    Which brings me to my next point. "The most charming, best looking, well mannered guy in the world does not have a chance with a girl if she does not even know that he exists." If he's the best looking guy in the world, girls will notice him without him having to say a word, so long as these women have eyes and drag them away from their smartphones once in a while.

    Here's a good one that got me to pause. "Treat her like a woman not an equal." That's a dangerous statement that'll make a lot of feminists angry. You're suggesting that men and women shouldn't be treated equally, which means you either put her on a pedestal (which women apparently hate) or treat her as a subordinate (which some hate and some seem to like, oddly enough).

    Other than that, I don't really have too much else to note. I thought you make a lot of a good points but just didn't really like the absolutism of your title. After being taken advantage of and ignored, guys learn that being a gentleman does not *always* get you the girl. Maybe it gets you a woman of value, eventually, after enough rejections. But it doesn't get all girls for whatever other reasons exists such as he's not physically attractive enough or doesn't have enough social status, she's taken, she's not looking, he's not charismatic enough, there's no chemistry, etc.

    And with a lot of girls, especially the younger ones, you don't even need to be a gentleman. Just be physically attractive, be popular, make them laugh, and feed their need for drama.
  • OlderAndWiser
    I concur with your myTake. This is what I have been doing for years and it doesn't get every woman but I do fairly well. No chance I'll ever go MGTOW!
  • whatisaname
    Wow I just said much the same on Quora a couple of weeks ago. it was surprisingly much shorter. Lol I only threw that in because I have a habit of writing essays everytime I post/reply to something. It is definitely nice to see it from the whole guys being a gentleman thing is the same from the point of view of the experts ;)
  • winterfox10
    This is silly. Let's not confuse the generosity of women with anything that men do. Everybody knows that nothing man does will change anything at all when it comes to whether or not women will go for him. All that matters is that you are exciting and make her feel good. You could be the most deadbeat waste of space on the planet, but if she finds you exciting and you make her feel special (or if you treat her like garbage, you make her feel like garbage in the way she wants you to); she'll be head-over-heels.
  • ShyBoy05
    I'm a gentleman. I was brought up this way. I treat everybody Good, even if they are rude to me.

    Girls don't like gentlemen. They like "bad Boys" who are gonna go "Pump&Dump" with them.

    This is BS. Gentlemen don't get girls, they get used and abused. Jerks get to fuck the girls.

  • Rolando755
    This was years ago. Today the asshole gets the sex EVERYTIME, what the gentleman today gets is the used up 35-40 year old after all the badboys have fucked her dry.

    I see a LOT of these types of "now I want to be an old fashioned good woman" now that it's too late. 4th wave feminism changed men's view of women and it's likely never going back to how it was. Don't come trying to be a good nice girl now that the world is ending.
    • Well, unfortunately for the little bimbo here, this is the truth. Sad, really, what they have done.
      But everything is ALWAYS ALL about them, isn't it? Not one shred of what SHE would do for her man. Not. One. Thing.

    • kim45456

      Says the man in his late 30s who is used

  • MaleUser123
    I'd be very interested in figuring out what makes you believe, as a woman, that you deserve special treatment from me as a man. If men are meant to do these chivalrous things, what is the responsibility of women in this case as well. It can't be one person working on the relationship. It can't be one person in the relationship does everything and the other is catered to. This was a nice read, but a little lopsided if I'm honest
  • Daniel3035
    Amazing amazing.
    Let's put these into practice oh doesn't work I wonder why. Because this men is just paragraphs of bullshit. Women say all these things and then when it matters they change their mind. Why because women are judgmental pieces of shit who have no chivalry themselves they'll say I like a guy with blue eyes here he comes and they will discriminate and say no.
    • kim45456

      Every woman is different. Stop generalizing

    • @kim45456 No actually that's the insanely funny thing every woman is very alike especially when it comes to lying.

    • kim45456

      Thst is like ssying every man are potential rapists

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  • ADFSDF1996
    Respect is a two way street in everything, romantic relationships included. So long as men are treated as expendable by the groupthink of mainstream society, we won’t have true equality where both sexes are treated like human beings.

    Males are Not Cannon Fodder and Why Male and Female Issues Should Be Treated Differently
    • Your using my Take to promote yours now?

    • @ADFSDF1996 you're a editor you shouldn't need promoting.

