Should female toplessness be allowed on the beach the way male toplessness is?

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of course guys are voting yes lol


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  • Yes, some guys have bigger tits than some women. There is no difference besides that one of them can shot milk out of their tities after being pregnangt. I often see topless women sunbathing at the lake in my town. It's normal to me. Eventhou I wouldn't do it myself

    • Believe me or not. A man's breasts doesn't give the same eye pleasure than women's breasts.

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    • @Ryffe same answer goes to you little parrot

    • Ouch, that hurt... 😒

  • Absolutely. I think it's ridiculous that men are allowed to go shirtless but women aren't in many places. Who cares? You're not hurting anyone.

    I think nudity should be completely normal. There's nothing shameful about the human body, and there's no reason to weirdly and prudishly mandate covering parts of it. Those sorts of laws just result in weird over-sexualization of parts of our bodies.

    As someone who's been to nudist resorts and beaches, once everyone's naked and you get used to it, it's no big deal. Almost nobody gets weird about it, and everyone seems to be more comfortable around each other than if they were wearing swimsuits. I like that feeling.

    • I'd never go to a nudist beach since I'm not happy with my penis. A topless beach, maybe

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    • @DublinRollerGirl I hardly think men will suddenly have no interest in boobs just because they're visible sometimes in public. And I'm not saying people MUST choose to be nude, just suggesting we have the option to do so without fear of repercussions. Very few people will choose to do so, if for no other reason than it's cold outside or they don't feel like it. Totally cool. I'll wear clothes most of the time, but being nude when swimming is just better and more comfortable.

    • Nudists carry a towel and put that on furniture before sitting. And boobs still have sex appeal. Clothed breasts have sex appeal. Naked legs have sex appeal. Those aren’t forbidden. And when naked breasts are not forbidden, they will still have appeal.

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  • You can talk about the way things "ought to be" and the way people "ought to behave," but the reality is that there are bad people and there will always be bad people. In the US, if every beach becomes topless or nude, there will be problems with sexual aggressiveness. How would you feel about your 15 year old daughter going to the beach with her friends if the beach is totally nude?

    • I agree plus what straight guy wants to go to a nude beach where other guys might be nude? Screw them

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    • What the hell is the difference? At my apartments girls under 10 swim in the pool topless all the time. I don't see anyone leering at them.

    • I would feel just fine with it, as long as everybody kept their hands to them selves. I don't believe in taking her freedoms away just because she is a she. If it's not right for her, it's not right for him either.

  • Of course there are going to be more people seek the first one , I bet 99 % of them are men. I my self would prefer to see a women dressed in nice clothes that fit her body and compliment her look , A women's chest will be the same no matter who it is , Some are small , others are bigger they will always look the same some more firm then other''s. Please stop this silly talk about #free the nipple. Your only hurting your self. its just the same as the who "men" in female bathrooms , that's a legal thing if you call your self a women. Look at all the reported cases about that , Now you are wanting to create more problems more cases for a women to be defiled. A man who has mental health issues or a sex addiction , Will not stop when you ask him nicely !!!

    • Compare rape statistics to places like Russian and France where expose breast are common. You'll find that their rape cases are very low compared to ours. Ours is more than 200% higher than theirs.

    • I agree. but in the same sense its been like that for a long time plus we in the U. S. take the back seat on rape. look at the latest case. lol I hope one day all rapeiest p*** fall off hahah

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What Girls Said 93

  • I have been topless many times, and bottomless even more! So why not? It is normal in many European countries, where they have beaches.

    • Bottomless on the beach? You're not worried about people seeing your vajayjay?

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    • @_Asker your opinion, fueled by antisemitic and anti Islam activists on the net.

    • @TheTallguy993 No. It is not allowed. A guy like that will get hounded off the beach, or banned from the club. Especially if kids are around.

  • I think it should be allowed! I spend considerable time on beaches and resorts where it is allowed in fact most of the time we are totally nude. Until a person has the courage to try it they have no idea how refreshing it feels.
    The major mistake people make is by comparing nudity to sex when that is not always the case. Many places in the world nudity is a very common thing.

  • You see, female bodies are just more sexualised than male bodies are- and this won’t help. People may think this is for equality and “everyone should be treated the same” and I DO 100% agree, but the fact that everyone *isnt* treated the same- and women are always more sexualised than men- is why this ain’t a good idea.

