Why do people always comment how tall I am and wished they was taller?

I mean it's really getting on my last nerves. I'm a very tall woman at 6'1 and everywhere I go stares at me and whispers comments. My first day of school I was walking towards school and some lady said, "Girl you is tall! You should be a basketball player." I ignored her and the she said, "Did you hear me? You should be a basketball player. You is a TALL. I'm jealous." She looked 5'6. When I came into class, everyone looked and stared at me. Had some shocking looks and some whispering a little.
Even these two guys were shocked. One of them asked, "Damn girl! You are very TALL!" And the other one said, "How tall are you?" I wanted t lie but they won't fall for it. I told then I was 6'1" and they were like, "DAMN!!!" One said, "I'm only 5'9. I seriously envy you right now. You hsve no idea how lucky you are." And the other one said, "And I'm only 5'6. Damn you!"
I sat somewhere else. When we got t know each other in class yesterday and it was my turn, everyone started asking me about myself and my height and asked if I played basketball. I always get that it's so irritating!
I'm taller than EVERYONE in the class! When came out of the restroom, this petite woman was like, "Whoa! You're a tall one. Congratulations! I wish I was that tall. Sadly I'm only 5'0."
I seriously don't understand why most women wish to be taller. Most men prefer short women. I wish I was shorter like 5'4. My sister (5'6) and stepmother (5'4) tell me how lucky I am and most women KILL to be taller. If I hear, "Wow you're tall!" Or "You is tall! You should play basketball." ONE MORE TIME... I'M GOING TO SCREAM!!!

  • Because being taller has more advantages
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  • you have a less chance of getting attacked than small petite women.
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  • everyone wants to be tall.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Men DO NOT care about height. Like at all. Tall, short, we do not care. As someone that's 6'4" everyone is short to me, so don't cut yourself short thinking men won't like you.

    One more thing, do you play basketball?


Most Helpful Girl

  • People wish they were tall for some reason and I don't know why. I'm 6'2" and I deal with the same issues. I'm like "i don't care", "who cares?" or "why do you care?" Because of the bitch I really am, I actually did say these things. I hate people in general. Short people never get told that they should do some certain things. No one would attack the short girl for saying she only wants a guy talle than her, but when I say something like that it's like everyone gets butt hurt. I'm dating a guy taller than me, and we've got remarks like "your kids will be so tall" and I'm like "no shit."

    • It's also like they think all tall people play sports. People tell me "You're so tall." I though, "Yeah no shit."

    • Yeah I'm 6'1 like I said but short people dont know what we go though

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  • Well, I'd never make you feel bad about your height, but I'd feel pretty awkward around you because I'm only 5'7" (but I'm 13 lol so I might pass your height) Tall girls are hot, but we all have opinions I guess


What Girls Said 4

  • Know what you talking about... I´m 5´11´´ and it seems pretty intimidating for guys... if not intimidating, I am not petite therefore cute... if they see past that their "protective" complex kicks in...

    All the kitchen counters are so low it gives me backache or at least I feel it in my shoulders and between shoulderblades...
    I often have to bend down to look into a mirror...
    In group photos I always have to stand at the back or sit down (and sitting down I sometimes am as tall as a girl standing next to me)...
    Several times I got hit in the head on the bus (either the bar or the hanging thingy short people grab because they can't reach)...
    Buying trousers - good luck lady! - can´t you be long and slim? If it fits in lenght, I could take a friend in there in the waist area...
    Aaand the remarks: "Howdy, what´s the weather up there?" or "Hey girl, you´re so tall you
    I can´t fit under many tables and desks, unthinkable if I want to sit with my legs crossed (I actually don´t know what expression to use in English here - like my thighs crossed - the way girls do when wearing a skirt)
    Not to mention the accidental footsies when you are just trying to get a bit more comfortable
    buying shoes - those nice sandals or heels that they had in the shop window look like boats in your size
    universal size is never universal - the cardis and sweaters just turn to 3/4 sleeves, short dresses can be worn like tunics or just tops...
    when travelling longer distances by bus or plane, you end up bruised in your knees, because there is not enough space, or you have to pay extra for extra leg space!
    people can´t see over you in concerts and in cinemas, theatres and can be bitchy about it... Not my fault!
    Everyone always asks YOU to get stuff from the higher shelves...

    Always wished to be at least 2 inches smaller... My brother and neighbours always have to bend down when going through the door, though - so at least I was spared that :D

  • As a girl who's 5'10", I feel your pain. Next time someone makes a comment like that, (omg! you're so tall!) just say 'okay? What's your point?'

    That usually makes them shut up and never bring it up again.

  • i'm 165cm and I have pretty short legs I want to be taller because I want longer legs and because I am so sick and tired of all the short jokes. I think this goes both ways though there's a lot of tall women who wish they were shorter everyone wants what they don't have I guess!

  • I get that too once in a while and I'm 5'8 or 5'9. It seriously gets annoying. I feel like a giant next to shorter, smaller girls. I get the, "Wow you're tall." or "You should play basketball." geez just because I'm tall doesn't mean I should play basketball. I feel your pain. We get called giants and shorter women don't. Plus finding shoes is a pain in the ass.