Should I just move on already?

I got fired from work yesterday, because I was being too upfront and honest about the things I don't accept and it seems my manager didn't like it.

Anyway... that's not my main problem tbh.

There is something much worse about it. I got into a relationship with a coworker an year ago. Cannot really tell if it was a real relationship for him, but was certainly pretty much that for me. He was hot and cold all the time. One day he would offer me to move in with him, the next he acted like I'm just a random person next desk.

We were first friends and then started dating, but things got nowhere. He started saying he is very irritated, tired and made excuses.

I was basically going to work bc at a point in time that was the only place I could be with him.

And he seemed to play mind games with me all the time... would hug me in front of others, would drink from my bottle to make sure everyone knows we are "a thing", would eat my leftovers in front of other coworkers And many more, but in fact he wouldn't even ask me out anymore.

Anyway... just a day before I got fired... he wasn't feeling okay at all. Would ask me "you should buy me medicine"... like I'm his wife, bc honestly that's what I did usually. I asked him "text me when you get home safely"... In fact I didn't expect him to reach, but he did. He did text me "I'm home" at the exact same moment he reached the house. But now...

Yesterday I got fired... and he said he is shocked and will talk to the manager, and cannot proceed things. And promised to call, but didn't.

And I guessed I never meant anything to him anyway.

So do you think I should just stop doing anything to reach back to him. Honestly we don't work together anymore and that was pretty much the only place we were meeting recently, so I guess that was it.

Should I just move on already?
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