How to deal with weird old men bothering me?

I'm a 19yo female new to this cruel world of harrassment due to being sheltered at home as I grew up. Now that I have moved away to college I am facing so many situations were old men with bad intentions approach me and just won't take "no!" for an answer 😔

Over the past 8 months, men way older than me with grey and white hair would pull over as I'm walking in broad daylight on the footpath and offer me a lift, not taking no for an answer and insisting in a very scary way. They sit next to me when I'm waiting for the bus and strike up a conversation then get angry when I don't reply.
Today, I was sitting on a bench outside the shopping centre, waiting for a friend, and this older guy stood opposite me and just stared at me. When I looked his way he asked me to take my face mask off so he could see my face. I got very scared and said "no I will not!" then he proceeded to say that he doesn't bite, that I'm safe with him and he won't hurt me. He sat beside me on the bench and I got so upset and bolted out of there, immediately calling my friend as I ran away. I dress very modestly so I don't understand why they keep bothering me!

Can women or men who have dealt with this before help me learn to deal with it and prevent it? Thanks in advance.
How to deal with weird old men bothering me?
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