Guy is dependent on me emotionally?


We are close but i notice whenever he gets so sad, depress, or panicks and have anxiety, he goes to me.

Yesterday, we chatted wee hours into the night and morning cause he got scared and feared for his life. He did also help me especially telling me what i should do for my health condition

I fear i may not be emotionally capable and i have gone through a lot this year which leaves me less capacity for others but at the same time I pushed myself yesterday to care and to show concern.

I keep entering into this dynamic with him where we are emotionally intimate. Yesterday, he told me he plans to live in my city due to his parents and other factors of his trauma.

Before, i kept asking him to return home last year and he rejected me. Now, the tables may have turned and i dont know what to feel about it.

Why does he keep on coming back to me when he is down or has panic attacks?

He also told me Im the only one who can understand his panic attacks and anxiety and who could relate.

Guy is dependent on me emotionally?
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