    • Women sexualize men with huge bulges, there's nothing wrong with it. If you've got it, flaunt it

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    • You say you agree with being equals but don't wanna do anything you want the world to change they way it works but not the way it thinos the fact of the matter is that guys are comfortable showing their chest because we always have and yes some guys might stare or do perverted things but the longer it happens the more normal and less crazy it well seem but if we never make it happen their will always be a Barry between the two genders

    • Oh that’s true I never thought about that, you have a point @Lilrodaggie

  • It's legal in most western countries. Or rather - in most western countries no one really even thought about making it illegal. Why? Because in those countries it's simply no big deal. When I go swimming in the summer, anywhere in Europe, it's completely normal to see a topless woman here and there. If you can't handle that, for whatever reason, that's your problem.

    Only the US and Muslim countries seem to be freaking out over these things. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Where I'm from it is legal for women to be topless in public. We don't because it's too cold the majority of the year to even contemplate. The thing people need to realize is that if these things became culturally acceptable they'd acclimatize to it really quickly. Anyone who has been to a nude beach can tell you the novelty wears off real quick and you just get over it.

  • It's ridiculous that all beaches in the US are not topless! They will be in the next 25 years! Most beaches in Europe are topless and no one cares or looks.

    • Europe is irrelevant. Americans couldn't give a single shit about Europe and that has nothing to do with us. Public nudity is not okay in America.

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    • @TheScaryDoor Yet another stupid comment!

    • Where are you from?

  • Weirdly people don't have as big of a problem with women showing their boobs on the beach, but when they use it for their actual purpose, breastfeeding, they go mad.

    • Boobs are mostly there to attract men, that's why they are big and bouncy... other mammals just have nipples, not boobies.

    • Did you get the point? I don't think you did

    • Do your nipples have a point at the end?

  • No. I don't want to see some woman's tatas when I'm at the beach, just like I don't want to see some guy's junk in a skin-tight speedo. Wear something appropriate, and have the decency to cover up, because guaranteed no one wants to see that (save for perverts, let's be honest).

    • It’s just skin. What’s the problem. And if you are the one with the problem don’t look or stay away.

    • @VIVANT why do I have to get inconvenienced? Want to go topless, go to a nude beach or something where that’s allowed. I don’t want to see someone naked, and I don’t want to see a woman’s breasts (most girls I know don’t like to strip to underwear in front of each other—you think having girls go topless will be any less uncomfortable?)

    • *most people wouldn’t want to see that, generally. Like it or not there’s a difference between seeing a man topless and a girl topless. Again, if y’all wanna do that go find a beach where that behavior is allowed or encouraged, but keep it to yourselves. Why should more people be inconvenience who DON’T want to see it?

  • Since breasts are just a body part, free the penis as well. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • The penis is a sexual organ, you daft tit.

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    • ... now we're talking. I thought you'd be a super annoying typical ignorant internet person who wouldn't even try to see the other side, but that's actually an intelligent reply! Yes, I agree!

      Honestly, the human body isn't even THAT bad. Even if the person is super ugly, if nudity was normal then seeing an ugly penis or vagina would just literally be like seeing an ugly face. It'd just be considered normal and natural.

      With the way things are now I don't think public nudity will ever be accepted in most popular places, considering how taboo it's considered... but who knows. Maybe little by little it'll become more natural. Plus, you have women who walk around in thong shorts and tiny cleavage exposing crop tops anyways, so... nudity isn't that far off.

    • @4804022407 Their reply wasn't intelligent at all. Are you high? DON'T show the vagina OR the penis because those are sexual organs as in organs that one has sex with, but breasts are fine because they are NOT sexual organs, just secondary sex traits. Or is this too hard of a solution for anyone semi-intelligent to comprehend? It's not an all or none debate. Christ.

  • Yes but that isn't free range to be a creep. All the same parts as a male chest are there. Breasts just have more fatty tissue.

    • Most men would get stiff if they saw naked boobs on a beach dude

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    • Or another application to this ridiculous concept of boners vs boobs debate, is that sensitive men just realize that breasts are normal, and stop fantasizing about them, and instead appreciate them along with women. Boom!

    • Only guys that aren't used to seeing them. Once you get used to it, it's not a big deal.

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What Guys Said 200

  • Not entirely sure because of cultural mores, but as a matter of principle yes. Thus I said yes.

    In our culture women’s breast’s are highly sexualized and freeing the titty may have a negative societal impact like increasing rape rates, but the principle that women and men should be treated equally under the law would dictate that we have to.

    • However, have you ever thought about it that it just might be all the taboo that leads to the rape? I personally believe it is and if you compare the rape statistics from the US to countries like Russian and France where things like exposed breast are common, you'd see that rape in the US is more than 200% higher than either of those countries.

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    • @ThisAndThat uhh. I’m not sure what you’re trying to demonstrate. If your point is that the prison system in America is poor then I’d certainly agree. We have the world’s highest rate of incarceration and recidivism.

      That doesn’t tell me anything about whether or not legislation that makes all beaches topless for women would result in a reduction of sex crimes.

