As a joke I said his friend was cute, why is he ignoring me for so long now?


When I came back to in person school, we had a few new students in our class. Now obviously I was not interested in anyone at that time, but one guy did catch my eye when he started to compliment me on my nails or talk to me a lot more often (Let's call this guy Joe)

Now I start crushing on Joe, I just appreciate the way he is and everything he does, nothing more than just a mere crush. He knows I like him somehow, because when my friend told him he said he knew.

Joe and I are both muslim. Muslims cannot date as it is a sin, therefore he made it clear that he does not date and is not interested, I accepted it.

But over the past month we've gotten very close, and he always flirts with me, initiates physical contact, sits closer to me or near me. He also likes to take my phone and look through it— He even took my phone and unadded guys on my snapchat!

Whenever we are together we both have the best of chemistry, he invited me to go to the zoo with him as well but unfortunately he had to cancel that plan and leave it for next week because he had plans coming up.

On Friday, one of his old friends showed up to school. He then introduced us both to each other. While we were all sitting in the same room, he then texted me saying he doesn't like the guy as much.

Now when I get on the bus to go home, me and him are still texting talking about the guy when he suddenly sends me a meme saying that I'm cute, then jokingly unsends it (It wasn't by accident.)

I then jokingly said "Your friend is cute :>" and unsent it, I don't know why i did that it was kind of stupid but then again it was a joke. He then replied with "He's cute?" and i said "I'm joking."

Until then he hasn't replied or opened my text on insta, it's been 2 days :(

And he's making it clear that he's active, changed his pfp and viewed my stories as well. I don't know what's going on

I texted him "Did I do something wrong?" still no response, it's been 1 day
1 y
A little update, i talked to him today and i asked him if we were cool and all. He said that we are still friends and he said that he was never upset at the joke he just didn’t like it.

Although he has unblocked me on instagram i started following him back but he didn’t follow me back.. :(
As a joke I said his friend was cute, why is he ignoring me for so long now?
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