Does this mean he's stringing me along?


I'm talking to this guy and he said that he wanted to see how we connected in person before we date. I thought this was smart and we hadn't seen eachother in a little under 10 months at the time. Anyway its a week after us hanging out (We may have kissed a little bit). I ask him about us and what we were and what he wants us to be. This guy says well I'm not sure if we should date yet, but i wanna keep talking. I ask way and his answer is he doesn't think i can keep up with him. I asked some friends and family and they said this means he is just keeping me till he firnds better, is this true?

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So he was supposed to have a night with his friends the other night and i was sick. He texted to see if i was okay around 2 in the afternoon and it is now the next day and he hasn't answered me back... What should I do? Its been a full day and before this he has went days, sometimes a week without really taalking to me...
Does this mean he's stringing me along?
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