Taken In Hand Relationships


Above is a link for the most fascinating website I have ever come across.

I may be only 17, but when I do one day have a husband, this is exactly the relationship I want. Most everything they describe here appeals to me.

The man taking charge, being the man, yet we are both still equals. I respect him, and he respects and takes care of me. Now this won't appeal to everyone, and that is perfectly fine, but keep this in mind.

I understand how much this doesn't appeal to you the same amount that you understand why this relationship appeals to me.

So question all you want, but either you like it or you don't.

I not only feel that I need, but deeply WANT the discipline, the sexual connection, all of it.

So before you fly off the handle, just give it a read. My interpretation of it is probably a little or even a lot different than yours will be. So make your own decision about it, but I want to be a Taken In Hand Woman when I finally do get married.

So my question is this, are there any men who find this sort of relationship appealing?

A woman who demands respect, caring, and to be treated as an equal, yet she let's you be the man, she is somewhat submissive (but not completely, these are still tough women, they just respect and love their husbands) and it's about consent.

She consents for you to discipline her in whatever way the two of you agree on. It could be from having her call you "sir" to a spanking. Whatever suits you as a couple.

It's like you get to create your own recipe for how you are dominant in your relationship.

The best part? These women WANT it.

I am officially one of these women.

I want to be submissive to my husband, but to a point where I still completely hold my own identity, I just have enormous amounts of respect for the man I married.
Taken In Hand Relationships
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