Should I continue with her? And not give up?

We were best friends for 3 years. Together for 10 months. On the 10th month she randomly started saying she wanted to be alone and didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore and that she wasn’t happy and she stopped showing me affection. Our relationship was a great one with no actual problems ever until this came up. A couple days ago I ignored her for hours and didn’t text her until I received a text from her saying she was sorry for acting how she was and being mean to me. And that she missed me a lot. We still text and FaceTime but it’s not as a couple but more than friends pretty much I’d say complicated. We’ve decided to still see each other every now and then because we use to see each other a lot before. I told her I’d give her the space she wanted to figure herself out and to see if she truly loved me because she had said she didn’t love me anymore like in the beginning but that she cares for me. Any advice?


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  • Maybe there's something going on in her private life?

    • Considering she has ADHD and can’t handle stress to well she does feel stressed about school, work, and her life at home she feels stuck she says

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  • Move on bro... rather keep her in your life as a friend than make her hate you... and if she sees you with somebody else.. then she gonna make up her mind a whole lot faster

    • Yea I have her in my life still. Just not as a lovey dovey couple anymore but as a bit more than friends cause there’s no denying what we had. However I’ll be looking in the meantime and if she comes to her senses before I find someone new than good

    • That's the spirit bro... good luck and keep an eye out for opportunity... You shouldn't kick your own ass for someone's else's fault

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