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One day he wants me the next he doesn't. From a guy's point of view, what's going on in his head?

This guy I've known for 15 years since we were 17...we had sex back then and are having sex now. I am having an affair with him. I live with the... Show More

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  • he thinks your still sleeping with your babys dad and he wants all of you he dosnt wanna share you I see where he is coming from though... for example say I knew you for a while we have had sex a lot and I wanted you and I knew you was with your babys dad I would try to persuade you to leave your babys dad and come live with me but say you don't want to move in with me I would get heart broken and push you away but then in my head I know I really love you so I would try to pach the problem and try to win your heart again but if it don't work I push you away again its a cycle

    • thanx Killamkellam. That makes sence why it keeps happening. I get shut down by him then started back up again by him a few days later. I guess if I can stand the hurt it causes when he pushes me away then I will continue to stay in this cycle just to feel the good feelings when he's not pushing me away.

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