    • Yeah I know, it doesn't tell us anything and it won't either because they want to keep it taboo. It makes big bucks that way. And it also creates more feminist. Tell tell women they are different and they have to cover up because if it, they see that as rejection from men. They begin to think we think they are unattractive when that couldn't be further from the truth, right the opposite of it.

  • in a perfect world yes but we do not live in a perfect world. we live in a world with centuries of sexualization of female breasts. for the sake of public safety it just can't be like turning on a light switch

  • I fully support this notion
    Should female toplessness be allowed on the beach the way male toplessness is?

  • I think it should be allowed, though it might still be too taboo or looked down upon by the greater society to see women topless.

    • Taboo is the whole issue because when men here in the US see those things, they don't know how to handle it. Our laws are backwards, just look at countries like France and Russia where exposed breast are common and compare the statistics of rape in those countries to the US. Ours cases of things like rape is over 200% higher than theirs.

  • Female apparel keeps getting more revealing as the years go by so I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the norm in the near future. With the current state of gender politics, toplessness on the beach can cause many problems. For example guys will be extra wary around women at the beach to avoid getting unjustly called “perverts”. Women will also be more wary than they already are around men because they will feel as if every guy is staring at them.

    A beach is a place to have fun, how are people going to have fun if people are worried about the opposite sex around them? So no, I don’t think that making female toplessness a norm is wise based on the current state of gender politics. Maybe toplessness can become a norm later on, once the rift between men and women gets closed.

  • I did vote "yes", admittedly, and I am a guy.


    I'm British. I've been to Europe enough to know that if toplessness is normalised then it becomes easier to breastfeed in public.

    What should be banned is 300lb men in speedos. Ain't nobody wants to see THAT!

  • There are nude beaches for exactly that purpose and it would become sexual harassment nightmare for Males and police. I have seen plenty of woman staring directly at half naked man on beach but if any MALE did it WOmen will kick start the Harassment Drama. Its like you are in cinema but you are not supposed to see the movie
    The male and female belong different gender... they have different needs and requirement. The boobs and vaginal covering are not just for the "sake of covering it". The Vagina have huge vaginal opening that very very easily transmit the infection in to reproductive system by acting as opening to external environment but the clothing act as mean to seal off the potential entry point for Pathogens (Vaginits, Brucellosis) . The male urogenital opening is small and properly sealed off and Vagina have moist surface that's very catch for infections and off exact same composition we used to culture bacteria in laboratory. I think females will agree with me on this.
    The Female lactation glands are specially modified for lactation and they have large caliber teat canal that can transmit infections in to the Teats... Its known as the Mastitis and its pretty common even with proper covering but leaving it open will increase chances of infection by 50 folds.
    The Female reproductive and lactating organs are highly vascularized (good blood supply) so any possible infection in the canal can result in the generalized Bactremia, Toxemia, Viremia and immunosuppression to name the few... The infection will spread to whole blood due to Bactremia and female can die and
    IF we synchronize this condition with genetic weak female immunity and the immunosuppresstion due to menustral cycle+absolutely no way to naturally fight the infection and 80% chance of loss of reproductive capability.
    You know why they should be covered properly... Its more of physiological reason to cover these parts than female gender repressing one.

  • The laws in most communities list female breasts as sex organs. They are not, even if they arouse others. They are there to feed babies, and should be respected. Trying to shame women into covering them is wrong. We should all follow the same set of rules. Let women be a free as men to show their bodies and what God has bestowed upon them.

  • I seriously dont care, but dont be surprised by the rise of sexual assaults.
    You are free to do whatever you want, but you can't just do whatever you want, and think there'll be no consequences.
    I dont care wether those consequences are rightful or not. They happen, so you just have to live with that, when making a decision.
    That was a rather deep response to a question involving boobs

    • Sexual assaults will happen regardless of what women do. Having a top or not will not have a significant effect on men being pieces of shit. European countries have nude beaches and their men don’t assault women at significantly higher rates...

    • @ktdec "Sexual assaults will happen regardless of what women do", yes but there is no point in making it even worse, by havin women run around topless.
      Thats like saying, there will be crime no matter how much police we have, so lets stop fighting crime alltogether.

      Sexual aussaults happen everywhere, even in european countries.

  • I don't care, either way.

    Worth noting that the girls who still go topless, are the ones who started doing it in the 1970s and 1980s, lol. Younger girls almost never do.

    • I wonder why younger girls don't?

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    • @WitchsLove Most guys would love if they could find their female acquaintences/friends/crushes online topless lol bro

    • Sure, but you made it sound as if women have no reason to feel embarrassed or indignated if her pictures end up online

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