    • @LexyIsSexy23 I ain’t promoting anything, I’m simply using a reference to help you understand what I’m saying.

      There is no rule that says you can’t link your own takes in your answers and there’s even an icon to facilitate posting links on your answers.

      You asked for my opinion by the way.

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    I don't agree nor disagree with anything you said up there except 3&4. Make a woman comfortable. I agree. Take care of yourself. I agree. I try not to take advice about women from women as a rule of thumb so that is why I am saying I don't agree nor disagree. I think some stuff may or may not be a little outdated such as provider. I also would maybe stay away from the word equal. Don't treat her like a man might work better? I understood what you meant but someone may not. I like that you make a lot of MyTakes on this type of stuff.
  • Lunatic1
    An absolutely WONDERFUL myTake, your points are very accurate. And though there are some exceptions, this is very well constructed.
  • pervertedjester
  • ShadowofRegret
    Good take, but I think most of that goes both ways, take the take and flip the genders around and that would also be a quality woman in my opinion, so I think it is ultimately about being a decent person. (I don't know too many guys who want a woman who blames all men, etc.)

    In other words, I think the take basically describes a decent person, which will do well with both genders.
  • Juxtapose
    I just treat women like I do men.. as a human. No special treatment required.
  • Browneye57
    Well, the really sad thing here is that you have spent exactly ZERO time considering what YOU bring of high value to a relationship. You spew out all this total crap, and you're not even fit to date. It's so laughable it's sad. Dear lord.
  • McKellar
    Guys can be gentlemen all they want,... what is pretty sad about that is most women don't appreciate the gentleman anymore. They pathetically & automatically think a guy being a gentleman is weird and creepy. Yet when it comes to other guys acting like bad asses & degrading their women,... well all I can say is "You had the opportunity for a gentleman. You didn't take it, that was your choice".
    • I have tried to date gentlemen who are nice JUST BECAUSE. If they are nice usually they want some of my vagina

    • @hsshannah96 that's every guy LMAO biology bitch! XD

    • @DonCachondo no it isn’t

      Be nice douchecanoe

      Be nice just because you twat

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  • CT_CD
    "The Real Gentlemen who put in effort are out there dating, courting, or sleeping with girls left and right."

    Reality shows otherwise. Most women go for guys that are the opposite of gentlemen. The guys they like to call "fuckboys" or whatever are the ones getting laid left and right.
    • Yes. At least for 20-30, the cock-carousel. Then they realize they now have to compete with much younger and prettier girls in the dating pool, and maybe they should find a really good guy and settle down. So they start back through their little black book, and all the great guys are already taken - snapped up and married off. So she wastes another decade, now searching and desperate, and by forty her chances are now virtually nil. For a lot of reasons.
      They made their bed, now they can lie in it.

    • Lmao. This.

  • In Disney movies maybe that's true. Not in real life. :(
  • The gentleman (AKA beta-wallet) will "win" the girl after she has hit the wall and gets ejected from the cock carousel of bad boy thugs. By then, her used-up pussy is no longer worth having.
    • kim45456

      Ok incel. Who would want your used dick?

    • kim45456

      You are complaining that young pretty women dont want you but you also dont like average or below average looking women who like gentlemen. It is your fault.

    • @kim45456 When did I say any of that, Sugar-tits?

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  • honestGUY45
    Makes sense to me, but I'm not trying to score a girl at the moment, so why the invite?
    • Invited everyone

    • Ok. Not sure if I was needing pointers on my charming personality, or just to give my thoughts on the info. COMMODOREII nailed it from another angle.

    • Okay thanks

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  • outside_Toronto
    Pretty good read. Hopefully the guys on GAG will take the time to read it
    • You are one of few from our generation who has manners. Thank you for that

  • chadpattan
    "A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl"

    This is not true.

    And I think we all know that it's not.
  • irrationally97
    This is a pretty good take. It's also important to note that you need to want to form a connection with a girl, not just be nice to her to get her into bed or make her your girlfriend. That's the hard part.
  • andreasderjuengere
    Just one thing on my mind:
    WHY is a 'gentleman' usually portrayed as a rack that features a suit and a noose [necktie] ?
    One can be a gentleman without suffering this masquerade.
  • Dchrls78104
    Interesting take. Another factor you probably should have added is, Be prepared for rejection, because no matter what a man does, that's always a possibility. Personally I haven't courted a woman because I have always tried observing or listening to a woman to see if she and I were compatible.
    • I'm in sales not therapy 😂 if you can't handle rejection as a grown man that's not my issue

    • @LexyIsSexy23 I didn't say I couldn't handle rejection. I said I don't even court woman. Rejection is not my reason, though some men in my country can't handle it; I simply window shop to see whether what is advertised meets my needs and is a worthwhile investment.

