Are submissive men screwed in dating, or am I just being irrational?

I'm asking this because of my personal experiences on here. I have said in previous questions that I prefer to be submissive in my relationships (I'm straight). But in so many other people's questions, I get answers from women saying that they prefer for the man to lead. To make matters worse, even some DOMINANT women want dominant men! And to be honest, it does leave me insecure at times, like I'll never have a good and long-lasting relationship unless I become dominant.

What's stupid is that I've had experiences that say otherwise. I had a fling with a Brazilian tomboy who was dominant. One of my followers here is a submissive man who's happily married, and another follower of mine is a girl who's dominant. She asked for advice on her habit of kicking boys in the nuts. I gave her advice, and she followed me. And one of my online BFFs has a younger sister (She is a year older than me) who is always dominant in relationships and enjoys it. She even calls me "Puppy" as an affectionate gesture and called me handsome, despite being 5'6!

I know I sound really irrational, but sometimes it just seems like men will never have a good relationship if they want the woman to lead it. So many women want the man to lead--even the dominant ones. The ones who want to wear the pants in relationships seem so rare. It seems like if you don't at least want equal power in a relationship, you're doomed to either be single or get cheated on. So AM I being stupid, or am I right to feel so insecure?

Are submissive men really screwed in dating/relationships?
Are submissive men screwed in dating, or am I just being irrational?
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