What does give it time mean?

So this is a bit of a long story but I've been seeing this guy for over 6 months and it ended a few days ago.

About 3 months in about us and he needed more time to figure stuff out and he takes a while to make big decisions. Fine whatever.

Then 6 months in I brought it up and he said basically he doesn't feel like he wants more and that he has at times but it didn't stick. He didn't really know why. I might add he has a really bad past with abuse and stuff. Anyways I told him he has some stuff he needs to figure out. We talk about what we liked about each other and he said that I'm probably the most amazing girl he's met and many other good things. We decided not to see each other. but then before he left he said I'll get back to you in a week. After a week he came over we hung out as normal and when he left we talked he said he needs more time and I said I was okay with that. Giving him time to figure stuff out in his head. Then things went back to normal for 2 weeks. In this timing, he applied the future saying maybe he would get something for my birthday next year

Then he brought it up again and said this isn't healthy. and He thinks it is a lot of things. One maybe attraction, I definitely don't think that's it since he's been seeing me for 6 months and he said about our first date that he could believe he was on a date with me cuz I was so pretty. and our sex life was crazy. I disagreed saying that he's gonna make accuses about this till he figures it out. I asked him if he thought about seeing someone and he didn't think it was that bad but he has in the past. He ended up opening up to even more which I thought was weird. I brought up the thing for the birthday and he said it is still a maybe. He says he is happy now but thinks there is something missing. anyways I texted him a day later saying the last few things and he said I think we should give it time and check back in with each other. I don't even know. I thought maybe Valentine's day bought this up
What does give it time mean?
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