Guy at work really confuses me? Hot and cold?

Ok so this guy at work seriously confuses me.
He acted all interested and overly friendly, would touch my fingers when he handed me things, body language all positive + lit up around me.
We started emailing about stuff and discussed books we've read. He recommended hiking spots and stuff.
Then he randomly slipped in that he had a girlfriend. I asked about her out of courtesy. He never brought her up again.
He gets all bouncy/nervous around me and I can't tell if it's good or bad or both. He never breaks eye contact.

I last emailed him a week and a half ago - he mentioned reading it/"thought I replied sorry!" and yes he was swamped but he never replied so I let it go as an easy out for him (he normally replies the same day or next). I ran into him in the hallway and he looked busy/frazzled but said hi but I didn't think he wanted to necessarily talk.
Then I saw him at our office party - he was watching me I think during our skit but kind of avoided me (?) throughout the night until he walked past and ended up talking to me for like 10 min (again looked kind of nervous but also didn't seem to want to leave exactly). He also didn't say goodbye. I figured that was his way of saying "ehh don't necessarily want to be friends." I even brought up hiking and said he and his friends could come (to try to say yeah hey it's cool I also like you as a friend) and he said "yeah I'll have to check the place out sometime."
Then he apparently went back to his office after the party and emailed me back - I just received it this morning. I thought we were "done" so I'm really confused.
Any ideas?
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Anyone? I realize I write long questions but I tried to at least put it in bullet point form haha
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So when I found out he had a girlfriend I tried to acknowledge it and now I'm ok with just being friends but I can't tell what he wants - if he does or doesn't want to be friends, if he's interested, or what. It's confusing. I'm ok with not being more. I just don't understand what he wants. At the party I thought maybe he was purposely avoiding me - and yet he went back to work, found my week-old email, and responded to it. I don't understand.
Guy at work really confuses me? Hot and cold?
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