Is it sexual harassment if your guy friend touches you in your sleep?

I'm asking for a friend. I wanted to tell the story and see if I'm exaggerating or if this is person is actually showing predator behavior.
So my close friend M, met this guy B (also a close friend of mine) a couple of years ago. They were best friends for a year and then they started an on and off relationship. Last summer, B introduced us to his childhood friend H. We became friends with H and we'd all hangout every now and then. M was good friends with him since he was her boyfriend's closest bud. Then a couple of weeks ago, she and B had a huge fight and broke up. And M was really devastated, constantly crying and unable to sleep.
During those 2 weeks, H was there for her. He would listen to her and hug her as she cried. He'd tell her not to talk to B ever again and that he was an as*hole (reminder: this is his childhood friend he's talking about). He told her not to trust anyone and started throwing shady remarks about all of our friends (he even insinuated that something might be going on by the way me and B).
Then a few days ago, we spent the night at her house, drinking and trying to cheer her up. She had too much to drink and ended up crying as we went to bed and H went to her side, hugging her and trying to get her to sleep. We didn't think much of it and all went to bed. The next day M told me that he kissed her and that she responded at first but then stopped him once she realized what was going on. She confronted him and he apologised and blamed it on the alcohol. (I had only one glass of wine that night and I can guarantee she was wasted and he wasn't).
Two days later, we threw another gathering of sorts and there wasn't space for everyone to sleep so H slept in her bed again. Today she told me that although she'd kept space between them when they slept, she ended up waking up in the middle of the night to him hugging her tightly and touching her breast through her shirt. She was too shocked to respond and pretended to sleep but was terrified.
Is it sexual harassment if your guy friend touches you in your sleep?
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