How and what should a first kiss be like?

Are first kisses always awkward? How do you know if you should go in for the one little peck or an actual kiss?

I just had my first kiss with a new boyfriend (not my first kiss ever) and it was kind of awkward. He went in for a peck and I didn't... are all first kisses supposed to be pecks? It was so bad that he went in for a second kiss!

I only ask because this happened with another guy I dated. He went in for a peck and not a kiss kiss as our first kiss. Super awkward.


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  • Remember that there aren't set rules for this kind of thing. It's not like those two boys that wanted a peck read some instruction manual that you didn't. Sometimes boys read an atmosphere differently than girls; maybe if a girl is ready for a full on kiss, a boy may be nervous and want to just try a peck to see if she will accept a kiss. That, or perhaps he's never kissed before and it's hard to know what to do. But I've had first kisses that were not just pecks.

    It's hard to read the atmosphere, and you will find yourself in those awkward situations. But hey, at least he tried a second time, right?

    • true, it was awkward the second time too! at least there's no rule about it that I'm somehow missing out on

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  • it is different every time

  • there are no set ruels, sometimes first kisses are awkward and sometimes htye arent

    • hahaha so that doesn't determine the whole relationship? Just kidding...