    • I love a asshole buisness man 🙂🙂❤️ who only goes for top tier women

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  • G3tAClue
    I agree with this go a point. But there is a difference between a true gentleman and a guy who is only a gentleman to get sex. Many women can tell the difference which is why they go for those traditionally seen as “jerks.” Because unlike the fake gentlemen, the jerk is usually honest about what he wants. A girl knows that a guy who is just acting nice to sleep with her could turn out to be far worse than the the guy seen as the jerk.

    Then again, a lot of guys shit talk their crushes boyfriend because they are mad that their crush didn’t feel the same way.

    I also agree, so many guys on here have a vague idea of what a woman is but in reality would probably be scared shitless if he saw one in person.
    • jaybee281

      Thank you it's like you complimented for half of your paragraph and yes this is the first time i agree with what a girl says she "likes" about guys

  • Inbox
    I agree with some of your points. Unfortunately, we men take things too literally from women at times (e. g.: bad boy vs nice guy). In other words, I think you should note that while the basic social mannerisms AND presentation are needed for ANY interaction, the before and after effect are different - especially when most of the work has to be done by the man at least until they sleep with each other.

    No more than you or any woman would invest in a questionable guy, the girl also needs to put in effort in not being a 14 year old and be more upfront or not be abusive when a guy tries to approach (unless he did something wrong first).

    Analytically, there's a ton of more info I could add to your mytake, but I can tell you're going for the general picture. Although, there are steps I think you should separate in different mytakes (which I saw you did in part for women on how to help women approach - which was excellent by the way).
  • Bandit74
    "The Real Gentlemen who put in effort are out there dating, courting, or sleeping with girls left and right. "

    I think it's the complete opposite.

    The guys who get laid left and right are conventionally good looking guys who are cocky and charismatic but they don't typically put much effort into courting or wait long for sex.

    The guys who have to court girls probably aren't attractive enough to get a one night stand or friends with benefits so they have to put more effort into courting and wait longer for sex. And they are usually the girls LAST choice. By the time the guy who courts women gets the girl he's interested in she has already been with a handful of more attractive guys who put in a lot less effort than he did before getting her in bed.
    • MzAsh

      What quality women are sleeping with men who act cocky and lazy? Bottom of the barrel. No thanks.

    • badatthis

      so technically you're saying a player gets all the girls?
      well then any women who fall for that are just plain old cheap

    • MzAsh

      Yeah that’s the part that they never mention. Quality women don’t fall for that bs.

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  • admles
    I'm always a gentleman, towards everyone, in and out of a relationship..

    However, I'm seeing more and more that the majority of women have forgotten how to be a lady.
  • tony_baloney
    I agree completely!

    I think this is why most men, and women as well, get it mixed up that women like dating douchebags. Personally I don't think it has anything to do with them being an asshole. I think it has to do with the fact that douchebag dudes are confidant, say what they feel without fear, aren't afraid to take chances, don't let rejection harm their self image, protect what is important to them, and really these qualities are all manly as fuck. If only the dreaded "nice guy" could see those qualities instead of the whole "be a dick and women will like you" there would be SO many better men in the world.

    You just have to be a man, you don't have to be a dick.
  • abc3643
    Sadly, this is all bullshit.

    Nice guys DO finish last and that's easy to see with the vast majority of women having submissive fantasies.

    Back 30+ years ago when I believed what was being said in this MyTake, I was shocked by this advice given to me by a married friend who was 10 years older than me. He said:
    "Treat queens like whores and whores like queens."

    So, I continued to be the gentleman and all I got was being used by 5 women since then. He was right. And what else did I learn? Women do the same thing and that they don't want gentleman because they aren't direct and take action so quickly. Gentlemen don't come across as dominant as assholes... which is why women get turned on by assholes and make "Fifty Shades of Grey" into best-sellers and hit movies.