Why are women so treacherous?

is it even possible to find a woman that hasn't had a "I'm going to be a whore" stage and who will not cheat in the future?

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i love how every guy who has answered this poll has put no, and yet every female has put yes.

sorry women but men are all to aware of how whorish you are, even if you don't want to admit it


Most Helpful Girl

  • i have never. you are meeting the wrong women. do a self evaluation and look back at all the women that have done you wrong. think about what attracted you to them. how did they act in the beginning? what were their personalities like? take note of everything about them, and then think about what all these girls had in common. then learn from it and try a new type of girl the next time. there are women out there who aren't treacherous whores.

    • Honestly? mostly because I thought they were really sweet girls that had some substance to them. I've been screwed over alot

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What Girls Said 6

  • I have never had a "I'm going to be a whore stage" and I don't plan on it either. It's pointless first of all and I do like to have respect for myself and for my body so therefor, I won't do that. And I have never cheated in my life. It's ridiculous to do that. It shows that you shouldn't be in a relationship. And yes there are other girls like me out there I'm pretty sure.

  • i've never had a "im going to be a whore" stage and don't plan to.. so I'm assuming its possible theirs others like me

  • i have never been in the "im gonna be a whore" stage and I never intend to go there. I think it's both immoral and disrespectful not only to yourself but to the others that you're with.

  • There are women out there. It all depends on the types of people you meet and where you meet them.

  • that is an incredibly gross generalization. some of us have self respect and are not into hooking up with any random that we meet. How would you like it if I made the same generalization about men? and the opinions of 11 people hardly constitutes an accurate scale of the number of whorish women. anyone can attract a worish woman, maybe if they're the only ones you're attracting you should think about changing yourself in order to attract a higher calibre of woman and not just lump all women into one category.

  • Cheating is for weak people who are indecisive or who are too spineless to tell the other person its over. There are plenty of women out their who have their morals in the right place and who don't sleep around/cheat on their partners.

    • /shrug ... there are lots of women that also just sleep around before they get into a committed relationship. I don't see that as much better

What Guys Said 2

  • Objectively, women are naturally treacherous. They are 'designed', to live, and breathe in the moment. This isn't ordinarily a problem without context, however, it is, I believe, the fundamental reason they are so, incapable, of perceiving themselves as such. They will turn on you in the blink of an eye, and without any hesitation. They will then, due to their 'design', rationalize, in their own minds, a 'valid' explanation, as to why what they have done, is not in any way (as far as they can perceive) amoral, dishonorable, or unjust. An example from my own life:

    He didn't leave me when I deceived him into fatherhood, but he didn't get me a valentines day gift, so I have every right to tell him his unborn child is dead. I have deemed that he is not adequate, and so too have the sisterhood. I shall discard him, and cut him out of his child's life forever. Now that he has got back in touch, and he is desperate to stop me from taking his child away, I no longer feel any sexual attraction towards him, I will run off, and disassociate, by claiming to all, that it is not his child. I am entitled to this, because I am a woman, and he is the devil, because he is man.

    Even if she doesn't cheat on you. Even if she 'seems' like a unicorn, you cannot presume, that she has the capacity to understand your perspective. Her priorities come first and foremost. Yours are irrelevant. If she would have you believe otherwise, she may well believe herself, that she is being sincere, but at the heart of her very being, it is all about her. It is all about her, and her biological prerogative. If she steals your sperm. Objectively, she is the perpetrator, but in her own mind, she is the victim. If you stick around, despite all your existing obligations (which she will not consider, nor take into account), she will hold it against you, that you did not give up all and everything to facilitate her prerogative, or that you did not leave her, or force her to abort (because she is incapable of being responsible). You will be judged, and discarded, for the most inconceivable of transgressions.

    The evil of women. Their treachery. It is like a little girl, flushing her goldfish down the toilet. It is innocent, and oblivious in its nature. They are evil, because they are incapable of functioning any other way. You must, as a man, be aware of it, but dare not openly hold it against them, for they are subject to their nature themselves.

    A constant state of denial, and self-acceptance.

    • Objectively, you only need to tick two boxes, and this is why women 'appear', treacherous, and behave as they do.

      1) You must be under her control. (Love) She must believe (feel), without any doubt, and at every given moment, that you are unconditionally subservient, to her 'prerogative', her, and her offspring (Not yours. Not 'ours'. Hers/'Mine', in her eyes). The second she feels you have 'slipped the leash', or are, no longer under the influence of her spell (the love drug), she will start to 'freak out'. Remember, she only has to 'believe'/feel that you have 'slipped the leash'. If you haven't but she perceives such, it doesn't matter. You are damned just the same. Some women, this can be recovered from, others, it is a death sentence, as she will 'feel' betrayed, and exploited, and she will 'rationalize' such, and seek vengeance for her delusion. This is where the good girls show their true colors so to speak...

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    • If either of these two requirements, at any given moment in time, are not met, she will 'feel', compelled, to do something... irrational... Usually, this results in her doing something 'treacherous'. If you've genuinely got yourself a 'good' woman, she'll not only be smart enough to know, what's up, but she'll actually call you on your 'inadequacies', and have some form of conscious restrictions/disciplines in place, to ensure that she doesn't just, screw you over, as she is 'designed' to. She'll actually, communicate with you, and you'll 'step up'. Of course, therein lies the problem. Why should she have to..

      1) Be self aware.
      2) Be disciplined.
      3) Tell you.
      4) Wait around.
      5) Not just do what, to her, 'feels' right (to screw you over, mate).


      why should you,

      expect her to, and, in her eyes, already, not be good enough from the get-go, without condition, or falter.

      This is why 'good' women, are a myth, because you have to be superman, to see one, but live long enough..

    • A 'good' man, ticks both boxes. He is a man. A 'real' man, but he is also, 'gynocentrically domesticated' (He is psychologically conditioned to serve the female prerogative. That which drives her being. Her and her children are first and foremost, and his sacrifice, is an unconditional, unquestionable, and undoubtable, given (even if the children aren't his, which isn't as likely, if he is, a 'real' man)). There is a reason James Cameron's 1997 'Titanic', is still one of the highest grossing films of all time.
      (Jack ticks all the boxes.)

      "Don't let go Jack" - There's nothing sexier to a woman, than a man, willingly (actually), dying for her.

  • Stop being bitter at women. If they're cheating on you, that is your fault.

    Man up and admit that you have a problem and then try to fix it. Don't blame women for your problems.


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