Does she have a crush on me?

I am in college and had a class with a girl my age. She laughed the hardest at stuff I say, smiles a lot at me and to stuff I say. She said hi when she saw me ask what's up. We had to do peer reviews and she came to my table sat next to me at my table. She sat between me and a woman Im friends with, talked to her she said something, smiled at me and looked deep into my eyes and didn't stop smiling and it felt awkward, if I didn't break the eye contact she probably would've continued. She was making forced eye contact and scratching her head while resting her head on her hand. One day I sat down waiting for class and sat with a woman I give a lot of attention to in class and she came in for class walked over and started waiting very close to me, hovering over standing in my personal space, she walked right in front of me and started getting close to me and I could smell her but she had her back to me. This was the closest she's been to me. There was a whole room not a lot of other people. When I talked about another girl that likes me that I don't like and asking for advice from a woman I talk to in college to not lead her on. She joined the conversation said that the other girl will continue pushing and I have to ignore all together and tell her I'm not interested. This was the biggest response I got from her and longest convrsation. She started this stuff after I asked for advice, . I told her someone said my hair looks like the clown from it and she said that's not nice. I saw her in the hall one day we stopped seeing each other in class. She saw me and stopped and asked me how my classes were this semester and she had the biggest smile on her face. I ask her stuff and it's like she has a hard time with conversation but has the biggest smile on her face talking to me. I said my advisor would kick me out bc he knows I smoke pot and she says "awww" I do get an awkward forced vibe from her. I asked her how her classes were and she didn't answer
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I crossed paths walking on a small walkway and she didn't look me in the eye was looking down and said hey very softly, unassertively. we had to go to a lecture in the biggest lecture hall on my campus. I was sitting in a spot in the front and in the middle and she came in saw me and she came in and sat 2 empty seats away from me. Today I approached her asked for her number she said yeah sure and gave it to me no hesitation. I got an awkward vibe from her
Does she have a crush on me?
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