How to get over fuck buddy?

We had a really bad argument over my best friend and we've cut off the fuck buddy agreement.
Our agreement was to fuck eachother but only eachother and no one else until one of us wants to walk away.

The problem is I really miss him. I miss his hands all over my body, his possesiveness and playfulness and the sex was mind blowing. How do I get over him? I have to see him every day and we've already both started flirting with different people, but I do it just to forget I'm missing something I once had...

I mean, do you think I should get over him or try to fix the situation? I'm really stuck... help please, some advice? What would you do?


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  • "Friends" with benefits is a huge disservice to yourself. First of all, if you guys were really "friends" then you'd care about each other more than to agree committing your valuable, limited time on Earth into a sleazy situation where you guys could get hurt. Friends have more respect and concern for each other's wellbeing than that. With that said, no, you should not try to fix this situation that is sincerely a waste of your time and bad for you. There's nothing healthy about a woman committing her time, energy, and parts of her mental capacity to a man who strictly intends on using her as a blowup doll with a heart beat. That is a smack in the face. All of the wonderful, noteworthy, valuable attributes about you and you only wish to be valued for your vagina? How well you can sexually gratify a penis attached to a man who would cut you off and flirt with someone else immediately after? Not cool.

    Please do something better for your heart and spirit than this.

    • We are friends, because outside the bedroom we are still FRIENDS and we do care for each other, we just both have really big egos.

      I've only been in one serious relationship that just simply got me so depressed and made me not believe in love, so friends with benefits you get sex without the pain, he's not using me, we're working together (using eachother) to get something we both wanted: sex but without the whole love, butterflies blah blah bullcrap. The agreement is that any of us could walk away at any time, so I could "hurt" him just like he would hurt me.

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    • When I texted him how I can't say everything through text he rushed to my house thinking I was pregnant. After we cleared the fact that I wasn't, he didn't even let me speak. He said how he's sorry, that he had probably hurt me and that his feelings are all over the place. I told him how I feel: how I never really got attached to anyone like him before... and things escalated into a deep conversation and now IT'S OFFICIAL. WE HAVE LABELS.
      We ended up sleeping together too though (old habits never die) :) thanks for everything!

    • Whoot! Yay you : )
      Thanks for MHO. Glad to help

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  • You shouldn't have had a fuck buddy in the first place, since you get so emotional like 99% of women. There are so many people agreeing that its not something good for women because you will emotionally bond with your partner, but you don't want to listen. Now keep whining about him. Even once you found someone else you will still think about your so called fuck buddy.

    • Well I've had 2 other fuck buddies before and I can tell you I wasn't at all emotional, when it ended it just ended... and he was somehow an exception..

  • I'm going to agree with @kshppatel. This sounds like a relationship but without the relationship label. You may deny it, but you got emotionally attached.

    • Thanks @JSmuve. But stop shooting so many damn 3's for the Rockets man just attack the basket lol

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    • @JSmuve Raptors have nice team. I'm a big Raptors fan

    • @JSmuve Lmao I didn't mean to say Raptors. I meant to say I'm a huge Kyle Lowry fan

  • your in love with him i think, sit down n have a talk beyond fucking!

    • lol, this answer has it's charm ; )

    • @MrHyde... so you think I should talk to him?

    • Yes i do, but search your feelings first! even if your infatuated you need to get it off your system so be honest about how you feel! but dont keep up ever if he's gona fuck others! hope this helps

  • The whole point of a friends with benefits is not to get attached. Lol at the condition to fuck only each other. Thats a relationship.

    • I know, but I don't understand why he's different, I've been friends with benefits with other people before and I absolutely felt no feelings for them..

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    • Well shit thats life. You gotta just let all them feelings go and not worry about it.

    • Oh okay, I'll try thanks

  • A newer, better fuck buddy should do the trick


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  • #1 never have a friends with benefits again cause you don't have the brain for it. The whole point is to not get attached.
    #2 If you can't get over seeing him with other people, you will have to not be friends. Another reason you shouldn't have a friends with benefits .
    Some people aren't made to have casual relationships

    • I've done it times before successfully, but I don't know why this time it's different...

    • How long have you been friends? Could just be that he had the potential to be a boyfriend and your heart ran with it before you could squish it. Damn feelings lol. It will be hard to get over him if you put your self in a position to see him all the time. Distance will help and give a possibility to still having a friendship... if you can get over what you feel for him.

    • We've been normal friends for a year, and I never felt any type of feelings other than friendship, and then after that year we became fuck buddies, we've been so for a 4 month period. We go to the same college and are in almost all classes together, what makes it worse is he sits next to me in one of them, it's kind of unavoidable...

  • you probably like him if you can't get over him.. also try to work it out and make it official lol if not just try to leave him

  • if it was just a fuck buddy there should be nothing to get over. .


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