Can you be friends with your ex?

My recent ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago, cause he just can't love me the way that I do, but still appreciates me as a person and does not wanna use me.
We haven't talked since.
His last words were that he is going to help me with moving out and that he wishs to keep our friendship.

So his plan is basically to give me time to get over it and then to tie on where we used to be.

We were friends first and had the same group of friends, but my so called "friends" would always talk bad about him, etc.
He is not at all what they claimed him to be. He was more a true friend to me, than all the "friends" I had.

So my moving day is getting closer and closer and I feel like I have to make up my mind, cause I guess he will be really showing up to help me move and I just don't know. I'm so torn.
random pic from WeHeartIt. com
random pic from WeHeartIt. com
6 mo
Fuck that. This is NOT going to happen. I really tried to be an adult and not behave on my temper and also I'm sick of losing people. Friendships ended, my father died etc and I'm so sick of it. But this weekend he had the time of his life based on his insta stories and I was so not okay with it Well at least one problem got solved now lmao
6 mo
He did show up yesterday and helped me. I told him how jealous I was seeing him hangout with those women the past weeks and that I can't be friends for now. He actually stayed until like 3 am and we talked about everything again. It's just weird to me honestly but this topic is done now.
Can you be friends with your ex?
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